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How a team of scholars decrypted a secret languagea€”and discovered the last known work of the American theologian. At one point, Widmer (an occasional contributor to Slate) mentioned the book and the suspicion that Williams had authored the code in its margins.
With the help of Kim Nusco, the JCB’s manuscript librarian, Widmer and Twaddell began recruiting faculty from the fields of mathematics, computer science, comparative literature, and history. Guessing that this might be the system Williams used, Mason-Brown tried tweaking his frequency analysis so it applied to consonants only. If a word was partially written in longhand and partially written in shorthand, he could guess at the entire word and then determine what the symbols in the shorthand portion of the word stood for. By the start of the spring semester, he had built and confirmed a key of the 28 most common symbols and the letters or sounds to which they corresponded.
Meanwhile, in early March, the Rhode Island Historical Society furnished two letters in Williams’ hand that included brief snippets of shorthand. By the end of the spring, Mason-Brown had confirmed Williams’ authorship, cracked the code, and translated most of its contents. This summer, Mason-Brown moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan with the single goal of translating the rest of the code.
The words of the Great King enjoin us to protect the gospel, whose written word [refutes] John Eliot and whose word must prevail over the book of John Eliot.
In 1676, John Norcott wrote a treatise attacking infant baptism, the accepted practice throughout the majority of Christendom. Both of these stances stemmed from Williams’ radical (for the time) belief in religious freedom. According to Brown historian Linford Fisher, a specialist in early America, there is good reason to believe Williams may have intended to publish the writing. Based on the publication date of Eliot’s treatise, Williams was writing in 1679, at the earliest.
Though the work does not significantly alter our understanding of Williams, according to J.
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In a library full of old and obscure texts, the 234-page quarto was older and more obscure than most. But 17th century penmanship triumphed over 21st century technology: The writing was simply too messy for a computer to make sense of. The project didn’t neatly fall into any one field, and the academics recruited by Widmer, Twaddell, and Nusco had work of their own to worry about.
He then turned to co-occurrence analysis, a more sophisticated technique based on the frequency with which certain letters tend to succeed or precede others. His reading pointed him to the system set out by John Willis’ 1602 Art of Stenographie. The symbols were simple, generally requiring a single pen stroke, making them easier to write than the consonants they stood for. Thus modified, the analysis allowed him to tentatively match several symbols to English letters. These were words, mostly place names, that the author had written entirely or partially in longhand English. When applying the key to paragraph-length passages yielded intelligible English, he knew his hunch about the Willis system had been correct. With the help of medical historian Hal Cook, they matched the third section to Bartholinus’ Anatomy, a popular 17th-century medical reference. By comparing the idiosyncratic defectives in the samples, Mason-Brown was able to confirm Williams’ authorship of the shorthand in the mystery book, and the academics attached to the project concurred with his conclusion. He held that people could only become true followers of Christ by consciously accepting him and that no one else could make such a decision on their behalf. He notes that despite the personal trauma wrought by King Philip’s War, Williams continued to ruminate on the salvation of Indians, and his position remained in line with that expressed in earlier writings. For its latest blooper, Victoria's Secret has seemingly carved out a model's upper legs with some excellent Photoshop skills. The shots were posted on Victoria's Secret's Facebook page to promote its Swim Style Finder. Its brown, battered leather cover was blank, its title page missing, and its author unknown. For example, the most commonly occurring pair of letters, or bigram, in English is t and h.

The system was popular in England at the same time a young Williams worked as a stenographer for the noted jurist Edward Coke at the Star Chamber Court.
Given the prevalence of ancient place names among the longhand flags, he guessed that the word was Mesopotamia. Translating these sections would now be a simple matter of matching the shorthand to the passages from which it was copied. The text in the middle section of the mystery book was a rebuke of Eliot in defense of Norcott and adult baptism. Most of the rest of the work, which has not yet been fully translated, consists of citations of scripture in support of his views. The work’s structure mirrors that of the Eliot treatise to which it systematically responds, indicating a concerted intellectual effort rather than scattered notes.
The timing helps explain the use of space-saving shorthand in the mystery book’s margins. But online readers were plenty distracted by the model's pipe cleaners-as-thighs, posting over 2,000 comments. Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness. If that were the case, the uselessness of frequency analysis would be the least of the group’s problems. The string of short-hand symbols standing for potamia gave him a set of precious potential correspondences. It lacked those helpful longhand flags, making it harder to translate, but also offered a glimmer of hope that it contained a different sort of text: original writing by Williams. The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg). It was possible, the students and scholars hypothesized, that these sections were copied down from reference texts.
He lost most of his possessions and was forced to move in with his son Joseph, further contributing to a need for frugality.

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