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Young Mary Lennox is orphaned by an earthquake in India and sent to England to live with her uncle in a cold ancestral manor in Yorkshire. You are now on the page of a The Secret Garden, which includes such genres as Drama, Family, Fantasy.
Yeo Jin and Gi Rim were inseparable best friends in high school, dreaming of becoming successful writers. Mary briefly meets him, still mourning for the wife who died ten years ago, but she is mostly left on her own.

However, cracks in their friendship began to appear with the appearance of Baek Jong Hak, who seemed to lean towards Yeo Jin. Years later, Gi Rim is still struggling to get herself published, and her financial problems are wearing her down.
First she finds an overgrown secret garden, the favourite of her aunt and locked up since her death. When she finally scores an interview with a publisher, she goes to the interview with enthusiasm, but is shocked to meet Yeo Jin and Jong Hak, the two people she did not want to see again.

Second, that she has a cousin, Colin, a sickly lad who has been told he must remain in bed out of the daylight at all times.
Once Mary and another new friend, local lad Dickon, have brought the garden back to life they decide Colin must see it, a decision that will change several lives.

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