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I carried him, I gave birth, I raised him… I can’t explain what happened."But, as it turns out, not too many people actually buy her story.
I was just a brat at the time, and I certainly wasn’t old enough to be spouting conspiracy theories.But even in those early days of the sponge, I knew something fishy was going on with Mr.
Shmi seems to be lying about Anakin's immaculate conception - if only because that's not usually a thing that's biologically possible in mammals - which suggests that there probably is a father out there somewhere. I know Spongebob isn’t known for being scientifically responsible, but even that is just too much silliness for a franchise.Fans like me have always had our own conclusions about the whole “Pearl” thing.
That's right, this fan theory is so dark that it includes Anakin's mother being the sex-slave of one of Episode I's primary sources of comic relief.Anakin, the theory suggests, is the product of their coupling, which does explain why Watto's surprisingly tolerant of his young slave's constant disobedience and antics - if not why Anakin doesn't have wings and leathery blue skin.The final piece of the puzzle? Anakin is the Child of the ForceOtherwise known as the 'what George Lucas seemed to be implying' theory.
He’s never shown himself to be a lover of food, but he chooses to own and operate a fast food restaurant.Not a franchise. This argues that Anakin was the child of the force itself, created by those mysterious midi-chlorians in response to an attempt by Darth Plagueis (Palpatine's Sith master) to control them.
Anakin Was the Son of Emperor PalpatineAn older theory, this - and one not so much grounded in the prequels as the original trilogy.

It essentially suggests that Palpatine's obsessive interest in Darth Vader and his children only makes sense if he was, in fact, Anakin's father. The anchovies from the pilot episode resort to violence when no one is able to make them Krabby Patties. Anakin Was Qui Gon Jinn's SonWhich would certainly explain why Qui Qon ended up hanging around on Tatooine for so much longer than he had any good reason to (he pretty much forgets that he has Jedi powers the whole time he's there): He was taking the opportunity to reconnect with an ex-lover - all the while trying to keep anyone else, Obi Wan and Anakin included, from finding out that he had had non-Jedi-approved relations with a woman.The only real problem with that? Krabs purposefully used the formula to create a restaurant that people have to visit every day for fear of losing their minds.
I remember watching this episode and realizing I had never seen Eugene so infatuated with something other than cash (or the making of it).Even when it comes to Pearl.
Do we really think Krabs would pay and sacrifice to raise a child out of his own volition?Now, let’s think logically, here. Krabs clearly states that “Pearl takes after her mother.”I don’t think that’s the full story. But I don’t think he was ever actually married.After all, marrying someone would require sharing your money with someone forever, and we’ve already seen that Krabs is incapable of that (hence his relationship with Mrs. Here’s an illustrated theory from GAF Comics that is titled “Mystery Solved.”Who put these onions here?Now THIS is a theory I can get behind.

When Spongebob and Patrick play with fishing hooks, he becomes obsessed with stopping them.Mr.
This is the sort of power that makes him feel powerful on the surface because he’s impervious to hooks and other human dangers.Remember how sensitive he was when he lost his shell in the episode with his Navy buddies? He couldn’t save her mother, but he’ll do whatever he can to save this young whale.After all, why do you think he named her Pearl? Fire on the poop deck!Another thing to consider is: where do pearls come from?From clams, of course. Krabs cherishes “pearls” because they’re worth a lot of money, but to him, his daughter Pearl is priceless.There’s even an episode where Mr. He’s not perfect, and his greed for money is the source of a LOT of problems Bikini Bottom has faced over the years.But you have to admit that the one thing he truly loves is what makes him a redeemable character.
Are you feeling it now, Spongebob fans?The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge out of Water is set to release February 6, 2015.Do you believe the Mother of Pearl theory?

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