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SAN ISIDRO, Nueva Ecija — A man was killed while his 72-year-old father was wounded by a lone gunman while they were waiting for a bus in San Roque village on Sunday (May 15).
His father, Gernaro an Ilocos Norte resident, was shot once and is being treated at a hospital in the town of Cabiao. Front-running presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte smiles during a news conference shortly after voting in a polling precinct at Daniel R. Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday gave the names of some of the people he would like to have in his Cabinet. However, Duterte said he is offering the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice to Cayetano. He said he can also appoint an acting secretary while Cayetano waits for the one-year ban on appointment for losing election candidates.
As for the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Department of Labor and Employment, Duterte said he would offer it to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Cayetano issued the statement following reports that she could join the speakership race, considering her experience and credentials as a member of Congress. Cayetano decried what she described as attempts to sow intrigue and division within the Duterte camp. Cayetano is the sister of Duterte’s running mate, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, in the last May elections. SMARTING An angry Election Commissioner Rowena Guanzon slams Smartmatic for its decision to change a computer script without Comelec clearance, a break in protocol for which Smartmatic project director and general manager Ellie Moreno looks properly chastened. The lone female commissioner in the seven-member en banc first expressed her intention to write the memorandum in a radio interview on Sunday.
When asked his opinion about Guanzon’s memorandum, Comelec chair Andres Bautista said that no member of the Smartmatic Philippines team has signified his or her intention to leave the country.
The script tweak in the Comelec’s transparency server became a hot issue after the camp of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
The Comelec has slammed Smartmatic for effecting the “cosmetic change” in the transparency server script without the authorization from the en banc. The poll body has since restricted Smartmatic’s access to the consolidation and canvassing system following an uproar about the unauthorized script tweak. Saying he does not want to be a “party pooper,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday vowed to give presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte “all the latitude” he needs to fulfill his promises, especially his promise to make a corruption- and crime-free country within his first six months in office. Trillanes said he already did his part when he exposed earlier that Duterte allegedly had at least P2.5 billion in various bank accounts, which the latter repeatedly denied. Trillanes earlier challenged Duterte to meet him at the BPI branch on Julia Vargas in Pasig City to open the latter’s bank accounts. Contrary to Trillanes’ claim, Duterte’s camp released a bank certification showing that he only had about a P27,000 balance in his BPI account. Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Andres Bautista said on Monday that the poll body is close to achieving 100 percent transmission of votes a week after the May 9 national and local polls. In a press conference, Bautista said that as of Monday morning, the Comelec was only waiting for the certificates of canvass (COC) from three provinces in order to record full transmission of votes. Special polls in Barangay (village) Mabuyong in Anini-y town and Barangay Insubuan in San Remigio town from 5 p.m. The special polls are to be conducted in these villages because they were unable to receive official ballots last May 9, affecting 849 voters. Meanwhile, failure of elections was declared in Barangay Roxas in Lope de Vega town in Northern Samar due to a shooting incident which forced residents to flee to Poblacion for their safety.
On the other hand, a total of 7,845 voters from Binidayan town in Lanao del Sur were unable to hold elections due to lack of board of election inspectors.
The areas in Northern Samar and Lanao del Sur where failure of elections was declared were able to hold special polls last Saturday. Proclamation of the winning senators and party-list groups is set “within the week,” he added. Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte could face an impeachment complaint if he insists  after he assumes office on June 30 that the Philippines has already lost its claim over Scarborough Shoal, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV warned on Monday. Trillanes released to the media transcripts of hearings conducted by the Senate committee on national defense, which he chairs, on October 30, 2013 and on May 7, 2015, which showed that defense and security officials repeatedly stated that the country has not lost Scarborough Shoal.
So it would be “very dangerous” for the presumptive President-elect to say otherwise, said the senator. Trillanes was appointed by President Benigno Aquino III in 2012 to hold back-door negotiations with China.
He said the entire country, including its claims over Scarborough Shoal and the West Philippine Sea, is intact when Duterte formally assumes office on June 30. Asked why he thinks Duterte would claim that the Philippines had already lost Scarborough Shoal, Trillanes said: “Baka kasi nagpapauna sya, sa akin ha, sana naman huwag kasi delikado ang President ang magsasabi na nawala na natin yung isla na yan kahit atin pa. Trillanes said it would be a clear violation of the Constitution when Duterte formally assumes office and still claims that the country has already lost its claim over Scarborough Shoal. Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison wrote in a Facebook post last week he hoped to come home following the landslide May 9 election win of Duterte, with whom he has maintained ties while living in the Netherlands. In his first press conference since it became clear he had won the election, Duterte said late Sunday that Sison’s return to the Philippines would be important in helping to end the rebellion. The insurgency was one of Asia’s longest and has claimed an estimated 30,000 lives since the 1960s. The communists armed wing, the New People’s Army, is believed to have fewer than 4,000 soldiers, down from a peak of 26,000 in the 1980s, according to the military, however it retains support among the deeply poor in the rural Philippines.
Communists killed three soldiers in the central Philippines on Saturday, according to the military, in the first outbreak of deadly violence between the two sides since Duterte’s election win.
Incumbent President Benigno Aquino revived peace talks soon after taking office in 2010 but shelved them in 2013, accusing the rebels of insincerity in efforts to achieve a political settlement.
Duterte, who was Sison’s student at a Manila university in the 1960s, said Sunday he was open to releasing communist prisoners. A shift to a federal system of government will help empower local government units and give them access to a bigger budget, former senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. The founder of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) said federalism would give more power to local units. PDP-Laban is the political party of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, who has vowed to advocate a shift to federalism.
He said the existing Local Government Code, which Pimentel authored, would be expanded and the regions would receive more money to fund development programs.
Asked how a federal Philippines would look like, he said he prefers to have three to four federal states per island group, loosely based on the existing regions. Pimentel said each federal state should be able to elect its own set of senators while the provinces will retain their elected officials.
