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From JQ's latest release, right back to her debut novel, click on any cover to start reading an excerpt from that book. Receive an emailed heads up whenever Julia Quinn has big news a€” usually a few times a year. He attended Julia's betrothal ball to steal her jewels, but ended up leaving with far more, utterly bewitched by the beautiful, innocent Lady Julia.
After their one glorious evening together, Thomas leaves London, knowing he can never be part of her world again.Julia's steamy encounter with Thomas Merritt changes her life.

She's an outcast and a mere paid companion to a lady who used to be her equal.But things are looking up. She's on her way to Vienna on a breathtaking adventure, and her employer's handsome brother seems more than willing to overlook Julia's scandalous past. Love is in the air, dear readers!Julia and Thomas meet again in Vienna under most inconvenient circumstances during the great peace conference meant to determine the fate of Europe now that Napoleon has been defeated. All the crowned heads of Europe are in attendance, and at the lavish parties, salons, and grand balls, secrets lurk behind every fan, under honorable military tunics, and beyond every half-closed door, and Thomas is not the only thief in town.

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