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The Secret History Of Love reveals the history of outlawing love and the underground ways that queer and transgender people managed to find – and love – each other in decades past. The Secret History Of Love is the culmination of a two-year community research process conducted by Sean Dorsey. The Secret History Of Love features a stellar cast of dancers and performers: Sean Dorsey, Juan De La Rosa, Brian Fisher, Nol Simonse and Shawna Virago.

After making its world premiere in San Francisco, The Secret History Of Love will tour to Boston, Miami and Santa Cruz (May 2012), Los Angeles (August 2012), Chicago and Wisconsin (October 2012) and Philadelphia, San Antonino, Chico, Claremont and other cities in 2013-14. Dorsey conducted archival research and directed LGBT Elders Oral History Projects in San Francisco and Boston.
Original music by Jesse Olson Bay, StormMiguel Florez, Alex Kelly, Keith Kenniff, Ben Kessler, Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney and Ramon & Jessica. If you’re expecting typical history you’ll be frustrated.  But if you’re looking for a myth to show you how we got where we are and where we’re headed, give it a try.Stay in touch!

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