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Faye Chamberlain is the daughter of Dawn and Tom Chamberlain, best friend of Melissa Glaser, and a former member of the Chance Harbor Coven and is currently an unofficial member of the Ashford Coven.
Beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious, Faye is excessively fascinated by the dark forces of her witchcraft.
He who set off a chain of events that has led to the systematic destruction of every single universe and the death of everything.

With its unchecked population of wild Hulks – rampant and untold destruction are everywhere. Together, they must journey deep behind enemy lines in search of a friend, held in the clutches of the Red King! Another signpost on the road to Secret Wars has been planted and you do not want to miss this issue!
At long last, Rabul Alal’s identity and the origin of the Incursions revealed in March’s NEW AVENGERS #31!

The journey into the darkest depths of Battleworld begins this May in PLANET HULK #1, smashing in to comic shops and digital devices this May!Plus: PLANET HULK #1 will also feature a surprise bonus story from a top secret creative team.

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