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Using pop-art style snapshots of mundane, sometimes compromising scenes, Guillemin hints at the private lives of characters from our best known comics and cartoons. Awwwards – recognizing the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.
We love our classic superheroes, villians and Disney girls, but what do they get up to when they aren't kicking butt and going about their daily requirements? Studio C&C is design duo Adam and Donal, who complement each other's strengths to produce collaborative design, art, publishing and fashion pieces. Today’s Brand Case Studies celebrates not one but three different creative makers and craftspeople who are forging new paths in the spirit of the old ways.

Hvis man fjerner deres us?dvanlige talenter, sa er superhelte bare ganske almindelige mennesker.
This collection, entitled "The Secret Life of Heroes", is made up of over 60 pop art illustrations.
This French digital illustrator shows that reality is always stranger than fiction, making no exceptions for these idealized characters. The pair mix vintage styles with modern designs to create super fresh typography, art direction and design from their Paris studio. Lige som alle os andre. Den franske kunstner, Gregoire Guillemin, har lavet en r?kke illustrationer, der viser nogle af superheltenes ret uheldige situationer, og du kan kobe dem som plakater pa op til 70 x 85 centimeter.

Off duty, many of them look just like us mere mortals, and in Guillemin’s work, they share our vices too.
Det er rimeligt liret til v?ggen, hvis du godt kan klare, at Superman piller n?se, Spider-Man kloer sig i skridtet og Hulk ruller sig en fed, mens du ligger pa sofaen og slapper af.
Off duty, many of them look just like us mere mortals, and in Guillemin’s work, they share our vices too.

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