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The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Myamoto has suggested that Zelda's next Wii U adventure may not be quite the "open world" game we might have been expecting after this year's E3.
Though we only got our first look at the game at this year's E3, Aonuma revealed Nintendo's Wii U Zelda game during an online presentation back in January 2013. Zoom In to find hidden secrets and details in the new Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demo revealed during the Game Awards. Zelda Wii U has been the topic of choice for every Zelda fan ever since its big reveal at E3 earlier this year. Nintendo surprised us with brand new gameplay footage during the Game Awards on Friday to show off how far development is coming along. Link is the reincarnated protagonist of every Zelda game to date, and despite the crushed controversy that Zelda Wii U‘s Link might not actually be him at all, this one pulls off the spirit of the hero rather well. Judging by the direction the sword juts out, and the way he swings it later in the footage, it appears that Link is right-handed this time. The round, wooden shield on Link’s back indicates that this is near the beginning of the game, as well as the number of hearts he has, but more on that later. After marking a location with the beacon, Link jumps off of the cliff and pulls out the Sail Cloth to gently glide down into the valley below. The footage cuts here to take us to a scene in front of Epona, whom is all but confirmed to be back.
The rest of the trailer is spent riding around Hyrule, showing off some interesting gameplay. Link definitely gives off the Hero of Hyrule vibes a bit stronger than usual in Zelda Wii U.
Right after Link places the beacon, the view switches so we can see what’s happening on the Gamepad. The opposite side of the map features a translucent compass and another button with six little rectangles inside of it.
Judging from past Zelda games, and by the way Aonuma handles the Wii U Gamepad–the controls are easy enough to put together, to an extent.
The most notable controls in the gameplay demo, however, are the ones shown while riding Epona. The last button displayed on screen is the R button, which is probably what is pressed when Link vaults off of his horse to perform a mid-air shot. Starting from the very beginning, we are zooming in on as many points of interest as we can see in the limited gameplay footage at hand.
Another area that stands out is the black dot in the middle of the highest mountain in sight.
One final thing to make note of on the map is the striking resemblance the southern portion bears to the layout of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda. Advance the footage to after the cut from the Sail Cloth, and you will find some vines against the face of the mountain, which are probably climbable.
When Link pulls his bow out in the following clip, you get a short glimpse of what could be a village or a house through the trees. In the clip just after that, Miyamoto points out that there is insect and animal life, as well as the existance of apples growing on trees, which you can pick and eat, according to Aonuma.
Around the time when Aonuma declares they still have another four or five minutes to their destination, you can see a peculiar rock coming up to Link’s immediate right side, that has similar markings as the ruins seen in the E3 trailer. After that, Link is seen riding along a clearer path, with what looks to be a grand structure in the distance.
As the video draws to a close, a small collection of horses can be seen directly ahead of Link. With the footage properly raked, I can’t help but sit back in awe at the scope of Zelda Wii U.
I played Wind Waker for the first time back in 2003 when it first came out--when I was a second grader. Playing through the game this past summer on Wii U made me realize just how great it really is.
Another big step up that The Wind Waker took that I don't think it gets enough credit for is the way it used its visuals and upgraded engine to create puzzles that feel much more ingrained into the environment than the ones in previous Zeldas.
This is how Nintendo approached its design; they didn't just choose cartoony graphics because they thought it would look cool.
With the E3 news that Zelda U will be open world, and Aonuma's constant reminders that you can actually go to those mountains in the background, I think that Zelda U could learn a lot from Wind Waker when it comes to how it paces its traveling. Most importantly to me, though, is something that no other Zeldas aside from the original and Wind Waker have succeeded at: hand-holding. Gameplay footage for The Legend of Zelda was screened during a recent Game Awards event, revealing a number of tricks available to the Link character.
The Legend of Zelda soundtrack musicians will be hosting international symphony tours, game developers have announced. The Legend of Zelda has been touted as one of the most popular games for Wii U console and some have even suggested it has contributed to the next-generation console's competitiveness with other systems like Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web.
This footage showcases Aonuma playing a demo of Zelda Wii U, to give fans a taste at how the game will play once it’s finally in our hands.
When we Zoom In on a target, Zoom In Analysis will examine new footage when it becomes available up until the game’s release. In all incarnations, Link shares certain similarities with his counterparts, such as the long pointed ears, the shield and sword, and… the green tunic. This indicates that the bow has a far greater roll to play in this game than any Zelda game before it, though that was perhaps noted from the E3 trailer. This is an odd move, considering every time Link has been right-handed, the game used Motion Controls.
In some previous Zelda titles, the wooden shield was an indication that the hero still had some growing up to do before he could be the true hero of legend.
However, unlike the beacons from the last game, you cannot see them from the overworld, but more on that in the next section. The Sail Cloth appears to function more like the Deku Leaf from the Wind Waker, with more of a glide to it than before.
