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The Washington Times reported it obtained a copy of a letter signed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen.
Addressed to Obama, the letter asks for his communications with the IRS since 2010 for their investigation into whether the agency has been engaging in illegal distribution of private taxpayer information.
The letter said: a€?We have an obligation to conduct oversight of the federal governmenta€™s administration of our tax laws.
IRS documents filed by the National Organization for Marriage, for example, were released to a citizen who asked for them, and they ended up in the hands of a homosexual activist who posted the confidential information online.
A judge ruled the IRS simply made a mistake, but the agency agreed to pay the group $50,000. The documents requested by the Senate panel were also requested by the interest group Cause of Action, which has gone to court to try to compel the IRS inspector general to turn them over, the Times reported. Texas-based True the Vote and 42 other groups have filed a lawsuit claiming the IRS targeted them based on their beliefs and politics.
The IRS exacerbated the scandal by repeatedly telling disbelieving congressional investigators that it couldna€™t provide relevant emails because of hard-drive failures. David Ferriero, the archivist of the United States for the National Archives and Records Administration, testified the federal agency failed to follow the law in handling Lernera€™s emails, raising even more suspicion about their content.
A key House leader addressing the issue, Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., told IRS officials, at a minimum, a€?You did not tell the whole truth. The committee accused the IRS of sending the FBI a database containing more than a million pages of confidential taxpayer information.
Officials later said the emails that had been a€?destroyeda€? were found, but they were unsorted and details were unavailable. Wood said American taxpayers, as well as thousands of dedicated IRS employees, deserve an explanation. Obama, meanwhile, insisted in an interview therea€™s a€?not even a smidgen of corruptiona€? in the IRS. I was lead to believe that Bill Gates was the ANTICHRIST, how come I didn’t get the memo updating this? KOS, we know you are basically illiterate, which means that we know you didn’t write this article although you put your name on it. With 20 years of travel writing to her name, London-based Jane Anderson is currently Editor of Family Traveller magazine, web editor of 101 Honeymoons and travel editor at Prima Magazine (Hearst).

When money's no object and the world's your oyster, how do you choose the perfect romantic break? If you've seen Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa, the film of Karen Blixon's novel, you'll know the allure of a safari. If you're planning to tie the knot in 2015, your first thought might be a luxury hotel on a beach.
Long gone are the days when overseas weddings were just about being somewhere hot and on a beach. Is there a better way of relaxing after a stressful wedding than spending some time at a luxury spa resort? Just because you're going on honeymoon doesn't mean you have to stick to the tried and tested "romantic" destinations for newlyweds. For previous generations a honeymoon promised little more than a hotel on a beach and the hope that housekeeping wouldn't knock too early in the morning. If you're planning a wedding in the near - or distant - future, take a tip from a celebrity: the rich and famous don't always pick the most lavish locations. Whether it's your first romantic holiday away together or a second honeymoon, sometimes only an adults-only hotel will do - especially if your getaway for two coincides with the school holidays. It's arguably the most romantic city in the world, but where do you stay if you want a truly seductive experience of Paris?
The pressure to make your honeymoon the best holiday ever can sometimes lead to a spot of one-upmanship. If you're not hotel people, your idea of getting away from it all might be snuggling up in a cosy cottage for two far from the madding crowd.
New York City-based swimwear design label Graffinis has just launched its premier line of luxury women’s cover-ups.
American R&B Hip Hop and pop star Rihanna has just opened a retrospective of her own fashion style. The following chapters constitute the concluding Part V of Ferdinand Ossendowski’s Beasts, Men, and Gods.
Senate is turning up the heat on its investigation of allegations the Internal Revenue Service shared private taxpayer information with President Obama, demanding Obama turn over communications he and his staff had with the agency.
Republicans have accused the Obama administration of using the IRS as a political weapon since discovering the agency obstructed the applications for tax-exempt status of conservative organizations critical of Obamaa€™s policies.

The inspector general says it cana€™t turn over most of the 2,500 pages of records from its investigation because it would violate the privacy of taxpayers. District Judge Reggie Walton also ordered the agency to find out what happened to the hard drive after IRS Commissioner John Koskinen claimed a computer malfunction had caused the loss of two years of emails belonging to IRS executive Lois Lerner, whose tax-exempt division improperly targeted conservative groups.
She said the crash caused her to lose all her emails sent to recipients outside the IRS from mid-2009 to mid-2011. She also contributes to a wide range of publications from The Sunday Times Travel Magazine to Elle. Even celebrities need a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, so here's some inspiration for six newly-engaged high-profile couples. You've said 'I do', been showered in confetti, cut the cake, danced your first dance, and jetted off on honeymoon.
But in a world where many couples have already travelled extensively, there's a search for something with more pizazz.
Today's couples are seeking out authentic experiences that incorporate at least a nod to local culture and sometimes a total immersion. It's an increasingly popular way to tie the knot, particularly for those that want a discreet ceremony without hundreds of guests in tow.
You can all chill out, claim your own space and not fret about what time breakfast is served or whether your kids are annoying the honeymoon couple round the pool. And that was fine for love-struck couples who probably hadn't yet experienced the ups and downs of living together. She is also the author of a number of guidebooks, including Brittany with Kids (Footprint Guides) and The Brit Guide to Las Vegas (Foulsham Publishing). But there are many, many gorgeous little hideaways and beauty spots that most tourists never see. And now you're both off on a rollercoaster of wedding planning to make sure one of the most important days of your life goes without a hitch. Over 15 years of writing about honeymoons, I've visited and experienced many fabulous hotel spas.

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