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Night guard Larry (Ben Stiller) and his living exhibit friends return for a third and final educational adventure as the magic that brings the museum to life - via the Tablet of Ahkmenrah - starts to lose its power. Shawn Levy and the Cast of NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM SECRET OF THE TOMB: Who Can Do the Best Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller Impression?
Impressive special effects and lively characters old (Robin Williams' President Roosevelt; Owen Wilson's cowboy Jedediah) and new (Dan Stevens' loopy Sir Lancelot) make this sequel a fun, frivolous and surprisingly touching farewell to a loveable troupe. With a young audience in its sights, Secret of the Tomb keeps it simple with the plot and even the tiniest viewers will be able to follow this colourful, globe-trotting race against time as Larry and friends try to save the magic that brings the museum to life.Sure, there's some business about Larry's teenage son and his dreams of DJ-ing in Ibiza, but all we're really looking for here is some entertaining, mildly educational family fare.

Only a trip to London - where we'll meet Rebel Wilson trying her best British accent - and the British Museum can rescue the gang from returning to wax. Obviously, Larry can't go alone so Dexter the Monkey, Octavius, Jedediah, Attila the Hun, Sacagawea, Teddy Roosevelt, Ahkmenrah and Larry-lookalike caveman Laa cross the Atlantic with him.
But it's not the returning heroes that make Night of the Museum such an enjoyable family flick but new cast member Dan Stevens.
But you'll be too busy being wowed by the splendid special effects (an MC Escher set-piece and the British Museum 'waking' particularly catch the eye) and amused by the boisterous derring do of the script to quibble about the little things.A cracking A-list cameo injects some big laughs into the final act and you might catch a lump in your throat as we bid farewell to these beloved characters.

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