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Here's an incredibly interesting article about a video game called Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury (Memory Alpha Entry), that was started by Interplay in the late 90s that never saw the light of day.
At the time I left, I didn't see any indication that the producer had resolved the issues with getting the rest of the script worked out.
Not that long ago, Ken Allen, composer behind classic Sierra game titles Space Quest I (VGA), Space Quest IV, Oil's Well and Jones in the Fast Lane, posted a video onto his YouTube channel that apparently shows demo footage of a game he was working on in 1997 in preparation for E3 in Atlanta. This is when he was working at Interplay of course and in 1997, his team was working on a new Star Trek adventure game but this time using advanced 3D graphics.
If you want a simple way to tell your friends to "live long and prosper," here's how you can get Spock's signature greeting on your iPhone.

Now any time you write "llap" (or a shortcut of your choosing) in iMessage, you'll have the option to drop in the Vulcan salute emoji. Los comentarios de los juegos deben ser aprobados y pueden tardar un poco en publicarse, pero aprobaremos todos los que cumplan un minimo de correccion, se cinan moderadamente al tema y no contengan destripes. There was a large scale plan for about the first half of the entire game, at which point the script itself had petered out. This is so close to Hollywood that, you know, when you don't have the script, you don't have anything. While the walking animations leave a lot to be desired (to be fair, it's only an early demo) the lip-synching and facial animations are amazing, especially when you consider this was done more than a decade ago!

The late Leonard Nimoy would find this emoji a most logical addition to your iPhone's keyboard.
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Apparently things didn't work out as planned due to interplay's producer centric work environment and other mitigating factors.

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