Asked if he will play an important role in the government of Duterte or the shift to federalism, he said he won’t intervene unless he is invited. Dismissed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima on Monday asked the Sandiganbayan to quash the graft information against him over an anomalous courier deal in 2011. In his omnibus motion filed before the ant-graft court Sixth Division, Purisima asked the court to dismiss the case and find no judicial determination to hold him on trial for graft. Purisima was formally charged last May 6 in the Office of the Special Prosecutor accusing the friend of President Benigno Aquino III of graft for acting with manifest partiality, evident bad faith and gross inexcusable negligence when he awarded the courier contract to the firm WerFast Documentary Agency, Inc.
The prosecution said Purisima violated Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act when he gave unwarranted benefit to Werfast.
Purisima entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Werfast and accredited the firm as the PNP’s courier service provider for all  firearms license applications despite its failure to comply with government regulations on courier services. Purisima and the respondents also approved the delivery by courier of firearms license as a mandatory policy in the PNP. The prosecution said Werfast failed to seek prior registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and failed to get authority from the Department of Transportation and Communications to operate a delivery service as well as an accreditation from the Department of Science and Technology. Also ordered charged are the Werfast incorporators, such as Mario Juan, Salud Bautista, Enrique Valerio, Lorna Perena and Juliana Pasia.
Petrasanta had been eyed as the next police chief but the post later went to now Director General Ricardo Marquez.
In his motion, Purisima through his lawyers said he did not give undue preference to Werfast when he approved the MOA in Feb. The 2011 MOA already in effect permitted Werfast to provide a courier service system for the renewal of the firearms licenses. Purisima also accused Meneses of misleading him when the latter submitted the memorandum recommending Werfast and falsely claiming that the firm was already accredited. Earlier, the Office of the Ombudsman dismissed Purisima, Petrasanta and the others for the administrative offense of grave misconduct, serious dishonesty and grave abuse of authority. The officials were forfeited their retirement benefits and barred from being reemployed in government. In ordering the graft charges, the Ombudsman said Purisima entered into a courier service contract with Werfast although the latter had no corporate existence and juridical personality when the PNP entered into a MOA in May 2011.
The Ombudsman found that no public bidding was conducted and that the MOA was entered into although Werfast lacked the track record as a courier service company.
Purisima and the officials also admitted that the accreditation documents from Werfast were incomplete and met only the minimum requirements. The Ombudsman’s investigation also showed that WerFast engaged the services of LBC that cost P190 for deliveries within Metro Manila and P290 outside, while the other courier service providers only charge P90 within Manila. Purisima and the others stand accused of violating Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits public officials from causing any undue injury to any party, or giving any private party any unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference in the discharge of official administrative or judicial functions through manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence. Petrasanta already faces a separate graft trial before the Sandiganbayan for the missing AK-47 assault rifles allegedly sold to communist rebels. The Ombudsman  also found probable cause to charge Purisima and sacked Special Action Force (SAF) commander Getulio Napenas with graft and usurpation of powers for violating the police chain of command in the botched anti-terror raid “Oplan Exodus” that resulted in the deaths of 44 elite cops in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.
Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte delivers his speech during the Makati Business Club forum held at Manila Peninsula in Makati City. WHEN Rodrigo Duterte was campaigning for the highest post of the land, a big concern in the business community was his lack of an economic program. Last week, a broad outline of the incoming administration’s economic program came to light, to the delight of the business community. For ordinary wage-earners and corporate taxpayers, the good news is that the incoming administration is planning to lower income tax rates to 25 percent from the current 32 percent, which is among the highest in the region. This makes sense, as one of the economic thrusts of the Duterte administration is to make the investment climate more attractive to foreign investors. Ease of doing business, another common complaint especially from those dealing with local government units for their various permits, is also high on Duterte’s agenda. Also on the agenda is the plan to develop the rural areas, basically the agriculture sector, by providing support services to small farmers to improve their productivity. Other aspects of Duterte’s economic agenda involve the continuation of two pillars of President Aquino’s administration—the slow-to-start public-private partnership program and the hugely successful conditional cash transfer program more popularly known as the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Among the names floated as possible members of the Duterte Cabinet, one stands out as far as the business community is concerned: Carlos Dominguez, a member of the Duterte transition team and former Cabinet secretary during the administrations of Presidents Corazon Aquino and Fidel Ramos. FIRST OF all, let me thank the teachers and volunteer workers who contributed their personal time and effort to making the last elections one of the most credible in recent years. Upon arrival at our voting station located near the Immaculate Conception cathedral in Cubao, Quezon City, I immediately proceeded to line up at the precinct indicated on our voter’s card.
A week after the elections, I seem to notice more “Duterte for President” stickers on cars passing by. One of the more graceful concession speeches I have ever come across was that of losing candidate Mar Roxas. The only face that is familiar to me from among the newcomers who are reported to be part of the transition team of presumptive President Rody is former agriculture secretary Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez. When Sonny was agriculture chief, I was assigned at the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta, replacing Ambassador Manuel Yan who moved back to Manila as foreign affairs undersecretary. Among the many duties and responsibilities of an envoy posted abroad is that of greeting and sending off high government officials especially those of Cabinet rank attending regional or international conferences. I particularly recall one Asean Ministerial Meeting in Jakarta because the Cabinet representative sent by Manila arrived attired in a T-shirt appropriate for a golf or tennis appointment.
The one Cabinet official I remember most, however, was our agriculture secretary, Sonny Dominguez. Since Dominguez had no check-in baggage we would proceed straight to the embassy vehicle and head for the city. THERE IS nothing extraordinary in the electoral triumph of Rodrigo Duterte if the percentage of the total votes cast he obtained and the winning margin he garnered are both compared against those achieved by Joseph Estrada in 1998 and by Benigno Aquino III in 2010. In 1998, Estrada won 40 percent of the votes and had a 24-percent winning margin over his nearest rival, Jose de Venecia. In contrast, based on unofficial vote tallies, Duterte won 39 percent of the votes and garnered a 15-percent winning margin over his nearest rival, Mar Roxas. But what makes Duterte’s electoral triumph remarkable is that he managed to achieve a huge win even after he repeatedly sabotaged his own chances by issuing foul statements that could have doomed any other candidate. Voters who prefer a strongman for our next president cite the need for an iron fist in order to instill discipline among the people. But it would be a terrible mistake to conclude that an iron-fist rule is the magic ingredient that brings about economic progress.
