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Open then enter the second door on your right and you will enter a pink-ish room in Grisly Manor. Head back downstairs to where you entered Grisly Manor again and then tap on the carpet to reveal a slot. When you are inside the small house use the Rusty key on the cabinet to reveal the other piece of paper. Our collection of games like Nancy Drew has other point and click adventures that will have you exploring immersive worlds and solving mysteries. The Nancy Drew series is a collection of adventures that use a point and click style for their adventure. Some of the games are based on the books that feature the character of Nancy Drew and are designed to introduce a younger teen audience into gaming (and the books).
Gameplay in this large series of games has mostly stayed the same choosing a fairly standard adventure framework that has players solving puzzles, collecting clues, talking to suspects and slowly piecing together the crime or mystery. The games like Nancy Drew that you’ll find below offer other adventures that use a point and click approach to gameplay. Detective Grimoire is a high quality murder mystery that utilises point and click gameplay and combines it with a wealth of impressive characters. Atlantis: The Lost Tales will take you on a fantasy adventure centred on the lost city of Atlantis. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy has players go on a first person adventure as a journalist as they attempt to save a mysterious and rare species of bird. Gray Matter is available on Windows and Xbox 360 making it one of the few console games in the point and click adventure genre. The game was released in 2010 in a number of European countries and eventually was translated into English in 2011.
Real Myst (realMyst) is an enhanced remake of the original Myst game released for Windows in 2000 (Mac in 2002) and more recently as an iPad app in 2012. Syberia is an adventure game released in 2002 that also incorporates some detective elements into its gameplay. Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern brings puzzle adventures into prehistoric times and comes from Kheops Studios that developed the popular Return to Mysterious Island series of games.
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals features point and click adventure gameplay and an impressive challenge for fans of the genre.
A Vampyre Story is one of the more recent point and click adventure games to be released (2008).

Aura: Fate of the Ages released in 2004 and is a first person puzzle adventure game with a unique fantasy storyline just waiting to be experienced.
The Secret of Grisly Manor was developed by Fire Maple Games in 2010 (the same minds behind The Lost City). The game can be played on your smart phone supporting both iOS and the Android software. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is part of the point and click genre and is available on the Nintendo DS.
If you love a good scare then Dark Fall: Lost Souls should definitely be added to your must play list. Para selecionar os jogos compativeis para o seu dispositivo, precisamos saber a versao da sua plataforma.
Voce pode baixar The Secret of Grisly Manor para iPhone celular ou tablet totalmente gratuito neste site.
Trying to find your way through clues in the Grisly manor is no easy task that’s why we have made a video for all of you that need help with solving the puzzles found in Grisly Manor. You will see a pack of butterflies on the left tap it and pick out the one on the top right to get a jewelled butterfly. Now tap on the panel to see a speaker with ear, open your bag and use the tuning fork.The door to the house will open, head inside. There is a hidden pathway here at the last door, tap on the hidden pathway to enter a place that where you can place your heart jewel. With well over two dozen games in the series it’s a long running series of mysteries for players to get deeply immersed in. Many of the games are intended for players as young as 10 with simple approach to gameplay and various age appropriate themes. You’ll easily find yourself getting immersed in these worlds as you endeavour to solve the mysteries that are put forward.
Noire takes the open world genre into a more serious and slow paced direction compared to other games in the genre but there is still plenty to love if you give it the time and respect that it deserves.
The game is similar to the first Syberia game incorporating third person gameplay and puzzle solving while again following the adventures of Kate Walker. The Longest Journey promises some of the most interesting characters you’ve ever seen in the point and click adventure genre. Once again players will be exploring the creepy mansion in what is a thrilling PC adventure.

The game is one of the largest to be released in the genre with a huge number of locations, NPCs and dialogue in the game. The game stays true to the origins of the genre while offering a light hearted adventure revolving around the undead.
Based on film noir thrillers the game is full of mystery with a serial killer at the heart of the plot. The game is a first person horror adventure game that blends in puzzles to the core gameplay. Baixar The Secret of Grisly Manor para celular ou tablet e muito simples: selecione o arquivo e clique em "Baixar", em seguida, selecione uma das maneiras para fazer o download! Go back the previous screen in front of Grisly Manor then tap your bag and use the key on the door, the Grisly Manor door will open.
Take the wrench out of the fridge and head back upstairs.  Open the last room at the end which should lead you to the bathroom. It’s also a series that has touched several platforms from PC to Nintendo DS, Wii and smartphones all having at least a handful of games available. The game lets you experience four main characters as you advance through the various game chapters. Take it head upstairs to the bathroom and tap on the bathtub Place the stopper and fill up the tub and use the fish bowl. You will see a fridge here but you can’t do anything so open the door on the right and exit there. Once it lights up spin the one in the middle so it matches up with the pointer or arrow on the top. Now spin the far left spinner till it matches up with it’s own on the left, it will spin the other ones do not worry.
Once the one on the left has lite up spin only the one on the far right till it matches up. Head back downstairs and tap on the small lock on the stairs to reveal a drawer, use the Golden Key to open it.

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