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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cleveland Scrap Cars is an established auto buyer and is among those who buy used cars for scrap.
An April 29, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal by Joe Palazzolo titled ‘Lost in the Seat Cushions, There’s $100 Million in Spare Change’ with the following recycling-related story: “The quarter stuck to bubble gum in the ashtray, the dime between the seat cushions.
Call our auto buyer at (216) 282-JUNK and we will give you a junk car quote for the scrap value of your ride.
Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our latest installment of the Scrap Car Spotlight 2.3 interview series.
Our next industry expert is Clyde Cameron, whose company Clyde Auto Recycling is based in South Amboy, NJ. We have noticed that it is far more difficult to purchase salvage vehicles from the local auctions due to the large amount of exporters and domestic shredders that we are bidding against. We feel that the most successful marketing that we have done are in person visits to local repair facilities with promotional material.
With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in NJ currently? I manage the final decisions on renovations, acquisitions and the general company direction.
It enables us to maintain a significant wholesale trade as well as being able to offer our retail customers the service of pulling the parts for them. We use the Car-part system and inventory for complete vehicles, engines, transmissions and some later model body components. With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in BC currently? We have a contract with the local salvage division of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia that includes no-bids, water and fire damage, and 2000 and older vehicles. I believe you need a significant amount of land to do well in this industry, which for the Vancouver area is very expensive. We pay cash for a damaged car or wrecked vehicle 6 days a week.  Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car quickly? Our next topic discusses how Tesla electric vehicles may be a source of problems for owners who have surpassed their factory warranty period. Much of Graves complaint with Tesla is that is makes it difficult for repairs to be made by anyone other than a Tesla service center. The other issue is who owns the car’s software–Tesla takes says the software belongs to them. We may not be the highest paying for junk cars in Geauga County, Macedonia, Aurora—but we are the best! Welcome back to yet another installment of our Scrap Car Spotlight series of interviews with the best in the auto recycling and damaged vehicle removal business. Our next industry expert is Brent Adkins of Queen City Pick-A-Part, which is located in Clarksville, TN.
With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in TN currently?
He expressed some optimism stating that scrap prices should slightly improve during the summer months. In a February1, 2016 story by Paul Austick on 247wallst titled ‘Costco Sold 58,000 GM Cars during Holiday Promotion’, we learned the following: “Beginning October 2 and ending January 4, Costco Wholesale Corp. Customers were asked if the promo was a factor in their purchase of a GM car instead of another brand.
Upon further review of the program, I noticed that they are now offering used vehicles as well. Cleveland Scrap Cars is an option among who buys junk cars in Richmond Heights, Solon, and Walton Hills. Cleveland Scrap Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer and wrecked car buyer within the salvage car business. The recession, which started in late 2008, began to dry up credit, and push down scrap prices.
We act as a wrecked car buyer, vehicle scrapper and scrap vehicle buyer throughout NE Ohio. Cleveland Scrap Cars, an established site which provides money for a scrap car, is back with news and information.
Q:  What are some major recent changes in the auto recycling industry that you have noticed?
Q:  Are there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful? A:  About 15 to 20 years ago the prices dropped to $8 ton, but only stayed that way for a few months. Q:  What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2005+) vehicles for components?
Cleveland Scrap Cars are salvage car buyers that offer money for a scrap car throughout Northeast Ohio.
At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy scrap cars 6 days a week and you can get cash for a car in any condition. Q:  Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?
Cleveland Scrap Cars is a where to scrap my car service provider that buys cars throughout Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Collinwood. Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed? Q: Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful? We move to our 6th edition of the Scrap Car Spotlight from us here at Cleveland Scrap Cars.
The largest initiative we have undertaken over the last several years has been the additional harvesting of materials from end of life vehicles. Q: I noticed you offer both full-service and self-service components What are some of the positives and negatives comparing these two models?
Everett has a very diverse business which generates revenue by employing both the self-service and full-service aspects of the used component business, sales of used cars and general scrap processing. Only (2) months left in 2015 and I think that most of those operating in the auto scrap and junk car towing business are hoping the 2016 will bring a reversal in the negative spiraling of the metal commodities.
Rod Schultz, Pacific Recycling’s owner says the closest shredder machines are in the Portland & SF Bay areas.
Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap my car for cash in Aurora, Shaker Heights and North Randall. We work in the auto scrap and junk car towing business, which is far from a glamourous activity.
