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Looking a bit like the original Space Quest games, Bik’s pixelated 2D graphics follow the story of a boy on a camping trip who gets abducted by aliens.
This point-and-click tapping medieval game from Rovio is filled with levels where you have to solve puzzles, and then escape without being seen. Similar to old-school adventure titles like Myst, The Secret of Grisly Manor offers bite-sized, episodic challenges where you have to make pieces of a puzzle fit together to progress. A science fiction, cyberpunk, neo-noir thriller about a police officer named Azriel trying to locate his brother, Gemini Rue is an impressive game to both look at and play. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! Apasionado de la tecnologia desde la cuna, curioso y probador de todos los aparatos electronicos que caen en mis manos.

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From making friends with alien mercenaries, to saving the world and ultimately finding his way home, Bik is charming, old-fashioned, wholesome and – most importantly – a whole lot of fun. There’s a lot of hiding, stealing and sneaking going on, and you have to collect different things – some have more than one use – to get the right amount of stars. The touch controls may be simplistic, but figuring out what to put where, or why to do it, can be quite a challenge.
With hand-drawn backgrounds, two protagonists, fantastic voice acting and an innovative investigation and (occasional) combat system, the Blade Runner-esque story is seriously engrossing, revealing just enough to keep you curious and leave you thinking. Every element of the well thought-out story is told via context clues and the unnamed robotic protagonist’s thought bubbles.

No es de los mas completos de su clase pero su calidad y guion son bastante interesantes con respecto a su precio, 0€ y tiene una media de valoracion de 4,5 estrellas. The puzzles and storyline aren’t perfect, but the clever dialogue makes it well worth the download. Tiny Thief has six adventures in total, each with a different theme and lots of lovely details to enjoy. The only downfall is that if your sleuthing skills are especially good, the game ends up being on the short side.

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