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Dietro ad una lunga dinastia di sarti, i Kingsman, si cela un gruppo di agenti segreti che lavora ad altissimo grado di riservatezza.
Un cast ben assortito compone una divertente spy-story dal ritmo incalzante e da una trama assurda ma comunque credibile.
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Per un'esperienza completa, seguici anche sui maggiori social network, per rimanere sempre aggiornato su quali sono i film piu consigliati del momento ed adatti ad ogni esigenza! For those who think James Bond has gotten a little too serious in his old age, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” brings the irreverence back to the British spy genre, offering a younger, streetwise variation on the 007 formula while gleefully pushing audiences’ favorite elements — sartorial taste, killer toys and cracked-out supervillains — to hyperbolic extremes. Here, the helmer launches yet another British talent, Welsh actor Taron Egerton, a compact, bulldog-like actor with a square jaw and squinched-up features who goes from scallie tough to Savile Row neat over the course of the film — a “Pygmalion”-like transformation that is hardly lost on the character himself.
Ignorant of his own potential, Eggsy grows up in a grim South London housing estate, falls in with a group of good-for-nothing thugs and risks spending his remaining years behind bars. Class plays a key role in “Kingsman,” which hinges on the fantasy that a kid from the projects could assimilate into London’s most exclusive circles.
Together with longtime screenwriting partner Jane Goldman, Vaughn milks these class differences for maximum amusement throughout, embracing the notion that “Kingsman” is as much a comedy as it is an action movie — just not in the corny, quippy way that mid-career Bond used to be. After all, Vaughn belongs to that school of directing whose glossy, hyper-polished pics look almost like feature-length commercials, where every outfit and prop is potentially for sale (the suits, designed by Arianne Phillips, will soon be made available for online purchase via Mr Porter). It’s as if style is the only thing Vaughn holds sacred, while extreme convictions on religious or political grounds are something to be ridiculed and, in two jaw-droppingly irreverent sequences, wiped from the face of the earth. Valentine’s no slouch, either, his DayGlo look adapted more to fit Jackson’s flamboyant persona than the character’s socially awkward idiosyncrasies (which include an amusingly paradoxical aversion to the sight of blood). So, while seriousness has overtaken the Bond franchise in recent years (hardly a bad thing, mind you), “Kingsman” runs no such risk.
Whether it’s “Alex Rider,” “Agent Cody Banks” or “Spy Kids,” plenty have tried to adapt the 007 shtick to younger characters, with demonstrably dopey results. Usually a fan of action packed spy thrillers but the gratuitous violence and misogynistic pornographic pointless ending made me ask why? Whatever fun the trailer lead you to believe would be had was quickly buried under the twisted psychology that is the expression of Matthew Vaughn’s mind. The actual rating for the movie that isn’t confused me but I wanted to know will the movie be any good. I can’t wait to see Kingsman The Secret Service when it finally debut in the theater. Seems like that comparison should have been made in this review, along with the many others referenced? I don’t see how an R-rated movie, seemingly targeted at a younger audience, will perform well at the box office.