Officials hoped to resume the search for Richard Harvell, who was hit by mud & water trying to enter his truck.
This is certainly a tragic story of mother-nature turning a roadway into an auto scrap yard. Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap my car for cash in Willoughby, North Olmsted and Independence. We are back to discuss the latest news within the world of auto junk and old car scrap and recycling.
The two men who founded and run CDF, William Bigley & Randy Heiligman are the two owners of the company called National Fundraising Management (NFM), whose only client is CDF.
In 2013, the IRS criticized Bigley & Heiligman for being on CDF’s board of directors and owning two for-profit companies that directly profited from the charity. Though CDF’s contract with Make-A-Wish (MAW) allows the foundation to audit CDF’s books, MAW never took that opportunity until after learning about the Minnesota AG’s investigation.
That same law also prohibits charities in MN from any deceptive practice in connection with any charitable solicitation, ‘including any such actions or omissions designed to confuse or mislead a person to believe that such organization is another organization having the same or like purposes’. CDF is accused of telling donors that they can deduct at least $500 from their taxes for their donated cars.
Cleveland Scrap Cars, a local auto buyer, is back with the 5th installment of our Scrap Car Spotlight. I did not think previously about the “self-serve” or “u-pull it” challenges as it relates to theft. Willie Nelson's signature braids were auctioned off for a whopping $37,000 at an auction in Phoenix on Sunday. To obtain money for a junk car quickly, you should locate the title and call us for a junk car quote.
As are reminder, we are one of the people that buy junk cars in the greater Cleveland area.
I see that you offer both self and full service, what are the main advantages or drawbacks with it? Does this result in staffing issues such as frequent overtime, needing additional part-time staff etc…? It is also necessary to buy an existing auto recycler here, as there is no additional land available that has the special zoning required for auto recycling.
By contacting our cash for junk car buyer you can find out what is a junk car worth now.  We are available for a junk car quote when you call us at (216) 282-JUNK.
The manufacturer has a “virtual monopoly” on the ability to repair these cars, which will likely result in very costly repair bills. There aren’t independent garages willing to work for less than what the factory store charges. Our junk vehicle buyer will explain how to sell a junk car quickly in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights.

As you recall, Cleveland Scrap Cars is a cash for junk cars buyer that offers fast damaged vehicle removal.
Clarksville is a town of approximately 130,000 that is part of Montgomery County, which is in the north region of the state and borders Kentucky. We are set up differently from most yards, so I do not handle any of the vehicle purchasing.
We buy used cars for scrap paying cash for cars throughout Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland.
To sell a car for scrap in Streetsboro, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor, call our junk car buyer today.
The most serious problems came from buyers who canceled contracts for scrap that had already been shipped to Asia from the US and Europe. As car buyers within the salvage car market, we accept our role in insuring that all vehicles are recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment.
Some of our customers prefer new, which takes away from used item sales. On the other hand, some customers prefer OEM (used), so the aftermarket products add some value. Angell’s time and feedback on the state of the industry and on how their business practices have allowed them to sustain the business for so many years. We are an environmentally conscious team of auto scrappers and recyclers that believe firmly in recycling for greater sustainability and a healthier environment.
In addition to our efforts to buy scrap cars, we provide auto scrap and recycling related news and information. The old car scrap market has various aspects and we like to report on how these successful businesses are operating in the current market.  This is our 7th installment in our Scrap Car Spotlight series which interviews a company who junks cars and handles old car scrap. My primary responsibilities involve managing finances, taxes, and operating policies.  My business partner handles day to day operations and employee supervision. Often times, the vehicles sell so quickly in front of our business that they never make it on the website. With values being so low right now, the tax deduction for a junk car is more attractive to tax paying customers.  When prices are up we find that we can better compete with these companies and tend to do less with donation cars. Carbone for his excellent feedback on the status of the old car scrap and recycling market. Are you seeking a place who junks cars in Highland Heights, Moreland Hills or Maple Heights? We buy scrap cars and offer junk car towing from Mentor to Berea and Garfield Heights to North Olmsted. We employ 75 people, so most of my time is spent performing the role of General Manager, the balance of my time is spent performing owners duties. Our lot has grown significantly over the years.  Used cars is our smallest line of business in the overall gross revenue, but accounts for approximately one million dollars in annual sales.