From February to April, I went around Southeast Asia for consultations with nongovernment organizations on human rights issues in the region. Even if we set aside the issue of whether presumptive President Duterte is clean or not—an issue that was not resolved during the campaign—he will preside over a huge government machinery in which key departments have a deeply ingrained culture of corruption, inefficiency and unresponsiveness to people’s needs. If there is any need for Duterte to flex his style of governance symbolized by a clenched fist, it should be used to instill discipline in the government workforce in order to change the prevailing culture. People know the drug dealers, jueteng operators, and criminal syndicates in their communities, but these criminals continue to operate because many policemen, mayors and governors behave as if they know nothing about what everyone else knows. ATLANTA—Conventional wisdom lays much of the blame for the rise of Donald Trump on angry American voters, who have allowed him to break every rule in the political playbook without paying a price. All along Trump’s march to becoming the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, partisan commentators spun and respun his countless outrageous statements, sometimes with just a tut-tut of disapproval, while other on-air pundits all too often treated his malignant demagoguery as worthy of serious analysis.
Even with the rise of the internet, opinion polls consistently show that some 60 percent of Americans still regard television as their primary news source. For media companies that own local stations, reaping the financial bounty from political ads is one thing; investing in news operations another. Because of consolidation, fewer TV stations actually gather and report the news; instead, stations share staff, facilities and even stories, reducing not just the number of newsrooms, but also the competition that brings diversity and depth to reporting. According to the Radio and Television Digital News Association, a quarter of US television stations that present local news receive their programming via “news sharing” arrangements. More troubling, research suggests that as local stations reap revenue windfalls from election campaign advertising, reporting on the candidates’ claims becomes off-limits. In Denver, for example, local stations took in $6.5 million to air nearly 5,000 ads paid for by the 2012 presidential candidates’ political action committees (ostensibly independent fund-raising groups that shield their donors’ identity). Vigorous political reporting is vital to democracy because it enables voters to understand the issues and evaluate their choices.
Kent Harrington, a former senior analyst, national intelligence officer, and chief of station at the CIA, also served as the agency’s director of public affairs. After Marcos won 14 million votes, the martial law thingy can no longer be dismissed as ignorant sacrilege.
I was struck by a conversation with Aiya Balingit, a Technological University of the Philippines 2013 graduate and an aspiring painter. I suggested she publish her thoughts on behalf of the 2010’s youth in a discussion dominated by the 1980s youth.
Carmma’s (Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang) viral video featured interviews with 19- to 22-year-olds who praised the martial law that took place before they were born. Second, the claimed narrative implies it is illegitimate for millennials to be more conscious of the 2000s than the distant 1970s.
Marcos’ near election and hundreds of thousands of #LabanLeni tweets have spurred calls to review history textbooks and open martial law museums.
One hopes our education is extended from the end of World War II not just to 1986 but to 2016. The tone of our democracy’s story will now be set by Twitter’s Aika Robredo-Sandro Marcos rivalry and salaciously subversive #RP69fanfic more than the iconic 1997 documentary “Batas Militar.” It will now be retold by those not present, just like the gospels. GRACE POE lost the presidential election, but she has won a place in the history of Philippine elections. Then his message, as reported by the media: “Let us begin the healing now… Let us be friends. What the mayor of Davao City was saying was “Take it or leave it,” or, in the language of the common Filipino, “Believe me, I’m sincere,” implying that he would be most disappointed should his goodwill be rejected.
The senator’s gesture touched off a series of concessions and conciliatory statements that bode well for the incoming administration. Of the six vice presidential candidates, four have conceded defeat: Senators Francis Escudero, Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes IV, and Gregorio Honasan.
Defeated Filipino candidates very rarely concede defeat, and never mere hours after voting had closed. A precedent has been set in this presidential election, hopefully to be followed in succeeding elections. The interesting question is: Had Poe not started the ball rolling seven hours after the voting had closed, could this “first” in the history of Philippine elections have happened?
Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte now has a clear path toward the “change” he envisions for the Philippines. GIUSEPPE MAZZINI, considered one of the important political agitators of the past century, in his most famous work, “The Duties of Man,” writes: “Education is the great word that sums up our whole doctrine. A transitional or imperfect democracy is characterized by the fragility of its institutions and the dissatisfaction of the people with respect to the prevailing sociopolitical order. Kristina Wesseinbach says that “political parties launch certain issues and discourse into civil society, providing the public with the possibility to discuss matters and form opinions.” But in the case of the Philippines, most people still view political parties and most politicians as untrustworthy.

Voters find great comfort and inspiration in Christian charity, but they do not see the value of political party affiliation. Wesseinbach correctly notes that “a fundamental role of political parties—in almost all democratic polities—is to motivate people to go to elections and participate in the electoral process.” Many Filipinos are politically active, but they have no sympathy for political parties. Perhaps, we can also point to the reality that we do not have a strong sense of nationhood.
We have now seen the election to the Senate of a new breed of young leaders, Bam Aquino, Joel Villanueva and Sherwin Gatchalian. The success of democracy in any modern state will depend on the quality of knowledge and information possessed by its electorate. Thus, to be able to truly gain ground, political parties must have a social impact, both in theory and in practice. Christopher Ryan Maboloc is assistant professor of philosophy at Ateneo de Davao University.
Can you imagine that as President Aquino told the awardees, “I know that any medal, any praise, any colorful words are not enough to the contributions in your respective fields and our society,” he was virtually speaking more to the dead than to the living? Admittedly, posthumous awards cannot be totally avoided.  Nevertheless, I particularly find it not only quite surprising but also kind of intriguing that Manuel Conde and Francisco Coching had to be conferred their National Artist award only in 2009 and 2014, respectively, or practically two decades after their time. That said, I do not intend to pass judgment upon the selection committee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts which, along with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, has been the government agency officially authorized to administer the conferment of the National Artist Award. Meanwhile, the plain truth is government saves much when the awards are bestowed upon the already dead than upon the still living. Could the savings be the reason the awards are mostly given posthumously?  Most probably not.
