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You don't need GPS and cameras to know what your cat gets up to when you have a cat like Clive. Nimbus is the adored cat of my daughter and he came to stay with his cousins, my four cats and two dogs (as he has done in the past many times) whilst his parents left for a week in England. Our cat George, an 11-year old Siamese cross Devon Rex, doesn't venture far but he does constantly seek out company. Where I lived previously, Tiggy used to visit my neighbour's house through an upstairs window and drink the milk out of her Teasmade in the bedroom. An "urgent" inquiry is demanded into how a "training device" used in a practice exercise caused a Premier League match at Old Trafford to be postponed. The study also suggested cats were becoming increasingly domesticated, visiting each other's houses rather than roaming large distances and hunting.Here, readers tell the stories of their own cats' antics. We have a gym down the road where he visits regularly, entering the aerobic classes and weights room. On the day she went missing it was a very sunny day (for Scotland) and there were lots of people out on the street - BBQs, garden parties etc.
He has only been kept by us because of a collar which not only gives his name, address and telephone number but a message stating "Get me home".
We contacted the delivery company and the driver said that a black cat flew out, past his ear, at his next stop - Chipping Norton (50 miles away) - and ran off into gardens.

He proved a real character and, after settling into our new home, Henry quickly became a dominant male in the area. This often coincided with the family holiday, so we did wonder whether he was going in hunt of us.
So for the past four years, I have spent much of my time collecting him or having him delivered home. He has visited and been collected from the vets, the nursery, the school, the station a-mile-and-a-half away, various pubs, shops - including Tesco and Costa - the petrol station, the park, the fair, puppy training classes, the dog show, the leisure centre, to name but a few. His strangest habit was to leave the house in summertime, walk to the nearest main road and get on the bus. He died six years ago at the ripe old age of 18 and where he went each summer will always remain a mystery!
We came outside our house one night to see him in "conversation" with two other cats - no fighting just sitting on the fence. We know she goes quite a way as we often get calls from people (she has a tag) and have to go and pick her up in the car. He has come home with coloured feet (after an encounter with teenagers) and has been responsible for a broken arm (a little boy learning to ride a bike got overexcited to see him) and for a referee having to stop a football match in the park. This was no ordinary bus, however, but a circular route that started and ended at Henry's stop.

One time, the local school called me as she wouldn't leave the playground and was "distracting" the kids.The furthest she ever travelled was a mile away, crossing a busy road at some point. He has also been found in my daughter's maths class (to the children's delight), attended drill at the cadets and set off a security scare in middle of the night at the local flower show tent.
Between circuits, the drivers used to open the door, check for lost property and generally make sure everything was OK before starting their next run.
At that point, Henry would board, taking a seat at the back and getting to know the passengers during the route. She actually wasn't that far away, but had based herself in one of the more posh areas of the town! When he had [done] the [route] a couple of times he would then disembark, and wend his way home!
When we still lived in London he used to follow me to work and sit under my desk as I worked at the local solicitors.

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