Those seeking where to scrap my car are probably noticing fewer buyers in the market due to the now minimal value of a junk car. The 4-story-high shredding & sorting machine is built around a shredder into which are poured flattened junk cars, dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters and more.
A junk car towing provider that is on-hand 6 days a week to service areas such as Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills. When receive calls from those wondering where to scrap my car and often do not know what to expect when we arrive to buy scrap cars. LA County Sheriff’s say it wasn’t clear whether it was a man or woman in this death investigation.
Junk car towing related vehicles worked around the clock to penetrate the deep, hardened mud. Cleveland Scrap Cars is an outfit who junks cars, thus allowing sellers to get cash for a car throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. It takes in millions of dollars from donated cars benefiting local chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. These two gentlemen own 100% of another for-profit company called Metro Metals Corp., in the car auction and scrap metal business. At the time, the IRS noted that a charitable organization should not serve as a generator to get business for the for-profit companies. The AG’s office says that CDF’s use of the MAW brand is confusing and misleading, especially since MAW only receives a small portion of the donation. In this forum we expand upon our primary role as a purchaser of cars for cash and a buyer of junk cars.
The emergence of aftermarket components in the marketplace and the entrance of corporately owned yards, make it more difficult to make a buck. I suppose that it would be difficult for the auto buyer to monitor what is happening if you have 15 people throughout the yard. Oddly enough, the braids were part of roughly 2,000 items sold off that belonged to the late country singer Waylon Jennings. No, Jennings didn’t have a secret Willie fetish - Nelson cut off his braids in a 1983 public show of support for Jennings in his efforts in sobriety, before his red locks went grey. Our junk car handling processes are centered on waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much material as possible.
Shahar has not been accused of a crime, but US prosecutors allege that others redeemed counterfeits. As a buyer of junk cars, for pay cash for scrap cars and offer other junk car scrap-related services. The disadvantages that I see are a larger possibility of theft and the major liability of the public becoming injured opening us up for a lawsuit.
Our procedures and recycling practices have great environmental benefits such as reducing pollution within the air and water supplies. But the industry is profitable for those that run a good business, and counter staff make a quite decent income.
At Cleveland Scrap Cars we pay cash for a damaged car and are among the many who buys crashed cars in Westlake, Shaker Heights, and North Randall. Imagine if we all had to take our cars to a factory dealer every time something went wrong.
If Tesla decides a car is not safe to operate, it can deactivate it wirelessly over the air. Those of us who buys crashed cars in the regions of Glenwillow, Parma, and Beachwood should know that we are an eco-conscious organization. To junk your car for cash in Parma, Beachwood, and Bedford Heights, contact who buys junk cars in this area.
I’d be interested in knowing if whether the promotional pricing is actually better than if a tough negotiator went through the process. To sell your junk car to someone who will buy used cars for scrap, the requirements are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Those with a salvage car to sell in North Olmsted, Avon and Fairview Park will be happy to know that same-day removal is available when you sell us your car.
This economic climate is causing people to have to work smarter, and harder, and not simply wait for the markets to improve, since it might be a while. Recyclers & traders were on the hook for the shipping costs and storage while they looked for new buyers. As we approach 2016, it’s no secret that global scrap steel prices are at the lowest point in recent memory, thus limiting the amount of money for a scrap car that sellers receive.
There is a new Cadillac factory going in, a new GM factory being built and a Volvo America site.  There should be a bigger demand for US steel, which will rise back slowly.
We buy junk cars 6 days a week in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe, Free scrap car removal is included when we pay cash for cars in Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills.
We offer you a price to buy scrap cars right over the phone and that price includes complimentary junk car towing and removal. Many within the industries of auto scrap and junk car towing have transitioned to other aspects of the business until the prices and overall value of a junk car rebound. It could be the 1st death related to a storm last week that sent of water slicing through the region of the Tehachapi Mountains. Hopefully these victims had adequate insurance and the vehicles were probably sent to a facility that will buy scrap cars. One aspect of the auto junk industry is those who handle old car scrap by marketing the process as a means to obtain a tax deduction as a donation to charity. Attorney General (AG) Lori Swanson says the charity has been misleading donors about how much money that organization was getting from the donated vehicles. Together, these 2 businesses received nearly $36 million from CDF between 2011 and 2014 — a third of the charity’s gross revenue. After the IRS raised questions about the legitimacy of CDF’s non-profit status, Bigley and Heiligman, stepped down from the board.
