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Writing about an Irish movie last week was fun (Ondine), especially because I got to show off my particular knowledge of Irish folklore and culture, so this week I’m going to show you another great Irish movie from 2009, this time the animated feature The Secret of Kells. The film is set in Ireland some time around the eighth century, and tells a heavily fictionalized account of the completion of the Book of Kells, an illustrated book of the four gospels which is widely considered Ireland’s first and greatest national treasure. Our protagonist, Brendan, is a young boy living in the Abbey of Kells, which was established by his uncle Abbot Kellach as a refuge from Viking raids (Ireland had a nasty Viking problem back then).
The influences are clear to see, there are shades of works like Samurai Jack and The Thief and the Cobbler, which have been confirmed by the filmmakers.
He sees Brendan’s new found sense of adventure and curiosity about the outside world, and wants to repress it, fearing that it will lead to his end. If the film has any villains it would be the pagan deity Cromm Cruach (more on him later) and the vikings, though they come across as some kind of demonic automatons, operating without any real agency or character.
Brendan himself is an excellent child protagonist, exuberant and youthful without being annoying (or having what I like to call “Jake Lloyd syndrome”). Now, remember last week when I was talking about tension between Christian ideologies and older pagan beliefs? Essentially before Christianity was thing in Ireland, the most prominent pagan idol was Cromm Cruach.
That aside, The Secret of Kells is a fantastic movie, well deserving of its Oscar nomination for best animated film in ’09. The sort of movie that fans will quote to each other to affirm membership in a secret club. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. When I went to Ireland to visit the set of "Ryan's Daughter," the studio sent a car to ferry me and my cohort McHugh to the Dingle Peninsula. Il film a disegni animati (e che disegni!), opera prima di Tomm Moore, ha partecipato in Francia al Gerardmer Film Festival dello scorso anno e da li e partito per un lungo tour di festival in giro per il mondo, fino ad approdare alla cinquina fiinale che si contendera l’Oscar per il miglior cartone animato. Cosi, dopo piu di un anno di viaggio intorno al pianeta, The secret of Kells trova spazio per uscire anche il sala (che poi sarebbe la corretta destinazione di ogni film), per il momento negli Stati Uniti, per il nostro paese ci vorra ancora un po’.
Si, perche si narra la nascita del Book of Kells, un manoscritto miniato (cioe con disegni in miniatura) realizzato da monaci irlandesi prim dell’anno 1000. E proprio nel monastero e ambientata la vicenda il cui protagonista e il monaco dodicenne Brendan. La vita nei monasteri raramente e tranquilla come sembra ed in questo caso c’e anche un problema non da poco, visto che i monaci sono assediati dai vichinghi che vorrebbero proprio impossessarsi del monastero. Quindi una vicenda avventurosa con al centro un bambino ma strettamente legata ad un evento storico culturalmente molto importante. Ci sono tutte le caratteristiche  perche The secret of Kells meriti di essere visto, e se date uno sguardo al trailer qui sotto riuscirete ad accorgervi che non manca nemmeno il ritmo e le animazioni sono ottimamente costruite. Tuttavia quello che mi affascina maggiormente rimane questo tratto pastello cosi elegante, cosi sereno, cosi coinvolgente.

