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Barry Watson (Matt Camden): Despite looking kind of shady, the oldest Camden kid seems to be doing OK for himself.
Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden): The most recent photo of mouthy little Ruthie that I could find is from 2009, which is also around the time that some racy photos of Mackenzie surfaced online.
There are also some photos of Mackenzie in her underwear and a bathing suit floating around online, but it’s clear that she was experimenting like any normal 19-year-old. Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino (Sam and David Camden): Of course, the title of most annoying goes to the boys who played the Camden twins.
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Of course, the girl we grew up with as second daughter Lucy is 31 now, and has been off the air for five years, almost half of the show’s run.
Abrams‘┬áSuper 8,┬áhe popped onto The Vampire Diaries, and his latest project is Scared of the Dark, from the director of the Japanese film that inspired The Grudge. But I did learn something interesting in my research: Turns out that the Brinos are actually non-identical quadruplets, and they’ve all played Sam and David! I know that Seventh Heaven is a fictional show and all, but Ruthie literally didn’t look like anybody else in the family.
Mackenzie is also on Twitter and has been retweeting all of the recent messages she’s been getting. Apparently everyone remembers Ruthie fondly, whereas I thought she was one of the most annoying characters.

According to Wikipedia, their mother is reluctant to cast them on other TV shows but has said that if her boys (now 13) continue to have fun, then she’ll let them keep acting. It wasn't until we starting looking at the science of four year olds that we realised they're also blueprints for their future selves. But there is also great insight as we realise the significance of these first forays into the social world.

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