The report notes that a search for “car donation” not only brings up Wheels for Wishes, but directly references MAW in the search results. Our scrap car buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to provide you a quote for your junk vehicle or non-running car. Another potential drawback I could see from the self-serve model is the possibility of customers removing certain components with no regard for components that may be either connected to the item they want or a component that is obstructing access to the item they want. Doing what is in the best interest of our environment is a goal within our auto scrap and junk recycling procedures. Russell has recently wrote a blog post in which he claims Tesla is building what he calls throwaway cars.
If you repair your car yourself, they can require you to bring it to one of its service centers to inspect the repair. Our auto scrap program reduces both water and land pollution, and you get fast cash for a damaged car. Meet with the dealer contact and show your Costco membership card; then have the Authorized Dealer Contact help you select a new vehicle. Likely we will not know since the discounts, MSRP and such is all a confusing jumble of information.

Those seeking to junk your car for cash in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City, should call (216) 282-JUNK.
Due in part to economic stimulus measures, the scrap markets had recovered significantly by 2011. It is not possible in most cases when you sell us your car to determine what is wrong with it.
Today we continue our Scrap Car Spotlight series, which asks questions of those who are car buyers, salvage car service providers and auto recyclers in the US. We buy scrap cars, trucks and vans (with title) that are wrecked or have serious body damage.
Robert Carbone of Salisbury Auto Salvage, which is located in the northeastern corner of Massachusetts. Some of the contributing factors are China becoming a net exporter of scrap instead of a net importer, strong US dollar against the Euro, Turkey being in turmoil and on the verge of a war, and a very weak domestic scrap market.  Until several of these factors have been corrected we are in for a long road to recovery in the scrap market. Many of the places where to scrap my car are likely doing more road side towing work, repair-oriented work or other related types of work. We offer scrap car hauler services aka junk car towing from Lakewood to Twinsburg and Wickliffe to Parma!  As mentioned before, the value of a junk car has sharply fallen lately, but we look forward to a rebound. Our junk car towing operators have likely seen it all from years of going out to buy scrap cars. Efforts to find a 67-year-old man swept in the flooding were suspended because wet mud in the area made the search very dangerous. Massive flows trapped more many cars, buses, RVs and trucks.  Crews hauled away the vehicles but tons of mud still needed removal before traffic could flow again. If you are asking yourself where to scrap my car in Parma, Mentor or Tremont, then look no further than CSC. In these instances, you receive a receipt indicating that you chose to donate the car, rather than get cash for a car.
According to a Swanson’s compliance report, MN-based CDF received more than 144,000 donated vehicles and brought in $108 million in revenue between 2011 and 2014.
But the compliance report contends that the board thereafter delegated day-to-day management for running CDF to Mr. For 2014 and into the 1st quarter of 2015, CDF paid a total of $29 million to NFM without proper invoices being used. Swanson’s office says it has received complaints from MN residents who believed they were donating directly to MAW only to find out otherwise. In 2014, the South Carolina secretary of state and Oregon AG denounced the charity.” The full article is available at this link.
Same-day removal of your car is possible at Cleveland Scrap Cars for those that call before 2PM during the week or 1PM on Saturday. As a junk my car company that offers the fastest junk car quote in northeast Ohio, we report on others who act as a buyer of junk cars to get better perspective. Because when friends want to show support for one another, they cut off their hair and give it to each other. The good news is that we now offer cash for a damaged car 6 days a week in the regions of Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby.
He doesn’t mean to suggest that Tesla vehicles are not built with quality components or that they don’t hold up; Graves thinks when things start to go wrong with them, the cost of repair (beyond the warranty) will be too high. Landfills are a major source in hurting the natural environment; therefore, we are the best option for how to sell a junk car in the areas of Pepper Pike, Euclid, and Garfield Heights. There are options among where to sell a junk car, but when you junk your car for cash with us, the job is completed in an eco-friendly manner. The Costco Members Price Sheet shows the prearranged Costco member savings on the vehicle you choose.” To see the complete program, visit the site.
The sell a car for scrap market pricing can fluctuate based on many factors in the industry. Our scrap vehicle buyer is happy to provide you a price for a junk car right over the phone.
