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Adriana Lima Arrives At Cannes Film Festival; Is That Her New Man or Overly-Clingy Bodyguard? Hitler's Reich, which once stretched from Calais to the shores of the Volga in Russia, and from the Arctic Circle to North Africa, was reduced to a few spartan rooms in a stinking cement submarine where he and his wife killed themselves on April 30 1945. Burnt out: Wreckage, left,A  inside Adolf Hitler's command bunker and right,A  hand touching destroyed hinge of door to Adolf Hitler's command bunker, burned off by advancing Russian combat engineers.

Symbolic: A crushed globe and a bust of Hitler amid rubble outside the ruined Reich Chancellery. Heavy work: Russian soldiers and a civilian struggle to move a large bronze Nazi Party eagle that once loomed over a doorway of the Reich Chancellery, Berlin, 1945.
Many of the photos did not make the final cut for the special edition published immediately after the war in 1945, but have been flagged up now after a trawl through the magazine's archives.

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