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A separate character who can level-up RPG style, or a couple more RPG – ish elements? Nintendo would never take the risk associated with creating a Zelda game without Link as the protagonist. I think this might be the original artist, at least of the drawing, maybe someone else did the cover montage? If you've ever wondered why Ganondorf, the Great King of Evil, has such a vendetta against the kingdom of Hyrule, you may find some clues in this amusing product description for the Princess Zelda amiibo from UK supermarket behemoth Tesco; the bad grammar is all down to the retailer, too. The Zelda amiibo™ figure was inspired by the hit Nintendo® video game, The Legend of Zelda™ and has debuted for the Super Smash Bros™ video game.
In the Tesco version of events it was Princess Zelda who invaded Ganondorf's turf, no doubt consumed with the power of knowledge about the Triforce. We like to think this alternate version of events in Hyrule is simply the work of an overworked category manager at Tesco, but it has led us to question if, in reality, Ganondorf is simply an innocent victim in this story. Darren is Nintendo Life’s Batman: fearless in the face of danger, he loves gadgets and talking in a really, really deep voice.
While the real Wii U Zelda game will probably take another year or two until released, we’ll be getting a sweet HD remake of Wind Waker. Majoras Mask has that television soap feel to it, and the mundanities really add to the game.

I had this great idea a while back that could be the theme for the whole game, but I can’t remember what it was. He should also ski, play back gammon, make tree forts, float down a massive river on a huck finn type raft, have to make fire, ice skate, wear fancy clothes at a Gannondorf Ball and draw. You can battle, train and level-up your Captain Falcon character, whilst adjusting her attack, defence and speed; amiibo™ characters are capable of unlocking special items also. As Operations Director he stays mostly behind the scenes in a room he insists on calling “The Batcave”.
Though I think some people may be turned off by you having not used the original Zelda logo. We first saw Zelda on the Wii U way back at E3 in 2011, where Nintendo used a Zelda tech demo to showcase the new console. The illustration -in itself- is fine, but it isn’t aesthetically appropriate, in my opinion. Even Wind Waker, which was by far one of the more trivial boxarts was still far more meaningful than this.
Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule holds the power of knowledge about the Triforce lore more than anyone else, except maybe Ganondorf, himself, whom she invaded in Orcarina [sic]. It feels like less of a symbolically simple box (with a logo or something) and more like a zoomed-in unwieldy head which takes up mostly the entire space which leaves a lot of excess.

I think it is Human nature to be drawn to these things, so it needs to make a comeback, and it needs to be imaginative.
The amiibo™ figure can be transported into the Super Smash Bros™ battles for you to play, either with them, or against them.
It’ll be interesting to see where Nintendo goes with the next Zelda game on the Wii U. The Zelda text in the middle inevitably clashes with the picture beneath due to the nature of the picture. Star Trek can be like a soap quite often, but the themes and sub-plots, plus the development of such weird characters, stops it from becoming too much of a yawn fest and much more of a curiosity.
In the meantime, we’ve got this awesome box art concept, done by an unknown artist (if you know the artist, do let us know in the comments section).
Other than ubisoft i havent seen anything yo get excited about and fan art like this only irks me more. I understand that Skyward Sword is supposedly the first game in the series chronologically but still.

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