Commenti recenti aly on Impariamo ad aiutare gli altri con Paw Patrol marlen.v on Vi piacerebbe creare un Minion personalizzato? Cinemagora regroupe les critiques films de la presse francaise et internationale ainsi que les avis des spectateurs pour fournir une note globale pertinente. Cinemagora etablit un classement des meilleurs films de la semaine, meilleurs films du mois, meilleurs films de l'annee et des meilleurs films a venir. Cinemagora n'est pas un site pour trouver ou telecharger des divx, telecharger des fichiers torrent, trouver des liens Megavideo, Megaupload, Rapishare ou des streaming de films et de series mais pour vous permettre de choisir le bon film a regarder dans toutes les salles de cinema de France. But everything changes when the monk Brother Aiden of Iona arrives at Kells, bringing with him the uncompleted book. The colors are rich and varied, the movement is smooth and dynamic and several sequences in particular are unlike anything you’re likely to see in Western or even Japanese animation.
But while you can see the influences, the film still feels refreshingly original in its style and execution. He wants to help Brother Aiden complete the book, and forms a realistic and interesting relationship with the monk, who fosters his energy and creativity in a way his uncle never did.
She has a fair amount of screen time, but for some reason I never totally got sense of her character.
This movie has that in droves, I mean hell it’s set when that struggle was still going on. In order to complete the book, Brendan must recover an artifact called the Eye of Collum-Cille, a crystalline lens that can only be taken from one place: the eye of Cromm Cruach.
The eye of a pagan idol is a vital tool for completing an incredibly important Christian text. We get a really beautiful animation sequence to play us out, but I wouldn’t mind a more in-depth denouement to give us more closure on the characters. If you want to see some fantastic animation and a more than decent story, you can do far worse. When not studying film at Concordia's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema or serving customers at Avenue Video, one of the island's best and last video stores, Thomas can usually be found watching anything from Hong Kong action flicks, superhero blockbusters, indie horror and even occasionally something that doesn't involve monsters, explosions or people in spandex.
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Together with Aiden and a fairy girl named Aisling, Brendan vows to complete the book, which Aiden promises will bring light and illumination to these dark times. But then again, fairies are supposed to be mysterious and indecipherable so I suppose it’s fitting. Brendan quickly makes friends with Aisling (pronounced Ashlynn), a fairy who lives in the woods outside Kells. Patrick showed up and destroyed all the Pagan idols and said it was Christianity or bust for the Irish.

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Christen Mooney does a great job voicing her as well, especially when she performs “Aisling’s Song” a brief but haunting melody that will stick in your head for weeks.
His friendship with her further underscores the rapidly increasing gulf between Brendan and his pious uncle. Cromm Cruach is a figure of menace and darkness in the film, but also one who is vital to creating a future of understanding and knowledge, which the creation of the book is said to represent. McHugh and his brothers told me how as lads they picked up change by discovering the Irish surnames of Yankee tourists and offering to show them where their ancestors lived. They always led them to the same shop in a little cottage, where the owner gave them a "consideration" for any purchases made.What does this possibly have to do with "The Secret of Kells," one of this year's Oscar nominees for best animated feature?
Here is a film about a young and very brave medieval monk named Brendan, a sacred book, a storied monastery, a fairy girl, an alarming creature and a forest containing little nuts that make brilliant green inks. If there are not, how does she know for sure?The Irish are a verbal people, preserving legends in story and song; few Chicagoans may know there's a First Folio of Shakespeare in the Newberry Library, but few Dubliners do not know that the Book of Kells reposes in Trinity College.
It is a painstakingly illuminated medieval manuscript preserving the four gospels, and every page is a work of art.
Perhaps some of that brilliant emerald green was his, extracted from nuts he gathered in the forest.
Brendan (voice of Evan McGuire), the youngest and pluckiest monk in the walled monastery, befriends old Brother Aidan (Mick Lally), a traveler who has arrived bearing the precious book.
He can start by disobeying the Abbot (Brendan Gleeson), venturing outside the walls, and gathering the nuts.This and his further adventures are related in Tomm Moore's film, which is a little like an illuminated manuscript itself.
Just as every margin of the Book of Kells is crowded with minute and glorious decorations, so is every shot of the film filled with patterns and borders, arches and frames, do-dads and scrimshaw images. That reflects the creation of the original book in the centuries before the discovery of perspective duringn the Renaissance. Like the people in Nina Paley's "Sita Sings the Blues," these images move mostly from back and forth within the same plane, which is only correct since perspective hasn't yet created spatial dimension. Indeed, in a season where animated images hurl themselves from the screen with alarming recklessness, I was grateful that these were content merely to be admired.The movie has a wide appeal, with a gap in the middle. I think it will appeal to children young enough to be untutored in boredom, and to anyone old enough to be drawn in, or to appreciate the artistry.
For those in between, the "Transformers"-damaged generation, it will seem to be composed in a quaint, unknown language.

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