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Booktopia - Emily Feather and the Secret Mirror, Emily Feather by Holly Webb, 9781407130934.
The Secret Mirror, Joe Vitale’s latest life coaching program based on the law of attraction that is already helping people of all ages and life circumstances overcome their own personal obstacles and finally achieve the goals and lifestyle they once only dreamed of has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.
Joe Vitale is a well-known author, marketing consultant, and expert on the law of attraction.
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This dresser with vanity mirror has a secret compartment that slides out from behind the mirror-furniture.
He is often referred to as the “Buddha of the Internet” for his ability to incorporate both spiritual and marketing acumen in his life coaching materials. The Secret Mirror, Vitale’s latest life coaching program was created with the intent to help individuals in any walk of life learn how they can overcome subconscious obstacles that are keeping them from reaching their full potential spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and in their careers.
The Secret Mirror is largely based on the law of attraction, and takes students through details of projection, how to activate their innermost beliefs, how to make the law of attraction work for them, how to achieve a breakthrough in mind technology, how to awaken their inner conscious through four different stages.

The program also follows the life of four different individuals who were personally coached by Joe Vitale using “The Mirror Technique”, detailing their experience and outcome, and showing others how they can achieve the same results. For a limited time, The Secret Mirror coaching program by Joe Vitale is available for just $99 and comes with a complete money-back guarantee for a full year after purchase.

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