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Batman prepares to jump from a building ledge into the night of Gotham city and he remembers all his life up until this moment. At the age of 14, Bruce leaves Gotham City to explore and obtain skills in martial arts and forensics. Bruce Wayne leaves Korea and heads to France, where he trains with a bounty hunter named Henri Ducard, who shows him "the uses of brutality, deception and cunning." When Ducard kills a fugitive he had been tracking one night, Bruce becomes disgusted with Ducard's brutal ways of punishing criminals and departs. On his journey, Bruce meets and learns from every great detective in the world and at some point he approaches Willie Doggett. Batman finally jumps off the ledge and he reckons how metaphorically, he is always falling. Superman discovers himself to be on an alien planet where he encounters his biological mother, Lara. In a flashback, it turns out that on the night that Clark learned his heritage he went to Lana and revealed the truth of his powers to her. The next day, Superman thinks about what she said and starts wondering about where he truly came from. Detective Comics #33, which includes Gardner Fox, Bill Finger and Bob Kane's first version of Batman's origin.
The layouts of this version of the Waynes' murder is designed to resemble Frank Miller's 1986 text of Batman: Year One in Batman #404.

Secret Files and Origins This issue is a special "Secret Files and Origins" issue supplying background information to an ongoing volume, character, team or concept. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Secret Files category. His early training as a teenager included failed attempts at college along with failed attempts to bond with other people, and last a disillusionment with working with the FBI upon turning 20.
Bruce, now 23, and Doggett track down a man named Tom Woodley to a mountain ledge, where Woodley guns down Doggett. On Bruce's first night out, he ends up fighting street thugs while still uncostumed and is deemed a failure.
He goes to the location where Jonathan hid the rocket ship he was found in only to find that the ship is gone. Also from that issue are taken the crime-fighting debut and the bat crushing into Wayne's library scenes.
These one-shots appear frequently, and often serve to more pointedly establish official canonical sources for in-universe content about characters. He realizes that to achieve justice the way he sees fit, he cannot work within "the system." Bruce then remembers his time training at a monastery, hidden in the Paektu-San mountains of North-Korea.
While brooding in the library of Wayne Manor that night, a bat crashes through the study window.

She realizes that Clark can no longer belong to her, that he belongs to the world and this fact had hurt her.
Modeling himself after the recurring images of bats, Bruce creates his costumed identity which he names the Batman. It appears that Superman is under some kind of psionic attack but the Kents arrive in time and break it off. A few years later, the actor would work for DC voicing the character of Alfred Pennyworth in the DC Animated Universe.
Superman flies away, realizing that it was not a mental attack but a download of knowledge of everything about Krypton into his brain. When Bruce awakens, the old man tells Bruce he has the mark of the bat, an animal sacred in his tribe. He finally knows his biological parents and where he came from and though he appreciates the knowledge he has been given, in the end, he embraces his humanity even more.

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