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This book does introduce us to though is the Skrull Queen who takes the form of Spider-Woman and her number 2, Hank Pym.  Dun dun dunnnn. After that the book gets weird with a Skrull ship crashing into the Savage Land filled with Skrulls who look like heroes and who actually believe that they are those heroes.  Ka-Zar comes across the real, or possibly not Spider-Man and tells him a story about Skrulls who had infiltrating Shield to illegally mine vibranium to use as weapons against earth. Re-reading A Little Princess, I was struck by how poorly it has held up to the passage of time, especially compared to The Secret Garden. Liberties have been taken with the plot that further decrease the value of this adaptation. This entry was posted in Blogger Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla, Books, Children's Literature (all forms), Evaluation of Media.
Two short years after that movie came out, Alfonso Cuaron’s A Little Princess was released. In A Little Princess, there are frequently references to Indian culture that make a modern reader slightly squeamish.

Alfonso Cuaron does a wonderful job at capturing the best part of A Little Princess (and the part of this story I loved as a child) – the power of the imagination. Instead of taking place in England in the 1800’s, the movie takes place in New York City at the start of World War I.
This is not entirely the fault of the screenwriters – they were adapting from a weaker text. It is left to the viewer to decipher why Sara’s British father would send her to school in America where she knew no one and had no assets before going off to war.
Like in the book, all Indians are shown as deferential, with the added bonus of being wise and mostly silent. In the book, Sara is believed to be penniless because her father lost all their money in speculative diamond mines before his death.
Every time Ram Dass appears on the screen, stereotypical Indian music plays softly in the background.

In the film, the British government seizes Captain Crewe’s assets after his death in the war, leaving Sara completely without funds or family in a different country. Despite the less-than-stellar backlot sets, the movie is also filmed beautifully, and the costumes are so sumptuous you feel you could reach out and touch Sara’s furs.
Why the British government would take control of his money rather than arrange for his daughter to inherit the funds is again left to the viewer to decipher.
As for physical sets, the movie was filmed mostly on back lots, which is both extremely apparent and extremely disappointing, especially when contrasted  with the atmospheric, note-perfect setting of The Secret Garden film.
Finally, will anyone ever have the courage to make this adapatation with the ending found in the book?

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