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In the fifth-season opener, Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) run off as they contemplate eloping, and George (Mark Derwin) is the only person aware of their secret. Born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, Park began her acting career with small parts starting at age 6. Park's first major roles came with a guest spot on the Lifetime series Angela's Eyes and a minor role in the indie movie Charlie Bartlett. Welcome to the new and improved 'Secret Life of the American Teenager' spoilers & speculation board!My co-mod, Augusta, got the green light to start up a new thread so we hope you all enjoy it. Amy- Amy will find herself a married woman straight off at the beginning of the second half of the season. Ben- Ben will find himself a married man at the beginning of the second half of the season. Reading the slides (thanks for those Btw ) It seems like she is pretending to be married, because she claims to be 21-years-old and also says her name is Madison Lauren lol.

Elsewhere, Ben (Ken Baumann) wrestles with guilt concerning a fire; and Adrian (Francia Raisa) prepares for college.
She is best known for her role as Grace Bowman in the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
She had a guest starring role on the popular Family channel show Life with Derek as Amy, a love interest of Derek and head cheerleader ex-girlfriend to Max.
One thing that I do really want to stress: We all have different views and opinions so we might not always agree. In the second half of the season, fans will see Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ben’s (Ken Baumann) wedding, Amy’s discovery of her baby’s gender, Anne (Molly Ringwald) telling George (Mark Derwin) about wanting a divorce, Ricky (Darren Kagasoff) continuing his rascally ways with Adrian (Francia Raisa) and Grace (Megan Park) and the arrival of Ricky’s abusive father.
Amy tells Ben he was right, that she do having feelings for Ricky and that they probably will get together throughout the baby's life.
Amy finds out what her baby's gender is and it appears as if she decides to keep the baby (see sneak peek promo 2).

Sometimes I worry I'm being too picky and will offend people when I make my little suggestions I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks all the text being centered looks weird too. If she's telling the truth and talking about Ben it's going to make me even more angry with Amy. I would be so angry if Ben made any suggestions and would only hope that Ricky would do what I would and kick his a**. Ben beat him to finding out what the baby was, the first time feeling the baby move, etc etc, which I think is so wrong.

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