Master with the sword and the bow this time around, it’s bound to be an interesting experience for Zelda fans far and wide.

The green bar shares similar design choices to the green bar from the Wind Waker, so it is entirely possible that the Magic Meter has finally made its return to Zelda. Other things seen on screen in past games were an array of buttons that helped indicate what items were mapped to what button, or the simple rupee count that was always present. The top two let you Zoom In and Zoom Out, and they both black out when it has reached the zoom limit. This button could lead to Link’s inventory, or to the main Gamepad menu for Zelda Wii U. Link moves with the left control stick (obviously), and jumps by walking off a ledge, as usual.
From where Link begins, you can see a large flag just to his right, with what appears to be a structure not far beyond. As the camera pans around, a small structure can be seen sitting near the top of some adjacent peaks. At first glance, it doesn’t appear as if the map has much to tell us about the world, but if you look closely, it can reveal quite a bit. The rivers in Hyrule all appear to be running in the same direction as they were in Ocarina of Time. Lake Hylia makes an appearance near the southern end of the map. Aside from a large lake near the eastern end of the map, there appears to be two different water depths. The best way to see the resemblance is to study this gif made for an excellent map analysis article over at Scooptendo, that I highly recommend you read if you want a little bit more insight on the map.
If you notice, the grass is parting under Epona’s speed and her tail is bouncing realistically to her gallop. Shortly after, when he puts the bow away, you can catch a glimpse of what appears to be someone on a horse off in the distance. In the next clip, Miyamoto guesses that the dual stone pillars must mean that they are near a dungeon, however Aonuma only grunts and gives no real indication whether that’s true or not. It appears as if there may be quite a bit of lore in the ruins that Hyrule has to offer in Zelda Wii U. When he dashes forward on Epona with the A button, the horses appear startled and begin galloping in the opposite direction. For starters, let's get the giant-mountain-turtle-face-rock-beast out of the room: the game was beautiful when it came out, and it's still beautiful today.
Cutting the rope bridge in the first dungeon must have been pretty mindblowing at the time, right? Maybe I'm alone in this, but I want travel in Zelda U to take LONGER than the travel in Wind Waker! Somehow, it looks even better than Wind Waker, to the point where I'd even call it the prettiest game I've ever seen.
Like he used that cloth to glide just like in the Far Cry games," The Bit Bag writes in a review of the trailer. Even under heavy analysis, the cinematic trailer they revealed at E3 didn’t tell us much about the game, despite it all being in-engine. It is our duty to cover everything we can find, from the most subtle gameplay mechanics, to the most questionable appearances.
Obviously Zelda Wii U doesn’t rely on Motion Controls, as Aonuma is seen playing on the Wii U Gamepad the entire time.
In Skyward Sword, the most recent home console main series Zelda game, the least expensive shield for purchase at the beginning of the game was a wooden round shield. If the wind comes in as a variable for Zelda Wii U, it could probably be utilized to reach someplace seemingly unreachable otherwise.
Epona is smart and will not run into trees or normal obsticles, leaving Link open to take care of any threats that require his attention. It could be a hint at some sort of stealth mechanic, or it may alert you to changes in the weather, if he puts it up on his own.
They even show off a move where Link vaults off the back of his horse in slow motion to fire an arrow, just like in the original E3 trailer. There are 5 hearts, which is a bit odd if this really is coming from the beginning of the game. The beacon he just placed is represented by a red X, while Link is displayed as a green arrow.
This could mean one of a couple things: either the time of day was heavily controlled during the span of the demo, or the days in Hyrule just got significantly longer. At this point in development, it has four levels of zoom, with the outer-most revealing what looks to be the entire map. Instead, it could be that Aonuma is holding the button, and letting it go is when time speeds back up.
The shape of the famous lake is indisputable, and certain landmarks later in the video serve to better back this up.
Judging by the rule that lighter areas indicate a higher elevation, light blue areas probably show shallow water. Trenches and minuscule lines of shallow water, among other things occurring across the map, could mean that parts of Hyrule will be blocked off until Link gains the ability to pass through an important obstacle. Link’s hood also appears to be bouncing up and down in disarray, despite it clipping unrealistically through the back of the shield. Maybe we’ll catch a clue to what they mean in future footage, though we may be left to figure it out on our own, in game. This great stone structure bears striking resemblance to the ruins of the Great Bridge of Hylia from Twilight Princess, meaning that Link is near Lake Hylia at this point. I cannot wait to see how they manage to make a game with with an excellent balance of story elements and exploration. Throughout high school, she followed different trends and hopped on board with various genre's, admiring quite a few of them.