FOR ALL intents and purposes, we need to stop the practice of certain religious sects or organizations that exploit the gullibility of their loyal members by dictating on them to vote for their endorsed candidates who they expect to do them “parochial,” personal and political favors in return. Block-voting has nothing to do with church unity, but it has everything to do with perversion and religious slavery. This abominable act in the guise of “religion” has been ongoing for decades now, one of the reasons being why we are a suffering people and corrupt nation to this day.
Contrary to the claim of France, the Balikatan exercise does not include a fishing ban; rather, a safety zone is declared in the exercise area for the protection of our fishermen. On the other hand, China has taken over territory that belongs to us under international law as confirmed by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. France’s equating the Balikatan exercise with the Chinese aggression in territory that belongs to us is too outlandish that not even the official spokespersons of Beijing will make such claim. I am confident that our countrymen are discerning enough to recognize articles that, undoubtedly, China is disseminating in our country through agents of disinformation who may be doing it on purpose or who may have been manipulated by the Chinese to do such things unwittingly.
CONGLOMERATE Lopez Holdings posted a 24 percent year-on-year growth in first quarter net profit to P1.35 billion, driven by a double-digit expansion in its power generation and media businesses. Higher efficiencies accounted for the gains with FPH costs and expenses falling by a faster 16 percent following an 11 percent decline in revenues, the group said.
RRHI disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday that net income attributable to equity holders of the parent company recorded a flattish growth at 0.5 percent to P785 million in the first quarter. Robinsons Retail operated a total of 1,514 stores (+158 stores from April 2015 to March 2016) and expanded its total gross floor area by 7.8 percent year-on-year to around 967,000 square meters. With this partnership, customers can order their grocery requirements from within a 5-kilometer radius of 20 selected Robinsons Supermarket branches in Metro Manila. The parliamentary standing committee in the finance ministry has called for global pressure on Manila-based Rizal Bank to retrieve the $81-million fund wired illicitly to the Philippines from Bangladesh Bank’s account with the New York Fed. The suggestions came after the BB presented a detailed report on the measures taken since the cyber heist took place in early February– to recover the stolen money at the meeting.
The standing committee members sought to know from Finance Minister AMA Muhith how the cyber heist took place and who were involved. Many foreign nationals were involved in the crime, Muhith told the meeting, adding that he would give a detailed statement on the heist in parliament.
The Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit or BFIU has sent a list of suspected persons and institutions in the Philippines to 151 member countries of the Egmont Group, an informal network of national financial intelligence units.
The BFIU has requested them to freeze the accounts and identify any suspicious transactions on them.
Besides, it has sent the list of the suspects to the CID for issuing a red alert through the Interpol. BB Governor Fazle Kabir has already sent special letters to a host of related officials informing them about the heist and seeking cooperation in retrieving the money laundered to the Philippines. Furthermore, on March 30, Kabir sought the APG’s cooperation in bringing bank the stolen money from the Philippines. On May 10 at Basel in Switzerland, the central bank governor held meetings with the top management of NY Fed and SWIFT, the platform through which the hacking occurred, on the matter, the report said.
The three parties vowed to work together to run a proper investigation into the incident, bring the criminals to justice and recover the entire amount of the stolen money. Also at yesterday’s meeting, the standing committee instructed the finance ministry to give a detailed report on the Bangladeshi persons and institutions that were mentioned in the Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks. The committee also expressed concern on the VAT law that would be introduced next fiscal year. SINGAPORE, Singapore—Oil rose to fresh 2016 highs in Asia Monday as a slowdown in US drilling and increase in Chinese crude refinery processing bolstered hopes a supply glut would ease sooner than expected. US oilfield services firm Baker Hughes said the number of US drilling rigs fell to its lowest level since October 2009, which is good news for prices as US production is a key contributor to the oversupply.
Chinese crude refineries also processed crude at record rates in April while production dipped to a 14-month low, Bloomberg News reported citing government data released at the weekend. EY oil and gas analyst Sanjeev Gupta said the market will be closely watching the release on Wednesday of US commercial crude inventories, a gauge for demand in the world’s top oil consumer.
Singapore-based CMC analyst Margaret Yang said however that a strong dollar is likely to weigh on dollar-priced oil. Markets worldwide are eyeing meetings next month of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and US Federal Reserve policymakers whose decisions will impact on oil prices. WASHINGTON, United States — Chinese nationals became the largest foreign buyers of US homes last year as they pour billions into American real estate, seeking safe offshore assets, according to a new study Sunday.
A huge surge in Chinese buying of both residential and commercial real estate last year took their five-year investment total to more than $110 billion, according to the study from the Asia Society and Rosen Consulting Group.
The sheer size of that total has helped the real estate market recover from the crash that began in 2006 and precipitated the 2008 economic crisis, they said. And despite a slowdown due to Beijing’s clampdown on capital outflows, the figure for the second half of this decade is likely to double to $218 billion, the study said. The authors of the study said their numbers, based on public and real estate industry data, understate the total.
Did the Queen and Tony Blair make a secret pact NOT to watch Helen Mirren's portrayal of the monarch?
Kate Beckinsale, show off his OBE in the grounds of Buckingham Palace Speaking about the OBE, the actor said: 'It's an honour, it's called an honour for a reason because it's a huge honour.
This initial series, published bi-monthly through issue #6 (July 1964) and monthly thereafter ran through issue #402 (Sept. Using an illusion, Loki tricks the Hulk into destroying a railroad track, after that he then diverts a radio call by Rick Jones for help to Thor, whom Loki hopes will battle the Hulk.
When writer Roy Thomas commenced, there was a greater focus on characterization.[citation needed] The Black Panther joins the team,[28] followed by the Vision[29].
