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Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy has announced that it will buying two Californian solar power plants for between $2 billion and $2.5 billion.
Coyle, Author of Beyond Belief: The Ultimate Mindpower Instructional ManualIn 1966 a very strange event occurred. Cleve Backster, America’s top polygraph (lie detector) expert was working late in his New York office. And the interesting fact is that thousands of people have been able to duplicate this experiment. The idea was to find the reporters year of birth by naming each of the 7 years between 1925 and 1931. His secretary had installed a Dragon pot plant to brighten the office.Backster noticed that the plant needed water, and on impulse attached the leads of a lie detector to one of the leaves. The lie detector measures skin resistance and Backster knew that it would indicate when water reached the actual leaf. Backster discovered this while he was demonstrating his effect to a group of visiting scientists. Each year was read out and the plant responded strongly (via the polygraph) when the reporter answered no to the correct date.
He poured water over the root system and waited to see how long before this moisture reached the leaves.Nothing happened. The plants simply would not respond on this occasion and it was discovered that one of the scientists in the group roasted plants in an oven to get their dry weight for experiments. The resultant article created so much impact that it eventually appeared in the Readers Digest.

The instructions on one of the slips told its bearer to totally destroy one of two plants placed in the laboratory. The conclusion was that the plant could remember and identify the person who destroyed a sister plant.Backster also noted that a bond appeared to develop between a plant and its owner. Even the signals from our deep space probes out beyond Mars can take hours to reach us and we haven’t really started serious space probes yet! Backster concluded that this primary perception was outside the usual electromagnetic spectrum.On one occasion Backster cut his finger and as he applied iodine to the wound the polygraph attached to his plant reacted. After months of tests it was concluded that the plants were sensitive to the destruction of living cells and the bacteria in the sink plug-hole. This lead to lengthy experiments on single cells and simple cell structures including scrapings from a human mouth.
When these scrapings were centrifuged and attached via fine gold electrodes to a polygraph it was found that they reacted to the emotions of their human donor – even when he was miles away!
That is, human cells react in the same way that plants do!This was quite an astounding finding because it explained for the first time how a persons emotions and thoughts might affect the individual body cells – and hence the functions and health of that body! The Brine were dumped automatically at random intervals so there was no human interference with the process. He decided to attach a store-bought raw egg to his equipment and his chart recorder indicated that it was pulsing with the same rhythms as a chicken embryo, with a frequency between 160 and 170 beats per minute.
However the egg was unfertilized and when it was broken open there was absolutely no sign of a circulatory system.
Rupert Sheldrake calls this a morphogenic field.There appears to be a common life-force here which has yet to be identified and explained.

We were able to manipulate and use them in the 19th century but didn’t even come close to understanding them until well into the 20th century. So it has taken around 200 years to get magnetism and electricity up and running properly.It is likely to take a lot less time than this to commercially utilize primary perception because of the scientific protocols and equipment available. It has been suggested that primary perception is a universal communication handshake in the same manner that gravity is a universal force field handshake.The main problem with this primary perception business is that it only appears to work if the intent is genuine. Scientists are having a hard time with it because results are not uniform and sometimes not even capable of being replicated. All other forces known to science can be reliably measured in any laboratory anywhere, which has the right equipment.
Science works on protocols – which can best be described as regulated pre-formatted procedures. When you approach a plant with this procedural protocol firmly fixed in your mind the plant perceives no serious emotional intent or genuine threat so it does not respond.
And if the same test is applied repeatedly to the same plant its response quickly drops off. At one point during Backsters experiments he was noticing that the polygraph would give irregular emotional responses which didn’t seem to tie in with any of the tests being done. It was finally concluded that the disinfectant in the cistern was destroying cells in the body’s excretions.

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