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The Helheim Forest (???????, Heruheimu no Mori), shortened to just "Helheim", is the place which the Inves call home and where the Lockseeds are grown in abundance. The Helheim Forest is a semi-alive place, having devoured entire worlds in its expansion, with its more recently discovered victim located in a valley.
In the penultimate episode, the Forest was moved to a planet near the edge of the universe to prevent Helheim from snuffing out life on Earth. Create an Advanced Photoshop® gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online!

Inves from the Helheim Forest are more powerful than the ones that are summoned by the Beat Riders. It is controlled by the Over Lord Inves, who control the plants and the very environment of Helheim itself. In order to enter this forest, one must have a Lock Vehicle, which can transport an Armored Rider at a sufficient speed, or find a random crack. However, DJ Sagara is the very spirit of Helheim itself, making him the true ruler of the forest.

The Yggdrasill Corporation somewhat also has a portal to the Helheim Forest in their base, which only someone who is from Yggdrasill knows about.

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