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What are the burning questions that you’ve always wanted to ask an insider from within the bubble of professional football but never quite had the nerve or opportunity to do so?
Squawka asks: How do managers with the success of Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal lose a dressing room, as some have put it, and can they ever win it back? Sir Alex Ferguson had a record 65% win rate in the Premier League when he retired from management. Lionel Messi would not have needed a dictionary definition in order to play as a false nine.
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Please respect these rules when commenting on Squawka News; people will disagree from time to time but please try to see each other's point of view before getting all worked up, that helps no one. In the year 2015, Marty McFly meets his father’s nemesis, Biff, who by now is an old man.
He was banned for one competitive international game and fined ?80,000 after the Uefa control and disciplinary body found him guilty of advertising. I played against Bendtner when he was in the first throes of a career that, at one stage, some people in the game were saying would rival the trajectory of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
As somebody who probably has more Scandinavian friends than British friends and who goes on holiday to various parts of Scandinavia at least once a year and who is godfather to several Scandinavian kids, I know what I’m talking about. My first introduction to Scandinavian tradition was when a team-mate of mine and his wife invited us to their house on the day they brought their new-born son home from hospital. After a lot of pictures, my friend’s wife took the baby, wrapped it in more blankets than I’ve ever seen in my life, opened the front door and placed the baby on the door step, where he stayed until morning.
It turned out to be a tradition that goes along the line of: if baby is still there in the morning, fit and healthy, then he will be a strong man who is capable of working on the family farm. And on a pre-season tour to the States, a Scandinavian team-mate hired us a rickshaw to a 24-hour pub and proceeded to whip the rider from one side of the town to the other. The truth is that Bendter is symptomatic of a player who says all the right things in order to cover for the fact that, deep down, he is scared shitless of stepping up to the plate and being the striker on whom a team can look to for inspiration. During an Arsenal press conference this week, a journalist asked Arsene Wenger whether his one-time starlet had finally run out of last chances. Wenger may be done with him but to let him walk on a Bosman is true madness and I think a ploy for contract negotiations.
Johnson fits most of the clues, but Palace weren’t relegated with a late goal at the other end of the Country.
Further evidence – the Guardian ran a piece on Bentley in 2008 called ‘The secret life of a footballer’. David Bentley on the other hand was already training with Arsenal’s first team when he was 16 and earmarked a potential superstar.
I don’t think David Bentley would agree with that given his treatment since he signed for them. The TSF talks as if he is coming to the end of his career, has last season tried not to get picked by drinking and eating too much. The more I read about Dave Kitson and hear previous interviews (and compare to TSF interview on R4 today), the more I think it could well be him. Things like humble beginning, record signing, recent relegation, settled family, well documented “personal issues”, failure after being a record signing, etc all seem to fit.

