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SECRETS is a sexy, fast paced story about college student Anna Lamore and famed photographer Cole Stevens.
Sex is supposed to be sexy, tantalizing, and completely erotic, but Anna never seems to find the right guy.
As Anna tries to wiggle out of one relationship, a new one surfaces, but it’s forbidden. Okay, I’m working on so many things right now that I need to adjust my timeline to accommodate everything. Instead of driving you guys nuts and changing the release dates, I’m going to do something else. I’m working on something cool with the 1st chapter of the audio from the Arrangement for the fans to see and hear. Notice the pic at the top – the first volume of The Arrangement has been made in paperback.

About a week ago, I asked the fans if they thought I should make THE ARRANGEMENT series wrap up in the next volume, or if they wanted more Sean and Avery. Abby never thought she’d find her soul mate, but she has and it’s changed her life forever.
That means that when you ask about a specific release date (especially on serials) I won’t have one.
You can also have a reminder email sent straight to your little ole inbox by texting AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 (if you are out of the country or are anti-texting, use this link).
It doesn’t include guest posts, blogging, answering facebook posts or fan mail, which I try to do promptly. To get an email reminder on release day, you can click here to make sure you don’t miss it.
The story unfolds in order and you will be lost as to what’s going on in this book if you start with this one.

If you haven’t read this bestselling series of short books (serials), check them out. Close proximity leads Anna to discover that the billionaire bachelor is emotionally scarred. I’m going to wait until I have them back from my editor before giving exact dates from now on. Volume 3 has been sitting in the top 100 on Amazon and I’m getting tons of email asking when the next book will be out.

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