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49-year-old singer-actor Leon Lai admitted he had a crush on Hong Kong legend Maggie Cheung on a recent television show.
According to Sin Chew Daily via Malaysia Chronicle, Lai said that he had stuck a photo of Maggie on his computer back when he was a student.
Leon and now 51-year-old actress Maggie once acted as a couple in their famous movie, Comrades: Almost a Love Story in 1996.

They tried to play a show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater but had to bail after only three songs because they claim that pigeons kept sh-tting in Jared Followill’s mouth. So of course there was a Followill presence last night at the show as Jared and Caleb showed up on the carpet before taking their front row seats and then headed over to the New Moon afterparty.

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