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Follow May, the intelligent and charismatic girl in her quest to find her brother in this exciting puzzle adventure game! Follow May, the intelligent and charismatic girl in her quest to find her brother in this exciting puzzle adventure game, May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville! May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville game is for the lovers of the interactive adventure with many encumbrances, where you go around the localities and collect objects, then use them, then solve a little bit of unhoped-for objectives. Some have proclaimed the show a subtle form of Disney advertising their alliance with organizations like the Illuminati, but in reality, the show is a rare dabbling in the horror and science fiction genre for the network that just happens to have a good time giving fans hidden messages to tinker with when the show is over. If you catch it in time, the opening credits reveals a page of the book and alchemy symbols, as well as symbols obviously representing the characters of the show – but who is the Triangle Man in the center of this world? Every time something odd happens in the episodes, the lone goat is shown outside the Mystery Shack eating or lurking around innocently. We’re learning over the course of Gravity Falls that the Mystery Shack is not just some run down tourist trap in the town. There is the fact you may have overlooked that the Pines twins are in possession of the third and final journal.
For those who have seen “Gidians Rise” at the end when stan has all three books, have you noticed that there was half circles or incomplete circles?
1- wkhuh lv d vhfuhw vrfLhwb lq judylwb idoov…….1- there is a secret socIety in gravity falls……. Take all the capitalized letters from Idoufos decoded messages together and you get: MY NAME IS BILL. What if the giant machine that Gruncle Stan is revealed to have is a modified form of the shag carpet? I’m just saying that Stanford might be plotting to go back in time and swap places with his brother. Disclaimer The views expressed by individual writers are not necessarily those of the site owner or the entire Strange Kids Club staff. A-Z of Unexplained mysteries like Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO and Aliens, Paranormal. A secret society is a club or organization whose activities and inner functioning are concealed from non-members Secret Societies are organized conspiracies working in secret to achieve a hidden agenda.Ordo Templi Orientis is a mystic organization that was started in the early twentieth century. Unfortunately, about 150 years ago the secret was stripped away from Freemasonry by the corporate powers that began to emerge, and that are now wreaking havoc on our world. Amateur researchers thus err when they blame Freemasonry and similar secret societies for the world’s ills?not knowing these were once magnificent and beneficent Orders, but have deteriorated in relatively recent times, due to infiltration, corporate rape and control. When viewed from earth, the sun and moon appear exactly the same size in our sky—as if they were perfect opposites! Of course, the sun’s diameter is much larger (400 times larger) than that of the moon; but, due to the moon’s close proximity, both orbs appear the same size in the sky. Otherwise said, millions and perhaps even billions of years ago a very powerful cosmic and alien intellect purposely manipulated our sun, our moon, and our earth to teach us an important spiritual lesson. It was…a general character of the mysteries to have three principal officers and three grades of initiation. In Freemasonry, the Triangle expresses the number Three and the Three-In-One in geometric form.
The ancients believed that we humans, since we live inside the universe and not apart from it, are composed of the same duality or “pairs of opposites” as the Universe.  As above so below, they said. Just as the circle is older than the yin and the yang which it generates and encompasses, so the number Three teaches that we are older than the body which we temporarily possess. The ancients believed that, having fallen from our eternal spiritual home in “heaven,” we now suffer amnesia; we are unaware of our eternal spiritual nature, cut off from our powerful inner spiritual identity. NOW, HERE IS THE KEY: Though fallen temporarily into the body of an animal, we are still eternal souls! This “balance” of “Three” is expressed in Freemasonry geometrically by a Triangle?the same Triangle we saw earlier on Freemason Giordano Bruno’s Grand Master Certificate.
The answer is, when you are able to live a life in which you have perfectly balanced your opposites, you become illuminated or awakened.
Located in the center of our brains, Plato’s “Eye of the Soul” has historically been called the Mind’s Eye, Inner Eye and Third Eye (Third = Masonic Three).  This Mind’s Eye or Third Eye is still not recognized by Western medicine. Our two eyes see outward at physical things, but our Mind’s Eye looks inward to spiritual things. We term this deity our “soul,” but it’s really a fallen god, fallen because we don’t realize we are eternal gods who are only temporarily clothed as animals.
