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This resource uses specific works on display in the Artist and Empire exhibition to ask questions around colonialism and power relations, particularly in relation to race and gender. This resource uses specific work on display in the Artist and Empire exhibition to ask questions around colonialism and power relations, particularly in relation to race and gender.
Thomas Jones Barker, The Secret of England's Greatness (Queen Victoria presenting a Bible in the Audience Chamber at Windsor). We can clearly see the power relations in this image and how the artist has portrayed this, with the queen presented standing in a white gown and special attention made to the way she is lit and in the foreground of the image. My father has ancestral connections to the Kings of Ashanti and my sister and I were told we were Ghanaian royalty. The artists use of the trophies refers to the competition over land and materials from those lands at that time, which were considered to be the winnings of the country that managed to gain power over the locals. What are the differences or similarities between objects of power from the past and those of today? How does the way that the artist has presented this work speak of the power relations of the past and present? Her pieces are of her alter-ego Sophie who is a domestic servant, and who is physically cast off of Mary’s own body.

In the piece I’ve choosen, Sophie is riding a horse that is positioned as if it going into battle.
Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement.
There are a number of hyperlinks included in the resource which lead out into a range of different sources. There are people watching the presentation; her husband Prince Albert, a possible lady in waiting and two other important looking men, who are probably politicians.
These materials we not susceptible to rust or corrosion and as such were used to symbolise the invincible continuity of the royal linage.
A bible, to symbolise morality, possibly the law and a connection to a higher power (God) who supports the greatness of empire, and a bronze head depicting the greatness of the female power behind her son the King.
This was great, except in the 1970s and 80s it seems that almost every child of West African heritage living in Britain was told a similar story.
It would take another 12 years before Apartheid was dismantled and supposed equality was inscribed in law. We have seen many images like this in paintings of men in battle often generals or famous men who have won battles. We do not want you to have anything from NiceArtGallery that is not completely satisfactory.

Follow these links to expand the discussions around the artworks in the exhibition, and to help answer some of the questions posed by the resource.
The surroundings are grand and the other people in the image are either hidden or not really in focus. A Queen Mother’s role in the royal family is considered important for her spiritual and material role in the successes of her son. He grew up at a time when there was a wave of migration of people from the former colonies and there was lots of antagonism to the presence of these people in the UK.
Mary turns this image upside down by placing Sophie on the horse, a black woman in who is ambiguously either servant or queen.
For many people today, the word “missionary” is faintly ludicrous, and conjures up thoughts of sturdy Victorians in pith helmets, serving the cause of colonial exploitation.
The reason for this is simple, in that this was also a magnificent age of European painting, and some of the greatest artists of the day tackled missionary themes.

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