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This documentary covers the history of the Mongols, and Genghis Khan and shows Genghis Khan to us in a different light as opposed to the savage image of him we’ve all been sold. Genghis Khan (1162? – August 1227), was born Temujin, and was the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan came out of poverty to rule the largest empire, of the largest land mass ever known. The Mongol warrior army moved very fast on highly trained horses and totally dominated their targets.
The Secret History of Genghis Khan is a book written for educational purposes and isn’t a historic account of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan was also a bit of a romantic, rather than the womanizer he is purported to be.
This powerful documentary takes us into the often unseen and disrespected realm of 21st century child slavery. Freedom to Fascism, as the documentary movie is commonly referred to, is an investigative documentary film by Aaron Russo which uncovers the hidden truth of the evils of the taxation imposed on the American people by international bankers. Produced by the National Inflation Association, Melt Up documentary details and predicts a dollar crisis which will lead to a global currency crisis. Toys, dolls, and toy dogs made for sale by Disney are revealed to made at the hands of Chinese child slaves in this documentary focused on child slavery.

A documentary which takes a look at the history of nuclear technology up to the Fukushima disaster which occurred in Japan back in 2011. NHK Documentary is about the nuclear disaster which took place in Fukushima, Japan on March 11th of 2011. The City Under The Sea documentary suggests that one day in the future humanity may take the dive to living underwater.
Warning: Produced By Shell This film promotes the theory of climate change and represents general discussion of fuel, energy, and the future.
The video starts by pointing out the boring climactic feel of the change of the century, and the failure for the Y2K phenomenon to bring in the new Medellin with a bang. Genghis Khan has often been labeled a womanizer, a warrior, and a conqueror, but he also a devoted husband, politician, and legislator. He did take on more wives, but the kids from him and his beloved wife went on to rule the empire. Rageh Omaar presents this documentary in such a way as to captivate, while at the same time informing, the viewing audience. The United States Dollar will collapse if economic policies aren’t changed and more closely aligned to reality. Most of the children working on toys at China’s slave farms begin work at 5 or 6am , and work well into the night.

Have you ever thought about why Walmart has to have a humongous advertising budget to convince you that they give a damn about you and your community? Some science minded individuals believe that the nuclear fallout may threaten the west coast of the United States. In some scientific circles it has been said that the Fukushima event could potentially be a slowly changing extinction level event.
Why we would want to live underwater is mind boggling to us, considering we know more about the moon than we do our own oceans.
This is that old school 80’s movie depicting a hidden society within our own, that controls our lives and our mind via the use of subliminal messaging in advertising.
Which seems to be the key event inspiring the message being communicated in this documentary.

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