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Gizmodo has an interesting piece up about a top-secret digital version of the now discontinued Nikon Nikonos waterproof camera that was developed for use by Navy SEALs. Pretty interesting stuff and kind of odd to see the branding intact on the model used by the SEALs.
Okay, one last thing…you people need to go read some of the comments on the Gizmodo article hahahaha.

Got me an older model IV-a – took some great underwater shots but unfortunately the winding arm is now stuck after putting a few rolls through it. Haven’t taken it in for repair as dreading how much they will want to charge for working on a camera they most likely have never seen. I even met an engineer who claimed making the circuit boards of mobile phones watertight was quite easy and inexpensive.

I used to sneak around my neighborhood with a NERF Gun and do recon missions to the grocery store.

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