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We have just released our latest Secret Agent report! In this report, we discuss an important yet often overlooked consideration prior to buying a home: sound. Secret Agent has put together a short guide to help you maximise the benefits of passive design solutions by understanding orientation in your home. In this report, Secret Agent reveals the problem with using averages to make conclusions about property and uncovers the true capital growth of suburbs across inner Melbourne.
Bulgarians and Romanians will flock to Britain in far greater numbers than forecast as our economy races ahead of the rest of Europe, a secret report predicts. After immigration controls are lifted this week, Britons could find their jobs are squeezed in some areas – while community tensions could rise as the new wave of migrants fight for work with other Eastern Europeans who have been settled in Britain for a decade, it suggests.
The Home Office-funded review – obtained by The Mail on Sunday – also suggests that the UK could lose out financially if low-paid Bulgarians and Romanians drive out Poles on higher wages, who pay more tax. From Wednesday, Bulgarians and Romanians, known as A2 migrants, will have the same rights as other EU citizens to live and work throughout Europe, but Britain is likely to be seen as more attractive than other countries struggling to make an economic comeback.
The authoritative report by University of Reading academics was  commissioned ahead of the change by a group of 74 councils in the South East of England, working with the UK Border Agency, police and health services, but has not been officially publicised. In some regions, employment for British-born citizens has declined while jobs for ‘not UK-born other white residents’ [mainly Eastern Europeans] have increased – suggesting this gap could get worse. Already overcrowded schools will struggle to find places for the children of the new arrivals. Overstretched hospitals risk coming under fresh strain, and the housing crisis could get worse. Town halls may fail to collect enough council tax from new immigrants to pay for the extra services because they often crowd into one home and have ‘makeshift accommodation arrangements’.
Bulgarians and Romanians could compete for the jobs of previous immigrants such as Poles, ‘negatively effecting social cohesion’.
The study drawn up for the South East Strategic Partnership for Migration says that immigration restrictions ‘are ending when employment across the EU is changing,’ which could have an impact on migration patterns. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How Toyota personnel achieve operational learning.John Shook is a lean expert and former colleague of mine at Toyota (TMC) in Japan. Register to receive our report monthly and access the Melbourne Congestion Charge report now! Jozef Kuras "Ogien", Major - Who was Major Jozef Kuras "Ogien" (translated "Fire"), A Legendary Polish Armed Underground Commander of the Blyskawica (engl.
During the period of Nazi and, thereafter, Soviet occupation, the Podhale region (similarly to that of the Lublin area), became a battlefield, where both the Polish underground, and the occupying forces utilized considerable manpower during large scale operations. Kuras imposed taxes on communists, placed patriotic Poles in local government positions, liquidated snitches, and torturers from the UB (pol. As noted elsewhere on this website, at the end of the war, and with the rise of the Communists, the Holocaust - or Shoah, as it is sometimes called - proved a gift from the Nazis to the Communists, and especially the Soviets. During late Spring, 1939, Juzef Kuras was called for several weeks, to participate in military training with the 1st Podhale Rifle Regiment (pol.
At the time the II World War erupted, Jozef Kuras fought in the ranks of the 8th Company under command of Cpt. It is among these individuals, that an idea of creating armed, diversionary group operating against the Nazis took shape. Thereafter several hundred SS-men, policemen, and Gestapo personnel encircled the entire village of Waksmund. After liquidation of the Tatra Confederacy by the Nazis, the main problem facing Kuras's unit, was of organizational and logistical nature.
Even though Kuras cooperated with the Home Army, his political persuasion, being that of a populist, differed from the views espoused by the Polish Government In Exile.

