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A Secret Handshake is a gesture used in greeting between two members of a secret society, or a private club, or a covert organization as a means to identify themselves to one another.
The excessively elaborate secret handshake is noticed by everyone, advertising rather than concealing the secret.
The odd ritual is not noticed, to the point where the lack of attention becomes absurd in itself.
Note that the Secret Handshake doesn't have to be an actual handshake, but can be any sort of identifying hand gesture. One of the main cast of Revenge of the Nerds gains access to Lambda Lambda Lambda because he knows the fraternity's secret handshake. The Parent Trap remake included a ridiculously complex secret handshake between Annie and her buddy butler, just to ramp up the logistical difficulty over the original movie in "switching places", since Hallie had to learn it. Sound Of My Voice: A cult uses an elaborate secret handshake as admission before any audience with the cult's leader. In the Magic Kingdom of Landover book A Princess of Landover, the two G'home Gnomes have an elaborate secret handshake so that no one else can pretend to be them (leading the titular princess to wonder why anyone would want to be them).
The actual Freemasons have their own signs to identify other members, including secret handshakes (apparently several of them, in fact).
This one was used as a Shout-Out in Babylon 5, as a means of identifying the conspirators behind the assassination of President Santiago. Series 4 of Torchwood shows an example of this in a flash back to Captain Jack's life in the 20s, where a trio of men each grasp another's wrist with their hand, forming a triangle between them.
In My Hero, Ultronians perform a single wave of their elbows directed towards each other as a greeting, joined with the phrase "zneet", or sometimes "zneet znadder zneet".
In Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro and Yuki had a Secret Handshake back in grade school, which they quickly bring into their Kamen Rider Clubnote For the curious, it's a handshake, reverse hand grip, fist bump, then alternating fist taps from top and bottom. Murdoch Mysteries: In "Victor, Victorian", Freemasons Brackenreid and Crabtree introduce Detective Murdoch to the head of their lodge just after a sudden death has taken place during an initiation ritual. Quest for Glory has the Thief Sign, which consists of putting your thumb on your nose, hand perpendicular to the face and fingers outspread, then wiggling your fingers while focusing your eyes on your thumb and patting your belly with the other hand. Snake and Otacon do this right after Otacon's sister dies in his arms as Snake still needs his help. Homestar Runner and the King of Town actually do this at the very beginning of Ever and More as part of a recruiting ceremony performed by the Brothernal Order of Different Helmets.
The Simpsons: after Homer joins the Stonecutters, he gives the secret handshake to his plumber so the plumber will fix his leaky basement pipes for free.
In another episode, another billionaire asks Mr Burns to perform the "billionnaire's secret handshake".

On Jimmy Two-Shoes, Lucius does this with a mechanical hand as a means of getting into his vault.
On The Ren & Stimpy Show, Stimpy and Ren's cousin Sven are members of the Loyal Order of Stupids. One Robot Chicken sketch features a two men who recognize each other from their college days and do their fraternity's secret handshake, which devolves into face-slaps, punches, and kneeing each other in the groin. Not to mention the six and a half hour long secret handshake between Spongebob and the robotic Mr. In the season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance have a variation, though they don't actually shake hoofs the idea is more-or-less the same. An episode of Camp Lazlo has Lumpus trying to create a new handshake for Jelly Cabin after they accidentally figure his club's secret handshake.
In Avatar: The Last Airbender, members of the Order of the White Lotus identify each other through a board game called Pai Sho.
Basically any secret society will have a form of greeting for fellow members, or a way of testing to see if a new arrival is one. According to some ancient accounts, the Christian fish symbol was used for discreet recognition during periods of Roman persecution: one person drew an arc in the dirt, and the other would complete the symbol.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. In comedies, this secret handshake will be so long and involved that its utterly unlikely anyone would actually perform it for real. To prove his worthiness to enter the BROTHERHOOD headquarters, the title character goes through an involved handshake with a mechanical arm. Mara Salvatrucha gang members identify each each other with an upside down devils head for "M". However, in Edgar Allan Poe's '"The Cask Of Amontillado": Fortunado makes a gesture Montresor doesn't recognize. Crouching tiger, zookeeper's boy, hairdresser on fire, girlfriend in a coma, slap it on a biscuit. Whenever Gentaro does the shake with someone, it marks the moment where they join his ever-expanding circle of friends.
The head of the lodge shakes hands with Murdoch, who doesn't complete the secret handshake. Devious GMs are encouraged to give the players' societies secret handshakes that are very similar to some other group's handshake, then direct them to find an ally and sit back as Hilarity Ensues.
It's specifically designed to be incredibly silly so non-Thieves will just assume you've having some kind of seizure and dismiss it as nothing.

No matter which option you choose, the game will always inform you that none of the characters will remember it. His version is described as "close enough" — and he accidentally tears one of the other guy's fingers off. It's good enough to pass muster for most of the episode, but when it fails to perform the secret handshake, Sonic realizes something's up. Their "secret handshake" consists of gently biting the inflated gloves on each others' heads. Krabs, which involves standing on one leg, putting a glass of chocolate milk on your head, singing the National Anthem of Bikini Bottom, shooting from a cannon through a ring of fire, eating 105 black licorice jellybeans through a straw, and (if it's the third Wednesday in January, and it's not raining) gargling with vanilla pudding. This also serves as both the first clue to Twilight that the first Cadance is a fake when she doesn't recognize the "hoofshake" and how the real Cadance convinces Twilight that she's the real one, by performing the sequence for her. The new handshake includes jumping through a ring of fire, riding another camper like a horse, and throwing a fit. The secret handshake begins by opening with the white lotus tile (which the order is named after) placed in the center space, and forming a pattern across the board resembling a large flower.
The Free Masons are the secret society that's best-known and there have been stories about what their Secret Handshake might be.
In Greek, the word for fish is an acronym of "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior" (also in Greek, of course; the Greek word for fish isn't "jcgss"). Despite this, they're mostly just an over-ceremonial charity organization - except, of course, for the offshoot featured in the story.
Crabtree explains why the head of the lodge knew Murdoch isn't a Mason, and the man soon quizzes Murdoch on his religious beliefs. This was because when the Masons were still a society of architects and builders, the members had to travel long distances for jobs and the only way someone at each job site can determine whether you are a qualified architect is to check if you have been taught the secret codes and gestures of the society. For once, being a "papist" isn't quite a liability, since the lodge head says that's better than being a "stupid atheist". Montresor reaches into his robes and pulls out a trowel, which Fortunado assumes is a joke.

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