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The Author — the writer, rather — feels it necessary to apologise for the long delay which has occurred in the appearance of this work. This scheme, it must be added, was not in contemplation when the preparation of the work was first announced. The author does not feel it necessary to ask the indulgence of her readers and critics for the many defects of literary style, and the imperfect English which may be found in these pages.
It is needless to explain that this book is not the Secret Doctrine in its entirety, but a select number of fragments of its fundamental tenets, special attention being paid to some facts which have been seized upon by various writers, and distorted out of all resemblance to the truth. But it is perhaps desirable to state unequivocally that the teachings, however fragmentary and incomplete, contained in these volumes, belong neither to the Hindu, the Zoroastrian, the Chaldean, nor the Egyptian religion, neither to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism nor Christianity exclusively. It is more than probable that the book will be regarded by a large section of the public as a romance of the wildest kind; for who has ever even heard of the book of Dzyan? The writer, therefore, is fully prepared to take all the responsibility for what is contained in this work, and even to face the charge of having invented the whole of it. View DetailsA The Secret Doctrine Complete in One Volume by Helena Blavatsky, published in 1964. As a young woman married the old Count Blavatsky, with whom did not have a marital life, only stood by him a few months. Her major works were: 'Isis Unveiled' (1877), 'The Secret Doctrine' (1888), 'The Voice of the Silence' (1889).

For what is contained in this work is to be found scattered throughout thousands of volumes embodying the scriptures of the great Asiatic and early European religions, hidden under glyph and symbol, and hitherto left unnoticed because of this veil. The publication of many of the facts herein stated has been rendered necessary by the wild and fanciful speculations in which many Theosophists and students of mysticism have indulged, during the last few years, in their endeavour to, as they imagined, work out a complete system of thought from the few facts previously communicated to them.
It is written in the service of humanity, and by humanity and the future generations it must be judged. She traveled with him to Egypt, India, Romania, Poland since at that time was very bad seen for a woman to travel alone.
During those trips she met the Grand Master Kuthumi, Moria and Dual kul, Masters of the Ray of Force. Seing herself so vexed in public, humiliated, slandered, became ill of sadness and died, this is why they call it 'the great martyr of the last century'. Kolla garna upp forlagets (HardPress Publishing) hemsida, dar det kan finnas mer information. Even the two volumes now issued do not complete the scheme, and these do not treat exhaustively of the subjects dealt with in them. The English tongue is employed because it offers the most widely-diffused medium for conveying the truths which it had become her duty to place before the world. What is now attempted is to gather the oldest tenets together and to make of them one harmonious and unbroken whole.

Sprung from it in their origins, the various religious schemes are now made to merge back into their original element, out of which every mystery and dogma has grown, developed, and become materialised. Further, it claims consideration, not by reason of any appeal to dogmatic authority, but because it closely adheres to Nature, and follows the laws of uniformity and analogy.
A large quantity of material has already been prepared, dealing with the history of occultism as contained in the lives of the great Adepts of the Aryan Race, and showing the bearing of occult philosophy upon the conduct of life, as it is and as it ought to be.
The sole advantage which the writer has over her predecessors, is that she need not resort to personal speculations and theories. The harsh sufferings she went through, was due precisely to the difficult mission entrusted to her: to convince skeptics, to whom showed her remarkable psychic powers. Should the present volumes meet with a favourable reception, no effort will be spared to carry out the scheme of the work in its entirety.

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