The HD version took the art in a slightly different direction, but 95% of the time (the other 5% being when you open a chest and the lighting removes the cel-shading from the environment), it looks fantastic. Even if that sort of gameplay could be theoretically possible on the N64, the little animated touches, like the way that Link's arms are jerked up when passing over a gust of wind on the Deku leaf, add so much more liveliness to the game, not only from a graphical perspective, but from a gameplay perspective as well. I want to have to spend two hours riding Epona from my starting village to Death Mountain--because that's what an adventure is! If it can take a similar step up in terms of puzzle and gameplay design, we just might have another revolution in the design of Zelda games no our hands.

I wrote a pretty big article about this for Nintendo Enthusiast, but in a nutshell, I want my Zelda games to stop telling me what to do! Does that mean this game can be played with the original Wii-mote and Nunchuck, or does it hold other significance? The markings on the front of this shield could mean any number of things, so it’s hard to speculate at this time. Most Zelda games start the player off with 3 hearts, while Skyward Sword actually started the player off with 6 hearts. The button nestled under those two is a mystery, though if I had to throw a guess out there, I’d say it would function similarly to the Pins from A Link Between Worlds.
In theory, simply tapping the R button could do something completely different, like vaulting off of your horse with your sword drawn, ready for battle. There is another lookout tower in the distance, and there doesn’t appear to be any guard rails on the top, so is it possible for Link to jump off of them with the sail cloth? Following the rivers north-east will lead us to a tiny lake that fits the bill for Zora’s Domain. All of the lakes and rivers in Zelda Wii U are shown with the shallow water, so it could be possible that this shallow water is traversable enough for Link to explore without a vehicle. In previous iterations of Zelda, time moved so quickly in the overworld that the shadows hardly had time to sit still. If it really is a camp, like I theorized earlier, then the torch that you see when Link turns around could be something to help lead you to this camp.
This proves that they have finally implemented a physics system, as opposed to the hand-made animations of the past. As he begins to turn, Death Mountain is clearly visible on the distant horizon, spewing it’s usual ash cloud.
It seems as if Zelda Wii U may offer many more hours of gameplay per playthrough than a grand majority of its predecessors. She loves to conquer every game she comes across, and enjoys all different aspects of them. You can't have an epic story that takes place in a giant kingdom if you can just teleport from plot point to plot point! I want to be an adventurer, discovering the land for myself, solving mysteries and discovering new things along the way! And where do you weigh in on hand-holding versus letting the player figure it out for himself?
If you look carefully, you’ll see that a bow is visible, along with a quiver that hangs at his hip.
Since SS proved that they are willing to be a bit creative with the starting heart count, it is possible that Zelda Wii U starts you off with 5 hearts.
They could have even paused the game before looking at the Gamepad but I find it unlikely that Aonuma would have happened to pause right on the hour. With Nintendo working on breaking the linearity of the Zelda games, it’s harder to keep track of everything that you need to do.
This, along with the fact that they feel the need to show a picture of an arrow in this minimalist interface, and looking back to the arrow shown in the E3 trailer absolutely confirms that there will be different arrow types. With a little bit of luck, this means a breathtaking amount of secrets to find and absorb within the land of Hyrule. The patches of shallow water in the middle of the ocean to the east indicate that Link may get a boat or  something equivalent to better explore these areas. It’s possible that you can set up a bedroll or something similar and sleep some time away. Chances are, Link is around the South East boarder of Lake Hylia, and about to head north to his destination. If animal AI is smart, there’s a strong chance that enemby AI is even smarter, which could lead to some more impressive challenges or a wider learning curve.
Compared to the muddy, jaggy (yet charming) graphics of the N64 Zeldas, the Gamecube's art was a HUGE step up.
Traveling between islands is part of the journey, and that quiet downtime doesn't detract from the story, it enhances it!
However, I think it is far more likely that players start off with 3, and Aonuma had collected two heart containers. The other icon on the map appears near where Link travels to meet up with Epona, so Epona could have her own marker. The shadows throughout the footage even reinforce the idea that Hyrule’s days are significantly longer, but more on that in the next section. It’s possible that the fire, ice, and light arrows will make a return, with the return of the Magic Meter. There appears to be a circular platform with pillars surrounding it perched on a piece of high ground.
It’s in the correct location, according to the map from Ocarina of Time, and there is even evidence further into the footage to back up its placement. However, now that the world is much larger than it normally is, time is bound to move more slowly, to put greater emphasis on how large the world actually is. The King of Red Lions tells you where the dungeons are, but you're on your own in figuring out how to get inside them.
In past Zelda titles, this has been restricted by carrot icons on the screen, which would have to replenish if you wanted to go any faster. There isn't ever anything that's too ridiculously hard--it's pretty much just following the fish's directions--but I love that the game trusts you to have a brain. The question mark that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen is probably a Map Legend, to explain what all the icons mean. The evidence convinces me that this is the case, but we’ll have to come back to that later.

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