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Pese a los muchos rumores que circulan sobre la carne de las hamburguesas de McDonalds, la empresa nunca ha ocultado su procedencia. This media meme, catching on like wildfire burning up so much delicious wood pulp, is not only alarmist but 100 percent misleading. This is not to say that fast food chains shouldn’t be more transparent about the additives and fillers they put in their food, as Taco Bell recently was when it posted an FAQ on its website about the ingredients in its taco meat.
Cohen and his many aggregators make it sound as though powdered cellulose is another one of those gross ingredients that fast-food chains sneak into their menu items, like pink slime.

Manufacturers put it in ice cream, bread, cheese, and salad dressing, among aisles full of other grocery store items. AdemA?s la empresa solamente trabaja con dos variedades determinadas de patatas, la Russet Burbank y la Shepody. And the reasons for this are not so nefarious: Cellulose has the ability to thicken foods, prevent clumping, and improve creaminess without affecting flavor much. It seems weird to focus solely on fast-food chains as a culprit of sneaking it into our diets when most Americans probably get more dietary cellulose from Stop & Shop than Taco Bell.

Entre sus ingredientes cuenta con paprika, vinagre de vino, mostaza, ajo y cebolla en polvo, pepinillos, caramelo, azA?car, salsa de soja y mayonesa.

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