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I can't think of a better way to link with others with similar interests around the world than through blogging so I signed up to participate in the Blogging from A to Z challenge beginning in April. The writing of author David Wisniewski is inspiring student writers to try new techniques with the traits of idea development and voice. Learn more about WritingFix's policies for publishing student work by visiting our Publishing Student Writers Information Page.
WritingFix is currently seeking additional student samples from this writing assignment that can be featured in this space.
To have us consider your students' writing for inclusion on this page, you must post the writing to our Ning page dedicated to this lesson.
Real Reason: In reality, take out the trash because if you do not take out the trash, the trash will get bigger and bigger and bigger! Real Reason: The truth is when you color outside the lines, wax drips off the paper all gooey, and it grows into giant crayons!
Real Reason: In reality, the wall can feel tickled and laugh so hard that the whole house will topple over. Real Reason: If you neglect your vegetables, they can turn into wild animals and attack you!
The Truth: When the laundry piles up in the baskets, all nicely folded and just waiting to be put away, parents always make up some special reasons to get kids to put the laundry away. A long, long time ago, way before people had enough money to buy more than two outfits, they didn’t have to worry about laundry getting out of control.

I'll mention three fantastic books that have engaged 2nd graders on up to adults to write creatively, share their stories with each other, and then perform their polished tales to eager listeners. I'll have 26 days (not including Sundays) to blog using a theme that I'm  revealing today as so many others are. Discussing the strengths of published student samples before, while, and after using this on-line assignment is important.
Submitted student work must show evidence of revision, editing, and the final draft must be typed and sent through e-mail. One night of NPAL syndrome is enough to scare anybody into emptying the laundry basket before night falls. If your students are engaged in trait- or skill-inspired discussions about any of the samples we've posted here, they will produce better writing, especially if you help them take their writing all the way through the writing process.
Under the ground, the walls will keep laughing, which will cause the ground to shake very severely.
Scientists believe that somehow the people made a human chain and pulled themselves back to Earth, which was good, but scientists say that it is impossible to do that again.
I tend to move right into metaphorical but students will probably begin with the actual physical structure of what an anchor is.
The severe shaking of the ground will cause everything (even humans) to topple over and roll this way and that way.
Sometimes it doesn’t happen so badly but even having your friend trip and fall into your mess or twisting their ankle in your clothes pile is considered Clutterling.

When the sun rises, humans wake up to see couches flipped over, a trail of socks on the stairs, paintings knocked down, and the refrigerator empty and all its contents in the oven.
That led to another problem: the clean wash piled up because people could do huge loads at a time. It feels the need to have your full attention, and so, you see the mess gets to be protective. Now, what do you suppose happens when a friend comes over to your house and your Clutterling sees it? We're definitely amateurs when it comes to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico--almost ran ourselves up against the jetties while fishing.4. My students have had more fun working together and honing their ELA skills while celebrating their products through storytelling!
I've included a few examples of "tall tales"  my 4th grade students created from David Wisniewski's The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups.
This truism will help you bring in emotion and a deeper sense of what you really want your listener or reader to understand.2. Sharing connections made with others always generates stories lost and now found - jars your memory.

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