The mansion is serviced by Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers' faithful butler, and also furnished with state-of-the-art technology, and defense systems, including the Avengers' primary mode of transport: the five-engine Quinjets. The true founding Avengers, minus the Wasp, later reform the team in response to complaints from Jarvis. Writer Steve Englehart then introduces Mantis, who joins the team along with the reformed Swordsman. Since Salerno had completed most of the film when I viewed an early cut in late 2009, why has it taken so long to start showing the film to buyers? The project was reeled in by American Masters creator and exec producer Susan Lacy, who has become the film’s exec producer. Most of the documentaries done for the series are generated in-house, but they made this an exception. It has been a long time since I saw the film in December 2009 (Salerno showed it to me after I’d heard about it from an interview subject, and I viewed it under agreement I would keep it quiet until it was shopped, which changed when the author died). A feature would have been a challenge anyway, since Salinger was so litigious and protective of his privacy.
Salinger has turned out to be an eight-year obsession waged while Salerno was writing or co-writing scripts that included the Oliver Stone-directed adaptation of Don Winslow’s Savages, and projects for James Cameron, Michael Mann and Leonardo DiCaprio.
I asked Salerno if we will finally learn from his film what writing Salinger left behind in the vault of his home in Cornish, New Hampshire, or whether he actually got screen time with arguably the most famous author of the 20th century. Salerno is repped by CAA and attorney Robert Offer, and the book will be auctioned by Salerno’s The Story Factory. In a day and age when everyone is making sequels and remakes this film and this story are a breath of fresh air. I had the pleasure of working with Shane on a major film a few years bacl that he secretly (and sucessfully) rewrote the way he secretly made this film!
Salinger is really the greatest American master storyteller America has produced in the 20th Century.
There is a rumor that JD had a vault of unreleased books that he thought did not cut the mustard. Iron Michael, I don’t thinkj Salinger cared if his works cut the mustard at all, sir.
I have been following every detail about this project since I first read about it on Deadline.
Nice to see the Anthony di Gesu photograph of JDS looking at Tony’s copy of The Catcher in the Rye in his 92nd and Madison Ave photography studio.
At Staples High School in Westport, CT, in the late fifties, I attempted to teach CATCHER IN THE RYE to my sophomore class and was threatened by the principal to be fired if I persisted. Salerno seems like he is going to do right by Salinger and respect his privacy while ensuring his legacy. I knew some people who were friends of Salinger’s years and years ago and even we did not discuss Salingers amongst us. The Susan Lacy quote and the endorsement from American Masters says it all: this is going to be a classy film.
Aguinaldo National High School, Matina district, his hometown in Davao city, southern Philippines Monday, May 9, 2016. Yasay is a lawyer and former chairman of the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission. Pia Cayetano strongly denied on Monday that she would contest the speakership when the 17th Congress opens in July. I will support whoever he chooses and I remain committed to helping him build a more unified Congress,” she added.
Rowena Amelia Guanzon on Monday wrote a memorandum asking the Comelec en banc to direct Smartmatic to issue an order to prevent its officers from leaving the country pending an investigation on the tweak in the script of the Comelec’s transparency server. Rowena Amelia Guanzon on Monday wrote a memorandum asking the Comelec en banc to direct Smartmatic to issue an order to prevent its officers from leaving the country pending the investigation on the tweak in the script of the Comelec’s transparency server.
He didn’t show up, ang nag-show up yung abogado nya, sinabi nila ilalabas nila (his lawyer showed up and their camp said that the transaction history of the accounts will be released) after a week so I’m still waiting,” he said when asked during a press conference in his office at the Senate if he would still pursue his allegations against Duterte.
Other than that, everything has been transmitted be it electronically or manually,” Bautista said. A fire, meanwhile, razed the voting center for three barangays in Tamparan town, affecting 1,047 voters.
I will not allow that to happen because we have that on record na bago sya nag-assume in office, sa atin pa ang Scarborough, wala pang reclamation dyan,” he said at a press conference in his office at the Senate. Raul Petrasanta, a former official of Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) and Central Luzon police director, retired Police Director Gil Meneses, and dismissed FEO officials Chief Supt. 2013 because when he assumed the PNP chief post, the police already had a MOA with Werfast as early as 2011, when Nicanor Bartolome was director general. The respondents also gave absolute credence to the company’s representative that it has a joint venture with CMIT Consultancy Group, Inc. He ran—and won—mainly on the promise to address the peace and order situation and solve gut issues neglected by the Aquino administration, such as the horrendous traffic situation in the metropolis. Duterte’s transition team presented an eight-point economic agenda focusing on investments, infrastructure, tax reforms, social services and rural development. An important highlight of the announcement to calm fears in the business community is that the presumptive President will continue and maintain the country’s current macroeconomic policy. As one of Duterte’s economic advisers pointed out, the Philippines needs to align its tax system with those of other members of the Asean to be competitive. The plan is for the national government to follow the “Davao model,” where licenses needed to start and operate a business are issued in the shortest possible time. The new regime will encourage more investors to put up processing businesses in the agricultural areas.
The incoming administration has yet to formally name its economic managers, or those who will hold the trade and industry, finance, public works, energy, budget and economic planning portfolios. For me personally, it was one exercise of a public duty that saw my status as a senior citizen upheld with all its privileges and considerations. A young man walked up to me and courteously advised me to move to the head of the line, signaling his coworkers inside that I was a senior citizen. This also includes the volunteers of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and the men in uniform—the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines—who kept the peace for all of us.
It goes to show that the old saying “Victory has many fathers and followers; defeat is an orphan” remains as true today as in the past. When the airport is located a good 40 minutes away as in the case of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, the whole operation, including settling down one’s guests in a hotel, can take up much of your time, leaving your schedule in shambles. Fortunately, since I met him plane-side some distance from the terminal, we had time to scrounge around and slip on a barong. His office would send me a cable a few days in advance informing me of his arrival and he would usually show up on a Friday or Saturday evening.
His meetings were usually in the offices of an Asean joint-venture fertilizer project in Aceh, the northernmost province of Indonesia where he sat in as the Philippine government representative.