Independent DIGITAL MENS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE BRINGING YOU THE COOLEST THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER. Adapted from Millar’s comic book, The Secret Service, Kingsman stars Colin Firth working for a spy organisation that has just recruited a teenage tearaway, played by Taron Egerton, into it’s ultra-competitive training programme. We think the film looks great fun and Firth and Egerton look to be perfect foils for one another. Average Joes is an independent digital mens magazine & lifestyle blog bringing the greatest content the world has to offer to your desktop, tablet & mobile. Il gruppo di “cavalieri” scelti ha purtroppo subito qualche perdita e deve essere rimpolpato. Matthew Vaughn dirige alla sua maniera (chiari i riferimenti allo stile di Guy Ritchie) una pellicola irriverente e piacevole, adatta sicuramente a tutta la famiglia nonostante una scena finale un pochino spinta (che dona al prodotto la giusta componente di ignoranza). Ogni articolo e frutto di un'opinione personale di uno degli autori del blog, o di chiunque sia interessato a dire la sua per portare tutti a conoscenza di qualche pellicola IMPERDIBILE!
Based on Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ 2012 comicbook series and directed by Matthew Vaughn in much the same pop, over-the-top style as his earlier “Kick-Ass,” Fox’s franchise-ready one-off at first poses as a more teen-friendly option, before taking a hard turn into decidedly R-rated territory. Egerton plays Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, whose father dies in service of an organization so secret, his widow and son never realize the significance of his sacrifice, which serves as the first of several punchy setpieces in a pic that’s front-loaded with action scenes. At least, that’s the way things are headed until Harry springs him from prison and offers him an alternative: to replace recently fallen agent Lancelot (Jack Davenport), who died in a violent yet admirably bloodless attempt to free a kidnapped scientist (a heavily made-up Mark Hamill, the casting of whom plays as an inside joke for fans of the original comic, wherein it’s the missing “Star Wars” star who needs rescuing). In the first, we get young Eggsy thrust into a high-stakes boot camp to determine which of a group of new recruits (the rest of whom are all posh prep-school types) is worthy of becoming the next Kingsman.
Hidden behind a suit-shop storefront on Savile Row, Kingsman HQ are accessed through a series of “Get Smart”-style secret doors and tunnels, while the group itself is presided over by an old blue blood played by Michael Caine. It’s the sort of movie where the world’s most cultured men prefer to eat McDonald’s behind closed doors, while its streetwise protagonist boasts a far snobbier martini recipe than Bond ever did. But he also kicked off his career producing for Guy Ritchie, whose dynamic, rough-and-tumble attitude has clearly been a key influence on his approach, most obvious in a virtuoso pub altercation where the camera varies speeds as it ducks and loops around the action.
On the style front, Firth comes across as an extreme caricature of perceived elegance, ultra-cool within the normally priggish confines of custom-tailored London fashion. And because a great villain is judged in part by the quality of his henchpersons, “Kingsman” introduces Algerian dancer Sofia Boutella (“StreetDance 2”) as Valentine’s lethal valet, Gazelle — a sultry improvement over “Goldfinger’s” Oddjob, with legs that have been replaced with razor-sharp powerbocks. Vaughn welcomes details that might seem silly in another director’s hands, such as a bulletproof umbrella or tiny microchips that can make one’s head explode, presenting everything playfully enough that plausibility isn’t a factor.
Screenplay, Jane Goldman, Vaughn, based on the comicbook “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons. Why ruin a great movie with scenes that do nothing to advance the plot, why ruin a great movie with a closing scene thousands of young women will see that denigrates them without enhancing the characters as multidimensional?
Excessive Violence, excessive hatred, excessive bigotry and excessive blood just for the sake of it. He’s a spoilt aristocrats making money by pretending to be down with British chav culture.

The film sees the return of the Kick Ass holy trinity with Matthew Vaughn directing the screenplay by Jane Goldman and Mark Millar.
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Siamo quindi di fronte ad un titolo che si prende poco sul serio e che si discosta un pochino dal puro genere di spionaggio, abile mossa per sbancare i botteghini di mezzo mondo. The scientist is one of many prominent figures who’ve vanished as Valentine readies his far-fetched diabolical plot. At the same time, Valentine moves forward with his plan to distribute free SIM cards programmed to trigger an aggressive killing frenzy worldwide, thereby solving the climate-change crisis by eradicating all but a hand-picked elite. But these elite types have a critical weakness: They believe their own superiority, which makes them no better than Valentine in the end. Few of the year’s films have been so openly covetous of material possessions, which sits oddly with the movie’s open resentment of extreme wealth. He’s an impeccably dressed action figure capable of dispatching a room full of goons without so much as wrinkling his suit. It’s all a question of attitude, really, from the film’s funky score (which clearly owes a debt to John Barry) to cocky newcomer Egerton, who looks plenty tough speeding backward through oncoming traffic or skydiving without a chute, but softens up the instant he’s asked to train a Pug puppy. Executive producers, Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, Stephen Marks, Claudia Vaughn, Pierre Lagrange. The church scene was in very bad taste, and the only reason to pick on the Christian faith is because Matthew Vaughn hates Christians and fears reprisal from the Merida of other religions he could have chosen to represent irrational people. Not to mention the poster is our favourite of the year so far – we want that wardrobe! Harry Hart (Firth, una lieta conferma anche in questi panni) candidera Eggsy, il figlio di un ex collega morto per suo errore, nonche giovincello strafottente e tipico ragazzotto cresciuto in strada.
In another progressive touch, the film objectifies its shirtless star far more than it does a rival recruit played by Sophie Cookson, who can hold her own against him during training.
Though “Kingsman: The Secret Service” doesn’t open for several more weeks, the ill-considered church massacre remained in the not-quite-finished version screened for review — precisely the sort of imagery Hollywood studios hastily pull the instant some real-world tragedy strikes, only to find themselves propagating anew once the dust settles. Jackson spassoso nei panni dello stravagante antagonista) che vorra accelerare il processo di selezione naturale della razza umana per permettere ai pochi eletti superstiti un’esistenza piu agiata. He is an ignorant, massaginistic, fear-filled, bigoted, megalomaniac; who uses the screen to project his own twisted and childish soul rather than make movies that truly matter.

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