The dot on the forehead symbolizes the Third Eye, the organ of mystical power that we all possess.
The Third Eye in the Triangle thus signifies an illuminated human being who has united his opposites and found the middle path; and who is thus able to see his “soul within” and consequently knows he is a “god” temporarily wearing animal clothing. In the ancient system of Yoga, the awakening of the Mind’s Eye is depicted in Kundalini Yoga, with its famous “chakra” system. Interestingly, the rare coincidence of the Sun & Moon being equal size in our heavens (discussed earlier) allows us to enjoy solar eclipses, an event where the sun’s disk becomes covered or “occulted” by the moon’s disk. The alien intelligence who manipulated the Sun & Moon in our sky purposely engineered the solar eclipse for us, giving us the instruction that when we unite the opposites (when Sun & Moon are one) we can awaken our own Third Eye!
Ancient sages, priests, and priestesses understood that our Sun & Moon have been manipulated by the hand of an ancient and vastly superior spiritual intellect on purpose.
Unfortunately, about 2,000 years ago this ancient knowledge was banned and outlawed by the Catholic Church and other organized religions.
The “Eye-In-The-Triangle” above a truncated pyramid on the back of the $1 bill is a Masonic “memorial” to an ancient “Universal Religion” that flourished worldwide. America’s Founders—who were either Freemasons or familiar with the Order’s principles—memorialized the fraternity’s “Lost Secret” in the icons of The Great Seal of the United States.
As shown by the researches of past scholars, combined with powerful discoveries revealed in the new book Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture, these symbols point to a “Universal Religion” that was once practiced globally.
Practitioners focused on trying to open a luminous and mystical “Third Eye,” said to be hidden in the human forehead.
The “Seat of the Soul” is how French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650) described the pineal gland; he called it the bridge that connects man’s soul to his body. Readers familiar with Eastern religions will recall the Third Eye as having a long history in India, China, and Southeast Asia, where Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism hold sway.
With two eyes closed you can open your Third Eye—the dot on the forehead—and see your spiritual inner Self or soul within.

In the East, Awakening Our Third Eye is achievable through Yoga, and particularly Kundalini Yoga, which teaches the existence of the so-called ajna chakra or Third Eye chakra. This “union with God” was considered blasphemy in the Christian West for a thousand years, punishable by death under the Inquisition. This balance of opposites creates a third force that unites the opposites and awakens the Third Eye and allows you to see your true essence, your Self, who you are. Above: The Aum symbol is shaped like the number 3, which is also the chief number of the Freemasons.
The Third Eye is used extensively in the east, appearing in varied disciplines (Yoga, Ch’an Buddhism, Karate, Qigong, and Aikido).
The Eye is also featured on Masonic “Tracing Boards,” age-old instructional designs that are present in all lodges, used to teach initiates (see below).
Dating back more than two centuries, the “Tracing Board” is one of the last vestiges of authentic untouched and unchanged Masonic wisdom.
We are immediately drawn to the single disembodied Eye at the top and center of the portrait. But few of us notice the two sides, right and left, marked by the twin pillars capped by sun and moon; in Kundalini Yoga, the Ida and Pingala channels. Isn’t the Masonic All-Seeing-Eye-in-the-Triangle over a truncated pyramid reminiscent of the ancient pyramids and Third Eye symbols in ruins worldwide? Masons call the single Eye the “all-seeing Eye” but have little understanding of what this means. More than a handful of authors and researchers have set forth the thesis that the All-Seeing-Eye signifies man and woman’s Third Eye, available for us to use. If Buck is correct, and practicing this “occult” system was part of Masonic adherence, then Masonry’s forced secrecy in Europe becomes clear.
The Freemasons, by implementing Third Eye “magic,” ran the risk of being executed by the Church for heresy, and is thus the ultimate, obvious reason for Masonic secrecy. This ‘Great Wisdom’ is said to offer those who seek the sacred mysteries an understanding of illumination, inner vision, and intuitive knowledge.
