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The four children go to George’s for the holidays, only to find that Joan, the cook, has been ill, and sour-faced grumpy Mrs. I live in constant hope that if and when one of my ships in bottles break, I’ll find a treasure map snuggled comfortably inside. I LOVE The Secret Island and reading about Mike, Peggy, Nora, Jack and the cow living on the island. I always have the biggest grin on my face when I remember some of the Enid Blyton stories and plots.
I may be taking this a bit too seriously, but I suddenly realised that I missed out The Land of Far Beyond! Luckily for me my memory of a childhood copy wasn’t entirely false, and I was able to borrow it from my sister.
I also used them as perfect reading material to teach Korean teenage students English as a 2nd language.
As soon as I finished this, I made my mum reach out and get the second book in the series : Hurrah For Little Noddy!

And most importantly, she always had a trick up her sleeve, and she was, all said and done, an angel at heart!
I mean, you can’t choose between Five On Treasure Island, or Five On Kirrin Island again, right? LucyAnn gets a ship in a bottle for Pip as a birthday present, and when that accidentally breaks, the children discover a map. Secret Island was amazing; my favorite bit was the cow scaring away the tourists, because they thought the moo was the sound of thunder!! Sometimes, I still wonder what it would be like to adventure in a magical land atop a tree…. See, now I’m all curious, and I might just end up succumbing to the temptation of buying it. Review should be coming up soon, but if the first half of the book is anything to go by – it’s fantastic!
Her world was so much fun, and exciting, those kids she talked about, so lucky and plucky and independent.

Then, poor George’s mum falls very ill, and when she is hospitalized, the Five decide to run away to Kirrin Island, rather than spend their holidays with dour Mrs. The descriptions of food, specially in Famous Five, and the midnight feasts in the school series always made me drool.
And I’ve sat her, drumming the table with my fingers, contemplating which was my favorite, and this one edges it, mostly because, while I really wanted to be like Darrell from Malory Towers, I was always more like Elizabeth from Whyteleafe: I always tried to be really good, and always did something or the other, which resulted in the aftermath not being great!
And I can still pick it up and read it, and lose myself in the adventures of the Famous Five.

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