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In this clip from episode 3: Hyun Joon tries to put the moves on Seung Hee when they're in bed.
Kim Hyun Joon and Jin Sa Woo are college roommates and best friends when they are recruited into a top-secret organization known as the NSS. Hand-picked by Seung Hee, the agency's top profiler, the two quickly prove themselves and rise through the ranks.

When Hyun Joon is sent on his most dangerous and high profile mission yet in Hungary, he finds that he has been set up. Believing that everyone he cares about is either dead or a traitor, Hyun Joon goes on a quest for vengeance and discovers the inner-workings of the mysterious IRIS agency.
Megastar and Hallyu icon Lee Byung Hun gives the performance of a lifetime as a daredevil secret agent who transforms into a driven, tormented spy on the run from powers he doesn't understand.

This star-studded, powerhouse series is packed with all the romance, action and drama you can handle.

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