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When Secret Millionaire and 'philanthropreneur', Dawn Gibbins recently created her environmentally friendly, 'eco-hab' home, she searched the market for a beautiful bed that would both suit the eco-hab's round profile and match her passion for feng shui. Europa Beds was delighted to work with Dawn's interior design team to create the perfect solution. She donated nearly $480,000 to her beloved Simsbury public schools, more than $500,000 to the University of St. Generosity: Though it's been two years since her death, lawyers have only now untangled Kathleen Magowan's $6 million estate because she had so many assets and papers hidden away. Kathleen Magowan graduated from the West Hartford school in 1947 with a degree in nursing but after a short time working in the pediatric unit at St.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Millionaire benefactors say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles and go undercover in deprived areas to find out who needs their help. Jahana€™s generosity to us (and to others featured in the programme) is very touching, but also hugely helpful. It shows you elements of British life that only very rarely make it on to prime-time television. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

An unlikely small-screen celebrity, Keppel had been glued to Millionaire from the moment it began.
We designed, produced and installed the large and luxurious bed that now graces her stunning, dome-shaped room.
Joseph in West Hartford, another $400,000 to the McLean nursing home where she died, and nearly $375,000 to her local parish, St. His gift of A?15,000 is a fantastic contribution to the cost of getting Fresh Start up and running. She had never taken part in a quiz before, but was short of money and decided to give it a go.
Europa's craftsmanship featured in the recent TV programme which told the story of Dawn's quest for a truly eco-friendly, feng shui home. The former Prudential Insurance agent also never married but was largely the source of his sister's wealth through the stocks and bonds he oversaw on her behalf.
According to the Courant, her biggest win on the stockmarket was with stocks in an obscure Pennsylvania-based motor manufacturing company called Ametek Inc.
It offered tons more money than any other television quiz, its cameras zoomed in on contestants’ agonised expressions, and its constant music ramped up the tension.
She loved engaging in conversation with all sorts of different people, and everyone loved talking to her.

In fact, when Judith Cynthia Aline Keppel won the top prize on Nov 12, 2000, the then 58-year-old celebrated by going on a four-day money-management course.
When Tarrant announced she had got it right, Keppel smiled, but failed to faint dead away, kiss the host passionately or even break open the bubbly (having given up alcohol around the time of the break-up of her first marriage in 1980). She may have bought a house in France and gone on holiday to Burma, but the millionairess who entered the annals of television history still travels by bus. I wasn’t a very good contestant for them because I should have burst into tears and screamed. Divorced twice (she was previously married to art dealer Desmond Corcoran, with whom she has three children, and scriptwriter Neil Shand), she lived on a fixed income from investments.
For Millionaire I didn’t do any revision because I thought it would scramble my brain, but I do for Eggheads.
And I think there are a lot of women out there in similar situations who maybe don’t have the confidence to go on TV.

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