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NEWSLETTERPlease request my free newsletter and continue to go forward in the success direction. Rhonda Byrne wrote a book called “The Secret” in 2006 and a film was made around the same time.
The Secret has a long list of expert contributors which helped to explain the secret in great detail.
If you have never heard about The Secret before then I recommend that you take a look at it.
We could all learn to follow the Boy Scout campground rule socially and try to leave every person we meet better than we found them. How many of us have tried cutting out salt, taking ACE inhibitors, losing weight, or giving up nightcaps, all in the name of getting our numbers down into a range that will make our doctors nod in approval? A study done by Piferi and Lawler in 2006 showed a direct correlation between charitable contribution and lower resting systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate.
Teach somebody to read, help a neighbor fix his fence, bring dinner to a shut-in and you’ll not only feel great about yourself, but you’ll live 22% longer. It turns out that, under clinical studies, the act of contributing to another person’s well-being actually releases endorphins — the chemical responsible for that sense of euphoria that runners experience as a result of a really great workout. There’s been a lot of talk in the recent decades about the importance of competition in the Free Market. In 2010, the World Bank estimated that, in the US, $12.4 trillion was directly attributable to established systems of trust. For the first time in 2010, two researchers (Christakis and Fowler) were able to prove in laboratory conditions that cooperation and acts of kindness ripple outward through social interactions.
Whatever else we resolve to do or to be in 2016, let’s resolve to try to be kind to one another. November 1, 2015 by Kendall The stockings are hung, the gifts wrapped, and the menu planned.
Whether you’re looking for all-new activities for the whole family or simply refreshing your tried-and-true holiday plans, grab some inspiration from our list of holiday traditions to try! December 3, 2014 by Kendall We’ve matched our best-selling reading glasses of 2014 with best-selling books from the New York Times (and some of our favorites, too!). If you’re looking for a genius gift for the bookworm in your life (or you’re ready to curl up by the fire this holiday season with a good read), these literary pairings are the perfect fit. From the book by Gillian Flynn to the movie release, we can’t stop talking about Gone Girl. We can always count on Nicholas Sparks to bring us a heart-wrenching, yet unbelievably exhilarating, romance.
When Cadence, a teenage protagonist, undergoes a strange and seemingly mysterious accident, a summer spent on her family’s private island turns out much differently than planned. After his #1 best seller, The Big Short, Michael Lewis brings us another book centered around Wall Street with Flash Boys. Follow FBI agents Nicholas Drummond and Mike Caine in The Lost Key as they search for answers in a stabbing mystery on Wall Street. Award-winning author John Green tells Hazel’s heartwarming story of living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. The holidays can spin out of control as we get older, our families grow, and our expectations get bigger. The treasure of the holidays is watching adults make time for kids and seeing kids just be kids.

The frenzied focus on family is lovely, but remember all of the people who are there for you the rest of the year, too. Every agency in town hosts holiday events, and it can be wonderful to give back whether at a meal program or by providing gifts to families in need. The Stats: Uncorrected vision is a problem around the world that not only affects a person’s health, but their self-esteem. The Effects of Uncorrected Vision: The effects of uncorrected vision vary according to age group. How It Works: New Eyes for the Needy serves individuals of all ages through their voucher and eyewear recycling programs. It’s not just that being kind or fair makes us feel warm and fuzzy or gives us the chance to be smug when no one’s looking, it’s that treating each other well is a provably better way. What if we could get part of the way there, have a head start, race ahead of the mall walking, dessert shunning and teetotalling to a better resting diastolic?
To make it even better, the same study showed a connection between those participants who gave social support and receiving greater “social support, greater self-efficacy, greater self-esteem, less depression, and less stress”. An analysis of over 40 scientific papers showed that people who help others get an average of ? more life in which to help. It’s not just that helping can make you feel good, it’s that biologically speaking, there’s a direct chemical path between helping and feeling really, really good.
If the father of economic theory, Adam Smith, was correct and all economic systems are built on a foundation of specialized individual skills, Person A must trust Person B do whatever task that Person A does not have the time or resources to do. If we try to understand where others have come from, what kind of day they might have had and choose to respond with kindness, it will make things better.
But when it comes to making the most out of the holiday season, it’s the time spent with loved ones that makes us merriest this time of year.
Pick up a copy of the novel and a pair of our Madden readers for the book lover in your life, and prepare them for lots of suspense and countless plot twists.
While wearing a pair of the scholarly Prescott readers, your friend will retrace history with Steven Johnson as he recalls how some of the greatest and most brilliant innovations came to life. This time the duo brings us Burn, an addition to the ever-so-thrilling Michael Bennett series. Give We Were Liars with The Bates — and watch as the bookworm in your life gets tangled up in the web of lies surrounding Cadence’s accident. After discovering unethical practices, a group of men working separately on Wall Street decide to come together in hopes of changing the financial markets. Give this suspenseful read with The Althorpe, and you’ll surprise someone with the challenge of locating the most important piece of evidence: the lost key. I think we all realize that the sweet spot and magic of the holidays is found in the experiences and not in the stuff (we’ve taken enough trips to Goodwill to recognize what happens to those gifts!). I have observed that large families will often do a gift exchange where they pick names out of a hat and set a budget.
One of our daughters is in high school, but her dad still leaves carrots and bells in his front lawn and the girls go look for them on Christmas morning (with some fake eye-rolling but tremendous appreciation). This holiday season, we’re donating to New Eyes for the Needy to provide reading glasses for adults and children around the world suffering from uncorrected vision. For every pair of reading glasses purchased on December 15, we’re donating to New Eyes for the Needy.

Treat yourself to an extra pair of reading glasses or sun readers, or purchase holiday gifts for your friends and family.
As you can imagine, children with poor eyesight struggle in the classroom and are at an increased risk for social and developmental delays.
When you give to this organization, 100% of your donation goes towards purchasing new glasses for an individual in need.
There is even some speculation that the most efficient way to be selfish is to be generous; that we earn far more dividends in the long run by extending kindness than we do by being bitter or angry.
What if that way was to give time or money to a charity organization that helps other human beings? While the study didn’t prove conclusively where the benefit comes from (whether a boost in, say chemicals like oxytocin, associated with positive emotions, or the direct social benefits of helping were causally related to the increase), there seems to be tremendous longevity benefit when it comes to lending a helping hand. And in recent years, we’ve been running socio-economic experiments to determine whether increased competition from private charter schools makes for a better educational system.
It follows, then, logically, that the less we trust one another, the more resources we are obligated to spend defending our own interests against each other. In the study, research showed that not only did kindness propagate through a social group, but that it was likely to multiply by 3.
Maybe not immediately and maybe not in every situation, but if we just keep trying, we will live longer, live better lives and pass that chance on to people around us.
Just don’t be surprised when the lady you give this set to gets lost in The Best of Me.
You just might not have realized that after 10 years of doing the same things, traditions are formed.
The family structure may have changed, but those traditions act as the glue that keeps us all connected.
Be sure to stop by her website for more advice on everything from relationships to health and wellness.
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Every glasses recipient is screened to ensure that donations are benefiting the people who need it most. But, with all the talk of competition, we may forget that trust is absolutely fundamental to our economy (Forbes, July 2010). A single smile at a barista will, on average, result in three smiles between the barista and customers, the customers and each other or the customer and a co-worker later in the day.
Ramani is a licensed clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, and relationship expert. Read her guest post below for advice on how to make the most of the holidays!
Whether it’s a getaway, a party, a night out, or a gift exchange, make sure you celebrate your friends!

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