FORMER Stoke striker Dave Kitson is on his travels again … but this time into the literary world.
In the Guardian Q&A, TSF in answer to are you left footed, jokes he is equally bad with both. Might be something and nothing, could just be trying to keep his hands hidden under the jumper. Now the Guardian journo might be heavily editing what TSF is writing, but in the past few days TSF has done live IM chats with R4 and on the Guardian website. The other one that gives me some doubt is TSF talks about his daughter, I believe Dave Kitson has two sons. TSF talks about the pain of relegation in the piece linked below and how it led to the club having to lay off lots of staff i.e must be a small to medium sized club whose financial future was massively effected by losing premier league status.
Yes Andy Johnson was in the Crystal Palace side who was relegated, but although his agent initially tried to engineer a move away from Palace in the end he stayed. TSF on the other hand talks about immediately knowing that he would be leaving said relegated club, due to expiry of contract and enforced financial hardship due to relegation. Robbie fowler has already been captain of the youth team and already won serveral awards for best premierechip player (tsf mentionned it in his first book, chapter 10). I always thought it was Danny Murphy – clever, insightful, very experienced, a few different clubs – but, clearly not born in London! Much that I agree Danny Murphy is brighter than your average footballer, his background doesn’t fit at all with TSF.
That is just one example of a whole host of other things that doesn’t fit with the story the TSF has told. Could it be because at Portsmouth he knew he was just about to confirm cancelling his contract? The invitation to take part came from an old friend of mine Andrea Dulio who used to work for Sony Italy whom I knew throughout the Oasis era. I’m not sure what was said at half time as I was on the piss around that time as I was substituted 20 minutes into the game much to my delight as I was fucked – ha ha.
However, it was an honour to be asked to play, as it was such a great cause and Juventus stadium is nearly as good as MCFC’s.
Son of Margaret, brother, DJ, writer, juicer, blogger, football lover and Irish sports fanatic. Is the language of football the same on the pitch as it is on the sofa of your favourite highlights show?
They take months of politics and negotiations and they are best served by a middle man who can liaise between the two clubs and the player.
The detail that we are given is far greater than anything you’ll ever watch or read before a game.
And that seemed to be fine because I work on the basis that I want to be the leader and that everybody should follow me. Please refrain from insulting other users, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you more correct or valid in your point of view. Biff recognises Marty but mistakes him for Marty’s own son, who is something of a drop out, and he begins to taunt him. The 26-year-old was found to have been in Copenhagen, without permission from his club, where he became embroiled in a situation that led to accusations that the Arsenal striker had unbuttoned his trousers in public before whipping a taxi with his belt, rubbing himself against it and engaging in threatening behaviour towards the driver. While on loan at Sunderland, he took the decision to climb up and over a line of parked cars in Newcastle city centre, causing a fair amount of damage as he went.
And before those of you who love a rant on a Saturday morning start reaching for the Twitter icon on your phones to complain, I do, of course, mean that in an affectionate way.

Within the game, Bendtner is known as a super confident, bordering on arrogant, footballer, but there are many of us who have adopted the same tactic for a time to see us through a rough patch. My anonymity let’s me tell you how it is, from inside the game without the shackles of pre-conception or fan bias.
Life has treated Nicklas too well and he has paid it back by acting like a whining, overpaid, drunken, violent overgrown baby. Bendtner is struggling with injuries really for the first time and needs good physios and inspired leadership.
He is Finnish and as we’re all aware, while Finland is indeed a nordic country it is not part of Scandinavia.
Has he played with a striker who refused to move unless the pass went exactly where he wanted it? Did he play for one manager for a considerable amount of time who was great before losing it? Did he play a match at some point towards the end of March or first few days of April 2011? Bentley is still only 27 and couldn’t get a game due to a combination of injury and not thought good enough. To improve his right foot he began practicing taking penalties with his right foot and he now feels more comfortable taking them right footed. However, watching TSF video of him kicking a ball about, I noticed that he seems to naturally has his hands closed into a fist as soon as he has to concentrate on working with the ball. Again, it could be a journo live editing what the TSF is saying, but it is much harder to keep a consistent patter doing it instantly, rather than having a few hours to rewrite an article. He was a Dario Gradi favourite from a very age at Crewe, went with the first team from 15 years old, making his debut when he was 16.
When somebody asked him why he wasn’t at training, he said footballers usually get Wednesday off!!! Otherwise, a) they would be training and b) it strikes of somebody who has lost track of which day it is, a likely explanation being they don’t need to know. Supporter of Manchester City, Celtic and Ireland, two of the greatest club sides ever, and a country that is second to none and known for its passion and grace albeit, in recent times, in defeat.
He certainly doesn’t give the impression that he’s too fussed and that is the really sad part about his career to date.
And worse, he’ll have that sinking feeling that I have from time to time, that he is utterly powerless to do anything about it. Hear his answers to those burning questions about life in professional football – about money, managers, WAGs, warts and all.
Kitson is articulate, considered, well read, always shunned the limelight and openly talked about wanting to be a writer (a thing that the TSF was keen to stress in the R4 interview today). My take is that money and Fame corrupted him at a Young age and that his Golden contract with Arsenal Got him to not Care about further succes by hard work. I believe he is not even allowed to spend time alone with he son, something the sons mother Got away with, go figure why.

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