Commodity markets are cyclical and most recyclers believe what goes down must eventually come back up.
Today’s market is the worst since the recession; there is an ongoing decline in terms of demand, business opportunities, and profitability.
Our mission is to recycle any usable components of the vehicle and then crush and shred the remaining materials for reprocessing. Our story today takes us to Oregon, where an auto scrap and shredding company is the latest casualty in this recession within the commodities. Prior to the machine, PR used shears, torches and manual labor, but couldn’t process as much and had to sell at minimal profit. Residents of Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake can receive cash for their cars and same day vehicle removal in most cases. Our next story comes from California where a buried car was recovered, which had a passenger still inside!
Dump trucks, bulldozers and such hauled thousands of yards of mud.” To read the full article, visit this link.
Same-day or next day scrap vehicle hauling is available to those in Willowick, Lakewood or Seven Hills. As a provider who junks cars, we concur that this may be a viable option for junk car sellers based on their circumstances. Only about 20% of that money ever made its way to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAW) chapters.
The foundation auditor explained that an outsider looking at this operation might get the idea that the for-profit company is receiving something more of the proceeds instead of a legitimate management fee. Additionally, the report claims that donors receive inconsistent & inaccurate information about how much of their donation would benefit MAW. Doesn’t everybody do that?Other items auctioned off included Buddy Holly's motorcycle, as well as the contract between Jennings, Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson when they formed the supergroup the Highwaymen. Tesla will not even allow a customer or a repair site to read the service manuals unless the owner can prove they live in Massachusetts, the only state requiring manufacturers to make their service manuals accessible to the public. Green companies like Cleveland Scrap Cars are good for the environment and also create green jobs. When we buy used cars for scrap, our goal is to safely recycle and repurpose the vehicle and its components in an environmentally sound way.
In 2015, Costco sold more than 465,000 vehicles.”  The full article is available at this link.
We are a green recycler of scrap vehicles that takes the time to properly dispose of the many potentially toxic substances such as used oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid. Our next topic discusses the downturn in the scrap and recycling industry in a general sense. Spirits were high between roughly 2002 and mid-2008, when commodity values were up & China’s growing demand for scrap spelled big bucks. Garden City is a small municipality adjacent to Boise with history dating back to the 1800’s. Maricopa is a town of approximately 47,000 residents that is located about 30 miles south of Phoenix. Shahar, 46, an entrepreneur, was among those who realized the potential in change (coins) years ago.
Shahar developed coin sources in 25 countries–much of his business is in China, since they are a global metal recycler. What happens if a significant number of disgruntled owners find out they own expensive cars that can’t be repaired for a reasonable amount of money?” The complete article is available here.
Pick up the phone today in Eastlake, Twinsburg, and Lakewood and dial (216) 282-JUNK to receive a junk car quote for your junk vehicle or scrap car. Residents of Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield can expect same-day scrap vehicle removal plus cash for their car. One of the shredder’s motors failed during startup and had to send it back to the manufacturer for repair.
Even if your car is broken down at a service center or repair shop in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, or Pepper Pike, we can pay you cash for it.
Eugene Water & Electric was concerned about getting paid for electricity to run the machine.
For ‘cash for my car’ assistance in Garfield Heights, Bedford or Fairview Park, pick up the phone and call us at (216) 282-JUNK.
Tom Buessing is a co-owner of Auto Recycling Mall, which was established in 1996 and boast a massive inventory of junk and scrap cars. The Mint takes these coins that are bent, chipped or otherwise unable to be uncounted by a machine at close to face value.
The result contains tiny metals, including coins, which are too small for the system to filter.” To view the story in its entirety, visit this link.
The plunging prices of commodities such as iron ore, brought on from overproduction, is another problem; scrap is a less attractive when companies can just as easily buy lower-priced primary material instead.
David Chiao of Uni-All Group, says that steel prices keep falling, which is dragging down steel scrap prices. The company admits it has been hampered by problems with an enormous used-vehicle shredding machine it has spent years planning for and installing and $6.6 million in financing debt for the machine.
It’s harder to access credit since the recession, even though interest rates are low; those who can access more credit are not typically motivated to make large purchases because they are unsure about the ROI in this economic climate. Uni-All is self-financed, which has come in handy during times like these.” The full article is available at this link.

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