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Jack Reynor gives a motorcycle ride to Rooney Mara as they film new scenes for The Secret Scripture in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday evening (January 22). Rooney Mara and Jack Reynor filmed scenes for their upcoming feature The Secret Scripture in Dublin, Ireland, Thursday. Mara sat behind Reynor on a motorcycle with her arms wrapped around his waist during the day filming The Secret Scripture, which has director Jim Sheridan at the helm.
The Secret Scripture is an adaptation of  Sebastian Barry novel of the same name that tells the story of an elderly woman named Roseanne who reflects on her 50-year stint in a mental institution.

In addition to Mara and Reynor, who plays love interest Michael Eneas, the cast includes Eric Bana, Jeremy Irons and Divergent actor Theo James.
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The pair rode over the sand dunes of Dollymount Strand in North Dublin as the cameras followed, both equipped with white helmets.

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