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It's difficult to believe that Paramount once considered this G-rated, pseudo-science plant-documentary one of their prestige releases of the year, before saner heads prevailed and this lumbering mess was essentially shelved. Voor de Herman Brood Academie, waar ik vakdocent ben, laat ik jullie een kijkje nemen in mijn platenkast.
Skladem je pres 5000 vinylovych desek vsech tanecnich stylù pro DJ's a nove i raritni desky pro sberatele, ktere dovazime z celeho sveta.
Dale prodavame gramofony, prenosky, jehly, slipmaty, mixazni pulty, kufry a tasky na desky, sluchatka, zesilovace, reprobedny, mikrofony a trika pro DJ's.
Based on a book by Peter Tompkins (who also liked to write about Egyptian obelisks) and Christopher Bird, this revels in New Agey beliefs (Plants feel pain!
They experience emotions!) that had no connection to scientific facts, and nowadays, is best known for Stevie Wonder's double-disc soundtrack, which reached #4 on Billboard's Rock and R&B Charts.

One mix takes you back to 2000, with soulful vibes and the second mix is completely 2013, rocking your dancefloor. The first few minutes play out like a precursor to KOYAANISQATSI, with dizzying cloud patterns, crashing waves and rivers of lava mixing with Stevie's experimental score. Unfortunately, once the droning narration intrudes on this brief but groovy trip, it's all downhill, as we're listlessly lectured about plants' importance, Calcutta's Bose Institute and George Washington Carver, amidst microscopic, time-lapse photography of plants sprouting and flowering.
In San Diego, we visit the makeshift lab of crackpot Cleve Backster and his long-refuted 'galvanic skin response of plants' experiments (or how plants are adversely affected by the death of some nearby Sea-Monkeys).
George Lawrence, who's spent too many years alone in the desert researching plant "bio-communication" and receiving messages from outer space. During goofy international segments, a Japanese woman tries to teach her cactus the alphabet by converting a plant's electrical output into sound, Russian 'scientists' prove a cabbage can think after a monitor reacts to a "comrade" cabbage being chopped up, and experts in parapsychology boast of how groundbreaking their work will be someday.

Seven years earlier, director Walon Green (who earlier co-scripted THE WILD BUNCH) won an Oscar for his insect-warning documentary THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE, so why not quadruple the Bullshit Quotient and see if lightning strikes twice? Un poil moins lumineuse que ce que j'avais en tete mais pas du tout pixellisee malgre la taille.
The final scene has Stevie wandering deserts, forests and fields of sunflowers in a flowing robe, crooning the theme song.

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