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Hung out with Garry for 4 days, started 2 weeks before on my own from the videos and my bleeding stopped. At my mothers home where I try to visit every few weeks, her animals, carpets and who knows what, caused me to have a 100% chance of attack within a few hours of arrival.
By the end of February I started searching the Internet for a connection between enemas and allergies. For years, we had been mystified by the Stevie Wonder album of nearly the same name, because the movie was nowhere to be found. Time-lapse photography documents the pain and joy plants experience and how they communicate it.
The book was the basis for the 1979 documentary of the same name directed by Walon Green and featuring a soundtrack by Stevie Wonder, later released as Journey through the Secret Life of Plants.

The world of plants and its relation to mankind as revealed by the latest scientific discoveries. Now, with the power of the internet, we have discovered this fascinating unreleased and rare movie, The Secret Life of Plants, which features a mysterious soundtrack by Stevie Wonder. The book, which is generally regarded as a pseudoscientific work, discusses the alleged unusual phenomena regarding plants such as plant sentience, as well as alternative philosophy and alternative farming methods. The film made heavy use of time-lapse photography (where plants are seen growing in a few seconds, creepers reaching out to other plants and tugging on them, mushrooms and flowers popping open, etc.).
My seasonal allergy attacks would come about once every 10 days and literally knock me out of commission for most of the day. I noticed while I was there my breathing was terrific and naturally, I assumed it was the Florida weather.

This morning there was so much pollen on my car I had too use the windshield wipers just to see.
When I returned home I continued the enemas and the breathing continued to be just about perfect.
I want to thank you for changing my life and teaching me that being healthy is in my hands.

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