Freemasonry is often called a “Science of the Soul”; it is likely, then, that such an inward-facing order is in fact a repository for instructions on how to awaken the Third Eye, endowing an initiate with powers born of his own eternal nature. The answer is simple; it is because these doctrines appear to remove the Old Testament “God” from the equation completely, by empowering man with the strength of his own divinity. Freemasonry’s Square and Compasses symbol is a mystery to the media, scholars, historians, and even to most Freemasons.
However, the Square and Compasses logo has a meaning that goes much deeper than merely teaching lessons.
The square and circle shapes are related in Euclid’s 47th problem of “Squaring The Circle,” said to be the primary goal of the Masonic craft.
Squaring the circle, however, does not in this case refer to a mathematical problem: it is a spiritual reference to man’s instinctive quest to harmonize our physical and spiritual natures. The Square & Compasses thus symbolize Man’s state as an eternal soul manifesting in a temporary body. Four represents the imperfect, physical body, as well as earthly desires and carnal appetites that “weigh” the body down.
We are fallen angels, sparks of the divine now experiencing the material world, as William Rimmer’s wonderfully esoteric portrait “Evening, Fall of Day” illustrates. We have all fallen and descended into matter, which is the material world in which we now live. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Motivated by his desire to prove his value to the investigating team, Oscar throws himself headfirst into the investigation. May and her brother Tery set off on a hot air balloon adventure when suddenly they get caught in a storm and crash. May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville game isn't an exception - your heroine, May, looking for her brother Tery. There they discover that the seemingly boring town of Gravity Falls houses numerous secrets based around the supernatural, the occult, and otherworldly. That said, Disney does have a long history of subliminal messages – just take their proclivity for including mouse-shaped clouds in most of their films or their infamous SFX dust cloud in The Lion King.
Disney is famous for implanting hidden messages in most of their animated and live action films, and it would seem they continue to revel in subliminal imagery and Easter Eggs.
Dipper is represented by a tree, Mabel is stars, Soos is a question mark, and Grunkle Stan is a half moon.
The goat with its beady eyes and one and a half horn seems innocuous, but there’s a lot more to the goat than the series may be letting on. There are many hidden elements to the shack that reveal it is much larger and complex than anyone realizes.
Gideon aka chibi Shirley Ghostman is in possession of the second…who’s in possession of the first?
But If the theories of Stanley’s existence are true, when we do see him he is comparatively more attractive that Stanford.
Ok you see well you see dipper said UNFORTUNATELY MY SUSPICIOUS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED I’VE BEEN WATCHED and you see again in book 3 that dipper holds that on bill ciphers page in book 3 above it,it say that IS HE WATCHING ME? This time, Strange and his pals are transported across the universe (and reality) to help their Saturday morning hero, Bronarr: Space Barbarian fight the evil forces of Lord Gammax! The group was established along the same lines as the less secretive Freemasons, and supposedly relies on ritual and occult practices as a means for members to move from one level of prestige to another within the organization.
Little by little these corporate powers infiltrated Freemasonry, until the secret was ultimately stolen by them.
However, it conveys something more; namely, the idea that the source of these twin opposites is a third power?the power of balance. It is the key to every great religious tradition in Antiquity, and it forms the spiritual support behind every indigenous culture.
The Triangle stands not only for the Doctrine of Duality, but also the Third power that balances duality.
Most medical books carry only a brief description, referring to it as the “pineal gland”; however, our ancestors knew much more about it, depicting it symbolically on the human forehead in art and literature.
We can see that the Tracing Board is nothing more than a roadmap to one’s Ida, Pingala, and Third Eye.

This pairing  is meant to convey the idea of balance?as if there is a third harmonizing force at work.
The alien intelligence was giving us a hint of our cosmic Third Eye power, the awakening of which shows us who we are deep inside.
The goal of this intelligence has been to teach man spiritual concepts about the universe, our world, and our physical and spiritual selves.
Luckily, the wisdom was preserved for posterity through the formation of Secret Societies, like the Freemasons. To make things easier to follow, we can simply use Masonic symbolism as our guide, which is what we’ve done in the present article.
The remnants of this religion are still visible in the eerily parallel ruins of truncated Pyramids and Eye symbols among many civilizations. Above Right: The Caduceus, popular throughout medieval Europe, is an arcane symbol of Kundalini Yoga.
Others oversimplify it by calling it the “Eye of God”; either way, these modern descriptions provide us with little enlightenment.
