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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 4414666Winter is a strange limbo of lots of added clothing and ambiguous body types, and while some may complain that the cold weather is making them have an obstructed view because of all those layers people are adding on to stay warm, let us not forget the wonderful glory that is sweater melons.
From Left to Right: Bavarian Inn Executive Chef Phil Fahrenbruch, Bavarian Inn Lodge Purchasing Manager Mark Brooks and Bavarian Inn Sous Chef Tyler Stark show off their culinary awards.
Joining Brooks in heading up the local ACF chapter is its president, Bavarian Inn Executive Chef Phil Fahrenbruch. After 125 years of service (2013), the Bavarian Inn Restaurant is a Michigan landmark where generations of diners have discovered true Bavarian hospitality – whether it’s the famous chicken dinners, fresh baked goods or Michigan’s greatest selection of German beer.
With more than 25 years of experience, the 360-room Bavarian Inn Lodge boasts: an indoor waterpark with two extraordinary slides, four indoor pools and three whirlpools, family fun center, 18-hole indoor miniature golf course, two restaurants, two gift shops, free WiFi internet and a conference center that can accommodate up to 500 people.
Nestled within a backdrop of authentic German architecture, a trip to Frankenmuth would not be complete without a visit to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Castle Shops, Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, Covered Bridge & Leather Gift Shop, Frankenmuth River Place Shops, and the Bavarian Inn Lodge. But they’re also among the country’s most sophisticated, even arcane, political rituals, the culmination of months of organizing. For all the intimacy and homey trappings, they can have the intensity of a high-stakes playoff game. The tutorial in the church gymnasium was led by Joel Kurtinitis, who four years ago, as regional director for Ron Paul’s campaign, participated in one of the most remarkable coups in Iowa caucus history.
This year, with the possibility of a contested convention higher than it’s been in decades, and the party verging on disarray, the slightest advantage in the delegate count could be even more important.
The training session was just one of several the campaign has offered in living rooms, libraries and restaurants around the state, geared primarily toward educating captains in nearly all of Iowa’s 1,681 precincts. This year, to win delegates, Republican campaigns are training Iowa voters to stay until the end of the caucuses — past the presidential straw poll, platform votes and other party business.
The delegates who emerge from the caucuses still have to run a gauntlet of conventions at the county and state level before reaching the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer. Democrats choose their delegates in each precinct by making campaigns gather their supporters in separate corners of the room to be counted.
Each precinct has a “viability” threshold that candidates must reach to be eligible for delegates. Stauch relays past caucus stories each month during her living room training sessions, which about 70 people have attended this cycle. Sometimes, when Clinton’s Iowa campaign is working late on data entry, organizers and volunteers will hold practice caucuses over what movie to watch or which restaurant they’d like to order dinner from. The Sanders campaign, in turn, says its focus is split between trying to demystify the caucuses for first-time supporters and train precinct captains, some of whom are also attending their first caucus this year, to make sure the process is as smooth and accessible as possible to newcomers.

The central message the Sanders campaign is putting forth to its supporters can be summed up simply: caucusing is easier than it sounds. The Iowa GOP insists it will be more prepared this time to handle the kind of procedural fights Paul instigated in 2012. The success of Ron Paul’s strategy has at times been overstated; in 2008 and 2012, while causing headaches for GOP nominees, he collected nowhere near enough delegates to win the nomination. The Cruz campaign says it now has more than 10,000 volunteers knocking on doors and phone-banking statewide. When asked how the average Cruz supporter was going to know which delegates to vote for on caucus night, English smiled, then deflected. It was recently revealed that behind the quality of their cuisine and service is a powerful dose of culinary talent.
Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at Northwood University, Stark already has an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Mott Community College. A 22-year veteran of the Bavarian Inn Corporation, Brooks began as a Bavarian Inn dishwasher, working his way up through the ranks and earning a degree from the Culinary Institute of America.
Fahrenbruch has also been recognized as one of only nine operator executives selected to receive the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s (IFMA’s) 2012 Silver Plate Award, a top honor based on an individual’s outstanding industry achievements and commitment to innovation. Bavarian Inn also prides itself on being one of the top consumers of Pure Michigan agricultural products.
14 Republican debate, 250 of Ted Cruz’s most dedicated Iowa field organizers huddled in the Heritage Assembly of God church gymnasium in Des Moines, Iowa. 1, are a quaint, almost anachronistic tradition — an assembly of neighbors deciding the next leader of the free world in churches and libraries and school cafeterias catered with hot chocolate and homemade pastries. Though Paul only came in third in the straw poll, he arrived at the Republican National Convention with 22 of Iowa’s 28 delegates, in part, by a shrewd mastery of the caucus process and the parliamentarian’s Bible known as Robert’s Rules of Order. The ultimate trophies are delegates — party members who are elected by each caucus to represent their neighbors at county conventions later in the year. During caucuses and state conventions, his supporters in Iowa and other states called for “points of order,” challenging procedural errors. The first hurdle is finding supporters to nominate for delegate positions in every precinct. In some cases, to stop one candidate from collecting a majority of delegates, precinct captains from rival campaigns have struck deals and joined forces, using colored signs or text messages to signal when to cast their votes.
But while new GOP rules bind those delegates to the results of the caucuses for one ballot, delegates are not required to disclose who they would support in subsequent rounds of a contested convention.
Precinct captains have been known to encourage their supporters to back a rival candidate in order to keep a third candidate from picking up more delegates, or forming alliances with other campaigns, then splitting the delegates. There will also be a place reserved for anyone who is still not decided (uncommitted groups won the Democratic Iowa caucuses in 1972 and 1976).

Stauch gets almost giddy as she recalls elections when she forced bidding wars for her votes. Other times, they rehearse caucus strategies, substituting gummy bears as stand-ins for Iowa voters.
But with Republican leaders now planning for a possible contested convention this summer, every delegate may matter in the end. He was also the 2009 ACF Chef of the Year and has been with the Bavarian Inn for more than 21 years. Presidential campaigns are holding tutorials to prepare their supporters for nuances of next week’s Iowa caucuses. Over a dinner of potato chips and sandwiches, they sat down for a tutorial in caucus-night tactics. Paul didn’t win a single primary — and yet ended up with almost as many delegates as Rick Santorum, who won 11. Some of those delegates will become the party faithful who will vote for the next Republican nominee at the national convention. They made motions to speak from the floor and tried to oust presiding officers whom they believed were not sympathetic to their candidate, forcing votes that dragged out the proceedings. In more populated areas, mini-campaigns are mounted inside each caucus for a ticket to the county convention. If the threshold is not reached, supporters of ineligible candidates are free to support someone else, creating a bidding war between campaigns on the caucus floor.
A Wesley Clark supporter in 2004, she agreed to realign with John Kerry’s campaign if they helped elect two Clark supporters as delegates that night. Earlier this year, Clinton’s Iowa staffers divided into corners of the room during a mock caucus to pick their favorite presidents — Jed Bartlet of “The West Wing,” Frank Underwood of “House of Cards” and Selina Meyer of “Veep” were all front-runners. That process begins at the caucuses, where winning delegates can be a whole other game, requiring a long night of political maneuvering and strategic execution.
By the end, crowds thinned as people got bored and returned home to watch TV or tuck their kids into bed.
Last month, they played a card game she invented — caucus poker, Stauch calls it — to practice viability math and different negotiation scenarios.
That’s when Paul’s loyal army, who’d stayed until the bitter end and had the advantage, cleaned up. More than a decade later, Stauch shakes her head remembering Dick Gephardt voters who walked out halfway through her local caucus that year.

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