After the Warsaw Uprising began, The Nowy Targ ‘s County Representative of the Government Delegate's Office at Home, issued oder to liquidate all Nazi informers in the Podhale region.
As the Nowy Targ area was quickly seized by both the partisans and the Russians, the Germans left the city intact, and on January 30, 1945, Kuras and his unit, along with the Red Army entered the city of Nowy Targ. The war left an unenviable and morally skewed legacy, whereas production of moonshine resulted in rampant alcoholism, and robberies, and thuggery, were propelled by easy access to weapons.
The arrival of the new communist regime, and rumors which began to reach Podhale region, created anxiety, and uncertainty among the local population. Immediately after giving away their weapons and disbanding the unit, with blessing of the NKWD’s Maslov, Kuras began to form a new local security organization along with 2nd Lt. In the beginning of February, 1945, a group of individuals arrived from Krakow, to organize the County Committee of the [communist] Polish People’s Party (pol.
On April 13, 1945, Kuras conducted briefing of his former subordinates, who gathered in the mountains, and announced beginning of military operations against the Soviet Russia, and the communists. A strict adherence to the military, and conspiratorial discipline, was the only assurance, that the safety, security, and operational readiness of all units, were to be maintained at the highest level.
While commanding officers of each company exerted much discretion, and operational autonomy, they were required however, to provide detailed reports about their activities.
In August 1946, WiN reported to London that "the armarnment of the 'Ogien's' units consists of automatic weapons, mainly of English, and American make, such as ligth machine guns [pol.
The 1st company conducted activities mainly in the eastern part of the Nowy Targ county, around Spisz, and in the western part of Nowy Sacz county.
The most important area of activities of the 2nd Company was region of Tatra Mountains and around Polish-Slovak boarder, through Zakopane and Koscielisko to Witow and Czany Dunajec. The 3rd Company was active primarily around Rabka, Chabowka, and Raba Wyzna, however its area of operatons also included portions of the western part of the Nowy Targ County, including the vicinity of the city of Nowy Targ. This unit was also active in the sounthern part of the Myslenice and Limanow counties, all the way to the county of Nowy Sacz.
The 5th Company operated in the Western portion of the Limanow County, and had around 60 members. The report documents more than 140 security breaches or attempted breaches at facilities secured by The Secret Service in the last 10 years. The new report also gives no figures but suggests the recent growth in jobs in Britain, and lengthening dole queues elsewhere in Europe, will encourage more to come here than might be anticipated on previous trends.
You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs.
In this report, we propose a solution to curb Melbourne’s growing traffic congestion.
Lightning) Detachment, Who Distinguished Himself In the Defense of Democratic Poland Against Both Nazi And the Communist Occupiers. Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa which superceded UB - Urzad Bezpieczenstwa), Colonel Stanislaw Walach. Intimations by Polish Communists that Polish patriots were implicated in these atrocities were sallied to chill the voices of those who might speak in the defense of them, lest one find oneself speak up for an SS (Ger.
Because of the fear of arrest, right from the mement the unit was created, Kuras visited his home only serependitiously, and during nights organized armed operations against Nazi administrative, and economic institutions, including those in Lupaszna, Zaflary, and Odrowaz. All those not affiliated with the communist Polish People’s Party were fired, and their places were filled by their own people, who were brought from outside of the Nowy Targ area. Realizing that he might be arrested, he decided not to go, and along with his subordinates, headed for the mountains once again.
Any insubordination on the part of soldiers under Kuras’s command, was dealt with swiftly, and in several instances, resulted in issuance of death sentences. Armia Polska w Kraju - APK) operating in and around Krakow, and commanded by Aleksander Delman. And does proximity to noise, such as busy roads and railway lines, affect the value of inner city property?

When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable. Narodnyi Komitet Vnutriennykh Del" - Committee for State Security), and other most dedicated lackeys of the new communist regime. The corruption, fraud, extortion, thuggery, and robberies, were perpetrated by regular soldiers, and high ranking officers of the communist Polish People’s Army alike. Likewise, the Soviets could - through pervasive innuendo, libels and slanders - venture that their hegemony over the eastern bloc was a bulwark against renewed depredations against the Jews by indigenous populations predisposed towards anti-Semitism.
This organization would became a foundation for the establishment of the County’s Office of the People Militia (pol. Komenda Powiatowa Milicji Obywatelskie – KPMO), and the County Office for Internal Security (pol. Tymczasowy Rzad Jednosci Narodowej) was created, and the main forces of the Red Army were withdrawn from Germany, in June 1945.
From among the units of the Tatra Confederacy, only the unit operating under Jozef Kuras remained intact. It is in this climate, that in the county with no prior communist tradition, the first pro-communist local government is created.
MO – Milicja Obywatelska) stations, in addition to those in Zakopane and Szczawnica - and some of those were disarmed more than once. At this time however, their members limited contact with local population to a bare minimum. During Summer, 1944 Kuras's unit conducted several meetings with Soviet partisans in the area. There were those who wanted to make a quick buck, and those attracted by the close proximity to the boarder.
At the same time, on request of the PUBP in Nowy Targ, the WUBP (Voivodeship office of the Ministry of Internal Security) in Krakow began investigation against Kuras.
These companies operated independently of each other, and were assigned unique names, and numbers. And there were others, who affiliated with the new regime, and taking employment with the communist government, were completely oblivious to the local political climate. 2PSP) stationed in Sanok, and thereafter was sent to the junior officer school of the Boarder Security Korps (pol. Michael jail in Krakow, and also began systematic activities around the city of Krakow, particularly in the Miechow county.
After completing the Junior Officer’s School, Kuras was ordered to serve in Slobodka, near Wilno. Honorably discharged from the military, he resumed work on his family farm, and became involved in local politics. From Lublin, they went to Warsaw, where the Provisional Government and the Central Committee of the communist Polish People’s Party was earlier moved to. In this fashion, he wanted to follow in his father's footspeps, who already in 1923 was organizing local branch of the Polish People’s Party (pol. It was also in Warsaw, that the Personnel Department of the Ministry for Public Security presented Kuras with an appointment letter, that directed him to work at the Nowy Targ’s County PUBP office. This appointment letter in no uncertain terms, made him the head of the Nowy Targ’s office of the PUBP.
Acronym SL), the branch lead by his father numbered nearly 50 members, which placed it third in the county right after the cities of Nowy Targ and Maruszyn.

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