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Anyway, the secret sidewalk is an aqueduct that was built in early 1900s and supplied about 50% of the water to supplied water to San Francisco at one time. It runs from the temple area (the lone store near the Y) on 84 to the mouth of Niles Canyon. Also while riding around that little neighborhood I found another gate at the end of the street.
The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. Growing up in the area and seeing pretty much everything I knew as a kid built over now doesn't leave much.
The gate I found with East Bay Parks sign was on the side were you cross the RR tracks and go up the hill to the right after you enter Old Canyon.
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Well-known to locals the six-foot Niles Canyon Aqueduct carried water from the Alameda Creek to the Sunol Filter Galleries through the Niles Reservoir for numerous years. Past a metal gate donning a “Keep Out: No Trespassing” sign, an aged rusty fence, and a hazardous hike the trespasser finally reaches the notorious aqueduct.
In addition to the spooky and desolate atmosphere of the Secret Sidewalk it has, over several years, been defaced with layers of graffiti concealing the entire structure. The now forsaken Secret Sidewalk functioned as a popular location for the younger crowd to provoke mischief.
With the lack of cops guarding the grounds, teenagers used that freedom to their advantage engaging in illicit activities.
One particular hair-raising tale keeps the small community talking: the sighting of a rather mysterious young woman officially known as the White Witch of Niles Canyon.
Whether the paranormal roam around the canyon or not, the story itself gives the place its eerie element and adds to the local sense of secrecy. A special feature of Niles and what gives it its genuine quirk is famed silent film actor Charlie Chaplin, an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer.
Celebrities such as Chaplin and Broncho “Billy” Anderson are what helped turn the small town into an important location in the early motion picture industry.
The town’s connection with Chaplin stems from the three-month stay the silent film actor took in 1915 in order to shoot for his films.

Two of my favorite things about Fremont are Mission Peak and the Secret Sidewalk, neither of which are close to my house. I tried an alternate way and was confronted by a home owner at the end of the Old Canyon rd. I have a plan next weekend to follow the rail tracks to get in which go nowhere near Mr Jerks home.
I've been wanting to go out there and see if I can find out more but those are not real good hours if you work. And that area with all the bricks and chimneys - Can you believe it was part of an old brick factory?
The gate is pretty high with no easy gaps but I was able to get to the other side by an alternate route without crossing any fences. There used to be a swimming spot up that road a bit but If you keep going it will run you right into the brick factory. The aqueduct provided the unincorporated area of Alameda County with freshwater during the 1920s and years later.
The long solid concrete block is wide enough to serve as a sidewalk as the pavement wraps around the canyon and through a few private properties. A number of myths and legends have circulated throughout the old and new residents of Niles.
Various exhibits, old movie posters, and silent film screenings take visitors to the rise of the silent era. Since it hasn't been used for 50ish year I'd guess it been removed or built over with the construction of Fremont and Union City since then. This guy is just the unlucky person to live right by the gate and he's appointed himself the gate-police. Anderson “opened the Essanay-West Studio in Niles, California in 1913, at the foot of Niles Canyon, where many Broncho Billy westerns were shot, along with ‘The Tramp’ featuring Charlie Chaplin,” according to the Essanay Studios official website.
He decides not to become an issue in their lives, so he heads back on the road, skipping happily and swinging his cane. Even though we didn't move very far, I had to go to a new school, and I could no longer see my friends just by stepping outside my back door. If you want to run the gate you don't have to come back out the same way and face that guy again.

It was a meeting place for all the high school stoners,” said former Newark resident, Danielle Guyette.
Property of Alameda County Water District, and this confrontational man said it was his property. It's been well over 10 years since I was out there last and the buildings were still standing. You can jump onto the skunk tracks near the factory and they'll take you clear back into Niles. After college I would love to live in Santa Cruz, but my choice will surely be limited by my job, or lack thereof. I'm pretty sure I've been up where your last shot was taken, but I got there from the brick factory so you were fairly close. I'd probably jump off at that little park in the mouth of the canyon though, it's been a loooooooooooooooong time since I've taken the tracks back into town and I don't know what's changed. I still think it is an excessively uncultured and boring city for being so close to the cultural capitals of the Bay Area, but I also have the feeling that one day I will come to accept it. He was on the phone and said he called the police and the whole place was under video surveillance.
I spent a ton of time back there as a kid, the area provided most of the subject matter for my high school photography class. We used to just pop back into that huge parking lot across the street from the third shot in your first post, that may or may not be possible these days. Growing up I here, I have become accustomed to nice weather, a safe environment, and a variety of cultures. He said there was nothing back there but if there's nothing back there then his effort to be a jerk and keep me out (again when I was still on the public road) was unmatched. I tried to ask him where exactly his property was so I didn't go there but he didn't want to answer.

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