Antonio Andrews of Class 1949 of the PAF Flying School, one of the pioneers of the Philippine Air Force. In 2010, Aquino won 42 percent of the votes and had a 16-percent winning margin over his nearest rival, Estrada. We can only imagine how much bigger his winning margin could have been if he were not as reckless in making those outrageous remarks. But what bothers people is the substantial number of voters who went for him because of a yearning for a strongman who will have no qualms taking shortcuts in order to achieve results that benefit the greater number of people, even at the expense of trampling on the rights of a few. The city-state of Singapore may have attained economic prosperity under an authoritarian government, but virtually all the other Southeast Asian countries suffered economic misery under iron-fist rulers.
The overwhelming sense I gathered from all countries that experienced or are still experiencing iron-fist governments is that strongman rule is not only a curse on human rights but also a scourge that brings about economic misery. Duterte will implement his directives through a government workforce steeped in this culture. That is the kind of governance that will bring about real change in the country, and make Duterte truly deliver on his “change is coming” election promise. Many government bureaucrats create difficulty in obtaining permits, licenses and government contracts as a means to squeeze grease money from the people.
He must not curtail people’s freedoms and instill fear among the citizenry, because if he plans to confront the formidable criminals in the government and the very powerful syndicates in the business sector, he will need a noisy and quarrelsome citizenry behind him.
But more responsibility arguably lies with the American broadcast journalists who amplified his schoolyard name-calling and bizarre policy views.
When it came to the chores of professional journalism —fact-checking, providing historical background, and offering impartial analysis—television news channels failed to fulfill their election-year responsibilities. Spending on political advertising is skyrocketing, boosting profits at broadcast and cable news networks which have been struggling with declining viewership and lackluster revenues. News consumers are twice as likely to express the most trust in local broadcast and cable news compared to social media, attesting to voters’ reliance on television journalism to inform their thinking. Campaign spending on political advertising is expected to top $5 billion in 2016, nearly quadruple the total in 2008. And in dozens of this fall’s battleground states, where the rival campaigns will blanket the airwaves with political ads, broadcast news departments are increasingly ill-equipped to assess either the candidates or their political claims. In 2014, five companies owned one-third of the 1,400 local TV stations in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center on Journalism and the Media, the number of local television stations originating their own news programming has fallen 8 percent since 2005. A study by the public-interest group Free Press of political advertisements during the 2012 presidential election found that stations in the six sizable television markets examined undertook virtually no reporting on the claims made in the political ads they aired. The same Denver stations devoted only 10 minutes and 45 seconds in total to examining the accuracy of the advertisements’ claims. But this year, America’s media industry seems more inclined to bank its profits than bolster its reporting on a presidential campaign that even its senior executives acknowledge has become a circus.
In postelection frustration, she asked why, after the Edsa Revolution, one had the Mendiola massacre, the Hacienda Luisita massacre, the Ampatuan massacre, and countless extrajudicial killings. But she felt constrained by an unspoken social convention that all became right again after Edsa, Tita Cory Aquino in her yellow dress, and the crowds singing “Bayan Ko.” Perhaps she will ask her questions in a painting and wrap it with a little of the comfortable vagueness of visual art. This has been the tone of public commentary on millennials, martial law and the election, down to the 2014 attacks on Ateneo de Manila students who took selfies with Imelda Marcos. A vulgar meme for the 2016 elections asked that if Cory was elected after Ninoy Aquino died, and Noynoy Aquino was elected after Cory died, should Mar Roxas assassinate his wife?
Education Secretary Armin Luistro has fortunately outlined that students must be taught how to check primary sources for themselves and form their own judgments, instead of institutionalizing a sermon.

When youth appear receptive to moving on from that martial law thingy, they do not intend to forget it. No one knows how a critical new generation will choose to immortalize it, but if the election social media frenzy is any gauge, it will surely be as impassioned as the first drafts. As a graceful loser, she made “a first” happen since the first election under the Commonwealth government in 1935. Miriam Defensor Santiago, the tail-ender with 1.4 million votes, has yet to concede to Duterte. Soon after voting had closed, Duterte called out to his opponents to forget the “travails” of the “quite virulent” election and to “begin the healing process.” His offer of “goodwill” was accepted. But for making the move no losing presidential candidate has ever done before, Poe has notched a significant victory.
More so now that President Aquino, his fears for a Duterte presidency notwithstanding, has personally congratulated the winner and offered a smooth transition and cooperation.
In our present scheme of things, the issues hampering the country are income inequality (or the lack of decent jobs) and the apparent absence of national solidarity.
People from many walks of life, most especially our young professionals, now have greater influence in terms of amplifying political issues. They are only inclined to glorify the personal attributes of a candidate, but not his or her political principles. Politics in the country has remained personality-based and is wanting in terms of principles that catapult nations into progressive societies.
Whether they will be successful in helping dismantle “artificial hells on earth,” to use Victor Hugo’s word, will not depend on the number of laws they will be able to pass, but on the collective and discursive rationality of our age. There cannot be real empowerment in a society that is ignorant of the basic role of civil society and its important function in holding all those in positions of power accountable. For as long as millions of Filipinos wallow under the gutter and live in misery, dissent in whatever form will not be useless. His career in the movie industry spanned from 1935 to 1963, while the National Artist awards began only in 1972.
Caparas, another prolific comic-book illustrator, who was surely still a kid when Coching was at the peak of his career, got the visual arts award in 2009.
It just so happens that I have always been in the habit of searching for logic in everything I read or hear or see around. A cash emolument of P75,000 is all that goes to the heirs of a posthumous awardee while P100,000 is given a living awardee plus lifetime pension, medical and hospitalization benefits, life insurance coverage if still insurable, and state funeral and burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani—on top of a place of honor and recognition at national state functions and cultural presentations.
Still, there is wisdom in the saying: “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo (Of what use is the grass to a horse already dead)?” But haven’t the cash emoluments been the same from Day 1?