Due to the power and brutality of the Inquisition, Masons had no choice but to hide themselves in order to preserve their traditions, knowledge, and rites.
As many Westerners now believe, the lengths to which the Inquisition persecuted perceived “heretics” reflected the desire of the Church to retain much of its hegemony over the masses. This does not sit well with many modern Freemasons, but, as we now know, many highly trained and educated Masons of the past, including several noted authors and scholars, were convinced that such Third Eye ideas were integral to their order and that the modern system of Freemasonry is in fact corrupted. Human life is vulnerable and temporary, in stark contrast with the invulnerable and permanent soul.
However, very soon he and his colleagues discover that this first murder is only the beginning of something much more sinister.
May and Tery started their air balloon adventure, but after a terrible storm their air balloon was crashed. The series has thankfully become a welcomed hit, and that’s good news since its set up a series of mysteries and hidden messages within every episode of the show for fans to decode and decipher. So, for the fun of it here are five mysteries of Gravity Falls that are leaving us scratching our heads.
For Gravity Falls, though, the symbolism and easter eggs are much more menacing and intriguing. If you look in the opening credits, there’s a page in the book with their symbols in a circle. Over the course of two seasons, two big rooms have been discovered behind wallpaper and in corners setting the stage for wax figures that take on a life of their own, and a carpet that can cause objects to switch personas thanks to static electricity.
He's a lover of all things horror, admires Superman, loves to listen to classic rock, drowns himself in nineties nostalgia on his free time, and has been writing for almost twenty years. The Sun & Moon appear the same size in our sky, and both shine average 12 of 24 hours daily?half each. Freemasonry today has become an empty shell, a shadow of its former glory; in some cases even a haven for subversive activities. This fits perfectly with the “opposites” being “equal” and “opposing” yet complementary and balancing. In the Yin-Yang symbol, this third power of balance, or unity, is visibly depicted by the circle. Astronomers of all ages have cited the illustrious “Eye” effect of eclipses, and many say it looks like some mysterious kind of All-Seeing Eye staring down at us. Pyramids were temples where believers engaged in a powerful mystical practice called “Awakening Our Third Eye,” long banned by the Church, yet long safeguarded by Western Secret Societies. Despite living in the “information age” of globalization, it is still treated as something strange and alien, an enigma unique to the Eastern religions. The Eye is visible on Masonic temples and aprons, among other places, but it does not stand for God; it stands for the hidden Third Eye in your forehead. The church hierarchy knew that if heaven could be attained by every individual, then what import do priests, churches, and scriptures possess? It is our true, inner, and perfect Self, the part we feel when we close our eyes and think “me”. Search for him and advance through the adventure by solving over 270 puzzles, including logic puzzles, tricky rhythmic games and beautifully hand drawn hidden object scenes. May lost her consciousness during the crash and when she wake up you found out that Tery left for help without her.
The pair go back and forth in time creating paradoxes, and Blendin is sentenced to prison and is forced to go back and correct the holes left by the brother and sister.
His writing can be found on various online outlets including Crave, Joblo, and Beyond Hollywood; He's also currently running his own movie review website, Cinema Crazed.
In Dreamscapers when stan is getting beaten up you notice in the top right corner a kid with the same hair as stan.
Ancient ruins, towering forests, abandoned forts and more are filled with over 1000 carefully placed objects that you must find before time runs out. Deep inside, we are this older part—it is our eternal spiritual soul at the core of our being. Plus, there are many more symbols to watch for – Mabel is fond of wearing shirts that garner odd imagery. Freemasonry was founded not just to put Man in touch with his soul, but to help him rediscover its higher powers, powers now temporarily covered up by the body. In search for him in May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville game you will explore Uter's Island, meeting chained animals, and funny creatures captured by island's evil owner. And why doesn’t she ever stumble on the supernatural, while Dipper and Mabel walk in to them time and time again? Who knows how severe Dipper and Mabel’s paradoxes were and how they decided the future of Gravity Falls. In Carpet Diem when stan enters the room he takes a pair of glasses and puts him in his shirt. It says in dreamscapers if you look closely in book 2 when Gideon summons Bill cuz it says he is in my wallet.

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