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Lingerie never looks as wacky as it does at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is ironic for a brand that's trying to sell you lingerie. She appears to be wearing the entire contents of our seventh grade closets all at once time. Oddly enough, the thing that bothers us most about this outfit is the apparent socks-with-sandals combo. While Spring styles are debuting in NYC for Fashion Week, let’s take a look at your Fall wardrobe. 1.) We like cuts that give a little tip of the hat (or coonskin cap as the case may be) to the past. Last week, with all the unspeakable things found on the newsfeed every night, the only thing I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch a little Andy Griffith. I know it may seem silly, but it was just nice to escape for a little while into a time when everything seemed to make a little more sense–happy families and friends in a small town just gives me a little more faith in humanity.
So tonight, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite lessons from The Andy Griffith Show in hopes that it warms your heart and brings a little smile to your face. 3.) When someone you love makes you something inedible, sneak into the kitchen and secretly exchange the terrible something for a tastier something. 7.) When your best gal wants to run for council, your time would best be used just making posters with your mouth shut.
8.) If you want to feel better about the state of the world, put the Christmas episode from the first season in your Netflix queue. Secrets of a Belle is all about simple moves you can take to create the beautiful life we all desire.
Recently, I watched the movie the film again and was reminded of how poetic it is: the text before each scene, the gorgeous settings and costumes, and the beautiful cinematography that was so far ahead of its time. Either using a drill or a metal punch, make a hole in the lid where the connection will be made.
The last touch is to add a bow to the front and you have a festive and southern touch to your decor! Let me start by telling you about an afternoon in late summer that I spent reading in Central Park.
Raised in Alabama, Debra comes from four generations of working Southern women who not only taught her to have a good work ethic, but also taught her to make a mean jambalaya. This is also true of her other home in New Orleans. After the devastation of Katrina, the Shrivers were among the first to buy and restore a home. You may have seen my live tweets from the book release party at Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant in Harlem.

After giving a shout-out to our favorite Southern beauty queen this morning, I just couldn’t resist giving you a little workout inspiration to mix things up a bit. Today’s small step is so simple, but I can tell you that it has had a definite effect on my peace of mind.
For Southerners, cooking is often a spiritual thing; there is love and passion and history tied into our recipes. When you cook, you are very aware of where you food comes from and exactly what you’re putting into your bodies and feeding your loved ones. A sure sign to know if you’re baking powder is bad is if it is difficult to get a spoonful.
Not only did he decorate a cubicle junior year like a boss and sing all the words to every Disney movie made between 1987 & 1995 with me while we were in college, he also happens to be one of the craftiest people you will ever meet in real life. But southern belles and mason jars *covered in glitter* would be a match made in the Heaven all southern belle’s hair strives to reach. Once you lay them out, mark each one with a black dot where the connection point between the lids will be. I sat down on a park bench next to The Met, the different languages of the passing park guests were like music, and 2 hours later I looked up and realized I was still sitting in the same spot in the middle of Manhattan. In a city of 8 million people, I’d found a corner of Southern hospitality that made this overwhelmed Southern girl feel right at home thanks to the *lovely* Debra Shriver. What choices do you make that allow you to live a beautiful life regardless of your location?
We subscribe to both The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, but up until recently we were spending more weeknights watching shows in our Netflix queue than reading. My very first memory is of learning to dredge chicken for frying while standing on a chair at my Nanny’s house.
This recipe was a favorite around the Green house because even the most finicky of palates likes brownies, and the recipe is so easy to double.
So, needless to say, I was super excited when he called to tell me about this How-To he’d put together for us. I ended up using a few less lids than I originally thought as I began connecting the lids together. There you can take your time to enjoy the meal, enjoy the music, enjoy the drink… New York, on the other hand, seems to constantly be running at a quicker pace than the moment before. To move into a historic building where Debra can walk to work every morning instead of getting caught in traffic.

Perhaps it’s walking to work in the city like Debra or turning on a little Louis Armstrong while you cook a big pot of gumbo for dinner (recipe on page 94). The most important accessory a belle wears is that glint in her eye that tells the world not to mess with her. For example, this weekend we decided to take a slight detour on our drive to the beach and stop off in Florence, Alabama for Billy Reid’s Shindig. So at the beginning of the year, I decided that I would try to read a bit of each paper in the evenings, and then boldly attempt the Times crossword.
Before I was 5, I would put on little cooking shows from the organ bench for an audience of stuffed animals.
In her first book, Stealing Magnolias, she writes a captivating story of restoration and a love letter of sorts to the city. Not all children are taught to cook and many come from families that rely on their microwaves and drive-thrus.
My college thesis was actually on this very topic, and it has been on my mind again a lot lately. Florence was one of the friendliest towns we’ve ever visited–from the waiters to the mayor. I feel a lot more calm reading the paper at the end of the day rather than staring at my computer screen and (*bonus*) I feel a little smarter too. It felt like she could take nothing and somehow manage to feed 40 people at the drop of a hat. I read Gone with the Wind over Thanksgiving weekend my 7th grade year and totally fell in love.
She values living and working in historic buildings–in places that have a history & a story of which she and Jerry, her husband, are now a part. Well, I’m probably going to spend the afternoon listening to a little Ella and learning to make a Ramos Gin Fizz (page 106). If you’re stuck in a rut, as we were, let me suggest closing the laptop or iPad and picking up the paper. I was haunted by the imagery and taking mental notes on how Scarlett O’Hara got every man in the county wrapped around her little finger.

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