Funny, they usually support a presidential candidate who is a front-runner in voter preference surveys. After each election, the demigods of these mundane kingdoms or the so-called “churches of the Lord Jesus Christ” are held “omnipotent” and “untouchable,” such that they can oblige our national and local leaders to grant their beckoning on matters of official appointments, judicial favors, government contracts, “referrals,” patronage politics and other religious malpractices and political crookedness.
China’s possession of our territory is in perpetuity, and the ban it has imposed on our fishermen is permanent. This is a tendentious conclusion, given the concomitant outcome of  China’s intrusion into territory that belongs to us.
Hopefully, we will maintain our vigilance about the articles which will be continually spread in our country by Beijing’s agents. Similarly, ABS-CBN’s expenses grew at a slower pace of 14 percent compared to an 18 percent rise in revenues.
This was attributed to the booking of P73 million in unrealized foreign exchange losses from the US dollar denominated available-for-sale investments on the back of the appreciation of the peso against the US dollar at end-March this versus the end- 2015 level.
This will initially be offered to residents of Metro Manila and eventually to other urban centers in the country. At the moment, nothing can be said conclusively about the matter,” a meeting source said quoting Muhith.
6, 2014 file photo, a taxi passes in front of the fabled Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York.
They necessarily miss purchases made by front companies and trusts that don’t identify the sources of the funds. The rotating roster has become a hallmark of the team, although one theme remains consistent: the Avengers fight the foes no single superhero can withstand — hence their battle cry, "Avengers Assemble!" The team has featured humans, mutants, robots, gods, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains. Most with theatrical ambitions seek a film distributor that funnels their releases through ancillary output deals that include television. Salerno retained full ownership of the film, and will now begin to sell in platforms that include theatrical, home video and worldwide film and TV.
Salinger literary works might be in the famed secret vault, where 45 years of unpublished writings are rumored to be kept.
To get insight into such a legend, to get a glimpse of his world and imagination is truly exciting. He is one of those authors that grows with you over the years and reads very differently depending on your age and life situation. Ayoko naman maging party pooper kasi everybody’s celebrating, may euphoric mood ngayon at may initiatives also to unite the country under the newly-elected president so it’s up to you, media kung ipu-pursue nyo,” the senator added.
I would very much want to talk to him about resolving the insurgency problem,” Duterte told reporters in the southern city of Davao where he has ruled as mayor for most of the past two decades.
No doubt, the Aquino administration takes credit for a sustained expansion in gross domestic product averaging a decades-high 6.2 percent anchored on a stable fiscal and monetary regime. Currently, foreigners are barred by the Constitution from investing in certain industries reserved for Filipinos or restricted to owning no more than 40 percent in other sectors.
It promises a regime in which the government will actually help investors put up businesses instead of being a hindrance. It is hoped that Duterte will carefully deliberate on those being suggested to head these agencies. At the desk manned by teachers, I was provided with a folder containing a ballot sheet and directed to a chair nearby instead of a booth for stand-up voters.
This provides valuable insight into the character of some of the people surrounding the new president.
Incidentally the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is located at Cengkareng, about 28 kilometers west of Jakarta. We then proceeded to a crowded VIP room where other Asean ministers in coat and tie were being welcomed formally by protocol officers and the local media. Without much ceremony, Sonny would emerge from the plane carrying a garment bag which was all he had.
Nevertheless, 16 million voters disregarded his foul words and instead judged him based on what he has done, or is perceived to have done, in Davao City. The summary killing of criminals in Davao City to ensure peace for the majority proved attractive to many voters in towns and cities troubled by the drug menace and all the crimes it generates.
Singapore is presented as a model country in which an authoritarian government imposes discipline among its people, and which supposedly enabled it to achieve economic progress. The Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), and Cambodia are countries that suffered economic misery under authoritarian governments.
And he will wield iron-fist powers that will be implemented by a government workforce that treats power as an instrument of corruption. It is not the lack of discipline among the people that stalls the country’s progress; it is the undisciplined corruption in the government that has always stunted economic progress and allowed criminality to become widespread in our society. The presumptive President should slam his fist on the tables of these rogues in the government.
In a highly competitive market, in which legacy media companies are under pressure from Internet news sites and social media platforms, news programs quickly realized that they could leverage Trump’s outlandish behavior to attract larger audiences and strengthen their bottom lines. The impact of this restructuring on journalism and its role in the political process should not be underestimated. And local television is on track to get the lion’s share; more than three-quarters of that spending—some $4 billion—will be earmarked for political advertisements on local broadcast and cable television channels.
Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s near win as vice president, the Edsa generation now bequeaths the narrative’s framing. Marcos won 45 percent of OFW votes compared to opponent Leni Robredo’s 19 percent, and there are few very young OFWs. This unconsciously implies millennials must be guilty for not yet being born in 1986 and not learning the facts of martial law from textbooks prescribed by their elders. However, can one similarly dismiss a young idealist who wants to talk about the SAF 44 or the Kidapawan farmers more than martial law? Underneath this black humor, however, lurks the question of whether it is time to add events beyond 1986 to the narrative. Or pati iyon, nanakawin mo pa rin (Or will you steal even that)?” But individualistic millennials note that criticism of Bongbong Marcos still returns to martial law. At that time, returns from 81.18 percent of the precincts nationwide had been reported in the unofficial count and Duterte was leading her (at third place) and Mar Roxas (at second place), by more than 6 million votes.
When I offer [peace], that’s without exemption, but if they don’t accept my goodwill, fine; then I will accept it. Speaking in Filipino at a press conference and referring to Duterte by his nickname, Roxas said: “Let’s respect and accept the will of the people. The first is simply a result of the noninclusive type of economic growth in the Philippines. The young have become a great source of rich philosophical commentaries and pleas for sociopolitical reform. Yet, given our situation, the desire for change can be used to inspire transformation in terms of mainstreaming the role of political parties, the hallmark of most modern states, in transitory democracies like the Philippines. Beyond one’s right of suffrage, nation-building will require the meaningful involvement of every citizen in the state.
Political reform in the country can be realized only if active citizen participation is sustained.
