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Looks like someone in the Facebook team has caught the March Madness fever; in a small update to the Messenger app, typing in the basketball emoji can enable a secret mini-game between you and a friend. To start, just locate the basketball emoji (copy and paste ??, if you can’t find it in your growing emoji list), send it to a friend and click it to start the game.
It’s not the first time Facebook built a mini-game into Messenger; last year, it added a chess function to let you and a friend battle your logic skills out.
Natt Garun is the US Editor at The Next Web, managing the North American team on content, events, features and reviews coverage. It's March Madness time, and as such Facebook has added a 'hidden' basketball game to Messenger. The app was updated on March 16 — Facebook went to no effort to hide the game, announcing in the changelog that users can now “shoot some hoops” within it.
It’s about as simple of a game as you can get, but as with most simple and slightly difficult mobile games, it can get addicting.
Once you miss, you have to start all over again — if you beat your old record, the number becomes your “current best.” There are no scoreboards, of course, though you could snap a screenshot to show off in Messenger if you’re so inclined.
Silvia, girlfriend of Spain's Pau Gasol (R), as they attend a friendly basketball game between Spain and the U.S.

Home Trending & Features This Secret Basketball Emoji Messenger Game Is SERIOUSLY Addictive! Whenever you find yourself bored with your other game apps that drain too much of your battery, or just happen to be waiting too long for someone to get back to your message, look no further than the Facebook Messenger app. In order to test this game, I sent it to myself as not to disturb anyone with this weird experiment (though it would be a better idea to send it to friends in a group and compare scores!).
So for anyone who does way, way better than I do and actually gets past the 40 mark, let us know what the game looks like by then!
You’ll get a basketball placed in various locations on your screen, and all you have to do just swipe up toss the ball into the hoop. The goal is to challenge your friend to see who can get the most baskets in consecutively.
The game came with the app's latest update, and simply involves sending someone a basketball emoji, after which point you'll be tasked with flicking digital basketballs into a digital hoop, aiming to beat your own best score. Flick the basketball using your finger, doing so in the general direction you want it to go.
Be sure you're running the latest version of Facebook Messenger before trying, though, or you'll just be tapping a useless emoji.
By then, the hoop starts moving from left to right, with the difficulty progressing every 10 points.

An overactive imagination in her head allows her to weave words into stories, especially those concerning travel, food, and culture in general. Send someone the basketball emoji, then tap it (I had to try a few times to get it to work). According to others, the hoop speeds up by 20 points, and just moves everywhere by 30 points. Writing a book would be the next big step in her writing career, something she hopes would be fulfilled soon. Sam is also a BA Journalism student from UP Diliman, and believes that writing helps us make better sense of the world we live in.

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