Clearly, then, Conde’s great works antedated those of film category awardees Gerardo de Leon (1982) and Lino Brocka (1997). Then, alas, what a whale of another kind of savings the government has kept amassing from the horrendous inflation throughout the last 44 years! China’s ban embraces not only a limited area but the entire South China Sea as defined under the spurious nine-dash line. No wonder, these cheap Chinese arms are weapons of choice of insurgents not only in the Philippines, but all over the globe.
The Shane Salerno documentary Salinger has been shown to only two parties so far, and in both cases, the result was a smashing deal. Salinger died and Deadline revealed a feature documentary on the reclusive author had been completed, the U.S.
Colleagues of the author who’d ignored or rebuffed interview requests for fear of offending the reclusive author began calling. PBS has been courting Salerno since Deadline’s original story, and they were the only ones shown the film.
Discretion was also paid to interview subjects, with certain crew members setting up equipment and then leaving so they would not know who was being captured on film. I really have hope that this movie tells us about some of that insider stuff and it sounds like IT WILL. On a related note, I hope that this comes on film in the theater sooner so I can see it sooner than Jan 2014!
I have been sharing the Glass Family in particular with my students for years and I’m glad to report that Salinger still resonates with college kids in 2013.
It sounds like this biography will be an attempt to tell us the story of his life in a way that might be a model for all of us as we charge into this millenium!
Relaxing these restrictions had long been suggested by various business organizations, which contend that opening more sectors to foreign investors will hopefully bring an end to inefficient or underperforming monopolies in the industries.
So is the strengthening of the basic education system and the provision of scholarships for tertiary education, which, Duterte’s team believes, is relevant to the needs of the private sector, or matching what is taught with what is demanded in the field. The people he will name to these posts will largely determine the success of his economic agenda. The airport is named after the late president Soekarno and his vice president and one-time prime minister Mohammad Hatta.
He struck me as a hardworking, no-nonsense type of person, although unlike other workaholics he had a warm and friendly disposition that made it easy to get along with him.
And now Malaysia and Thailand are experiencing economic decline by reason of authoritarian rulers.
To give Third World governments iron-fist powers will only give people in the government more powers to commit more corruption.
The 168 stations owned or operated today by Sinclair Broadcasting, the largest of the five, are a case in point; Sinclair broadcasts in 81 local markets, reaching nearly 40 percent of the US population.
In four of the television markets the researchers assessed, nearly 100 percent of the stories broadcast by “news sharing” stations used the same videos and scripts. It will be shaped by young voters who do not disbelieve martial law’s horrors, but are critical of how much work remains to make democracy real.
When Bongbong Marcos trumpets his 1998-2007 track record as governor of Ilocos Norte, the response is “Never again!” When Bongbong Marcos debates the Bangsamoro Basic Law in 2015, the response is “Never again!” This is unimpressive engagement of a democratically elected senator. The second can be traced to the problem of regionalism and the unresolved Bangsamoro issue. Still, the problem is that our political parties have remained a nonfactor in our democracy, when from a theoretical and a practical point of view, political parties are supposed to be the heart and soul of political discourse.
Good citizenship, rooted in the pursuit of the common good, should be instrumental in making every Filipino politically informed. With offense or malice toward none, one wonders how these two “movie greats” got their awards for film quite a long way ahead of Conde.
If that does not lead toward a continuing “trivialization” or virtual devaluation of an otherwise so highly revered Pambansang Alagad ng Sining ng Pilipinas, I do not know what else will. It turned out that one main feature of the communist system was to use agents of disinformation to undermine countries which had been selected as subjects of subversion. This is no longer the case with the airfields in the artificial islands that China constructed barely 200 kilometers away.
Now with these Chinese artificial islands only 200 km away, China can distribute these arms on an overnight trip by speedboat to our insurgents. First to see it was the American Masters team, which quickly paid low-seven figures to license U.S.
I’ve heard in agency circles that they made a deal unprecedented for the broadcaster, and that Salerno has recouped the bulk of the $2 million he spent out of his own pocket to make the film. Salerno succeeded in getting to many sources just before they died, though sadly didn’t get there in time for others. I have been following this story since it broke in 2010 and can’t wait to see this film. When pressed for more information on the mysterious connection to the incoming administration, my friend recalled that during his campaign sorties, Mayor Duterte would always say, “I will iliminate the criminals and drug lords in six months.
In the early days of their revolt against the Dutch, the two men complemented each other perfectly.
I was reminded of former US president Jimmy Carter who was once photographed lugging his own garment bag in the early days of his presidency. I said to myself that it is people like Sonny Dominguez who can make things happen whether in the private sector or in government, and any undertaking could use more of his kind.
For instance, given the noninclusive nature of Philippine economic growth, the platform of continuity has not worked. Unless the electorate realizes this vital element, all those social media wars will be pointless.
The presence of our democratic institutions must be felt in the margins of our society and by the most disadvantaged sectors. A worse outcome of the near presence of these Chinese bases is it facilitates China’s ability to subvert our country.
Our long coastline and the limited resources of our Navy and coast guard will make it near-impossible for us to stop these arms supply runs. By the time all this is done, it should be a nice outcome for Salerno and the eight years and $2 million he invested to assemble both the film and the book.
Feature rights will next be auctioned for a theatrical release in September to precede the January 2014 PBS special. It’s still about two hours long, but their inclusion changed both the documentary and the biography. Back when I first wrote, he said that among those heavily influenced by the author who were interviewed for the movie are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton, John Cusack, Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, E.L. Without the unity of a people, lasting social and political transformation will simply remain a farfetched proposition.
Lenbell Fabia, Chief Inspector Sonia Calixto, Chief Inspector Nelson Bautista, Chief Inspector Ricardo Zapata Jr., and Senior Inspector Ford Tuazon. The airport is probably the only such facility in the world honoring two individuals who were their nation’s first president and vice president. Roxas’ protest against Binay in the 2010 vice presidential contest still stands at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. Agency sources tell me that deal was closer to $2 million than $1 million for the sprawling book by David Shields and Salerno.

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